T-Mobile says next Un-carrier move coming August 15th


Ready for the next Un-carrier move? Hopefully you are, because it’s coming soon.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere confirmed on today’s Q2 2018 earnings call that T-Mo’s next Un-carrier move will be revealed on August 15th. “Isn’t it about time we shake things up in this industry again? Let me just say that our next industry-shaking Un-carrier move is just two weeks away,” Legere said. “I’ll leave it at that and let the speculation begin. I can’t wait to talk to you all on August 15th.”

T-Mobile’s Un-carrier moves are always hotly anticipated because they’re typically big moves from the company. Past Un-carrier moves have included free gifts for customers every Tuesday, free Netflix for family plans, and the T-Mobile One plan. There haven’t been any murmurs about what T-Mo’s next Un-carrier plan might be, but the good news is that we don’t have long to wait for it to be revealed.

What do you want T-Mobile’s next Un-carrier move to be?

Source: T-Mobile (YouTube)

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  • Mark McCoskey
    • Jordan Musser

      It’s either that or I think it will be a music streaming service for free like they did with Netflix

    • Tom Mills

      The TV thing is the one that makes most sense. I thought their eventual game plan was for T-Mobile to be your internet provider (5G) at home and while mobile and to be your TV provider also. And I thought that TV was supposed to be included in the total price without increase. If true, it would seem like this would be TV that you could use on your existing internet (or on your T-Mobile phone) and would be free for T-Mobile people and cost money for non-T-Mobile.

  • pda96

    All TMO promos and deals of late have been pretty typical and “me, too”. I’m getting the impression that now that TMO has grown so much, the Un-Carrier is becoming more and more like “just another Carrier”. For me, the only thing that would make me happy is for TMO to run that $35/line for 4 One lines again. But this time, allow all legacy customers to take advantage of it and not just “new” customers.

    Another suggestion is give loyal customers some sort of pricing breaks on new devices. Last but not least, maybe give free 4G LTE roaming when we travel? Other than that, who knows? I’m sure TMO is trying to win the hearts and minds of the FCC so that they will be allowed to merge with Sprint. So maybe the next Un-Carrier move will be something we’ve never seen before. One can only dream.

    • Sayahh

      “For me, the only thing that would make me happy is for TMO to run that $35/line for 4 One lines again.”

      $25/line for 5 One lines? Nope, pda96 doesn’t want that. /s

      • Francisco Peña

        I would so jump at $25/line. I have three 6GB lines for $70+tx (1 was the free magenta thursday line), but I’d jump to get them all One if the price for all 3 was $100 or less.

        • Acdc1a

          There have been multiple opportunities to do just that. I’m on a tax included plan, have 4 voice lines and a tablet for $130. It did require a lot of good timing.

        • MindFog2287

          I’ve been looking for a decent “One” deal pretty regularly and never saw that. I also have six lines of 10GB Simple Choice (unlimited until Feb 2019) and all-in, I’m at $185 a month (one free line and another $5 line IIRC). $35/line would bring me to $210. I’d jump in a second at $25/line.

        • Acdc1a

          The key was jumping in on the offer to bribe existing customers into the taxes included plan followed by 1 additional free line.

        • Francisco Peña

          I had the 2 lines for 10gb and $100. Wife hadn’t wanted to switch from VZW when it was unlimited so I lost out on that. But once the $70/2lines came about, I jumped. Even with taxes, I’m at $85ish. Got a free line, so I’m not going to pay $120 for 3 unlimited lines or so.

    • riverhorse

      Pricing break? We pay a few dollars a month stretched out over years, at zero interest. Just pennies per day….

    • Phone Guy

      They just started 4G data and unlimited calling and texting international for 5 bucks a day. Pretty good if your trip is a week or under. All the other slow stuff is still free. 2 years ago, tmobile was paying the other carriers overseas 25 cents per megabyte. I’m sure prices have dropped for them, but looking at that, you can see why they can’t give away unlimited.

      • pda96

        I wasn’t referring to their international plan. I don’t travel much so it’s meaningless to me. And no one is asking them to give away Unlimited. I just said that if they could making money by offering “new” customers 4 One lines for $140, they could make the same money by offering the same deal to existing legacy customers.

  • Brandon

    My guess is we are going to finally see that TV service unveiled they bought earlier.

    • pda96

      Oh, man. I hope not. Not really interested in that at all. It wouldn’t be an “Un-Carrier” move since AT&T and VZ already have something similar, right?

    • Iphart

      And that was a big mistake buying the layer 3. Now that there are ultra low price streaming services such as ATT Watch TV ($15/month), Philo ($16/month), Sling ($25/month), etc.
      Are they gonna offer Layer 3 for $5-10/month?

      • riverhorse

        You don’t get much at those prices(and their top tiers are missing plenty of stuff), I’ll wait until the King of Unlimited and Low Pricing puts out their plan, and network-prioritized to boot.

      • MrJohnDoe

        I agree. Layer3 is shit. T-Mobile should have partned up with YouTube TV.

      • Sean sorlie

        This is a mesh of traditional TV channels and internet based services such as Netflix. Its difficult to compare to any service out there right now because its about providing the nest of both over an internet connection. Dont expect it to be Netflix priced because its far more robust than that.

    • keepitreal25

      It’s already active in northern VA, so wouldn’t be much unveiling , now nation-wide that’d be cool !

      • riverhorse

        What do you like best about it?

        • keepitreal25

          It’s more content , easier to use , and goes out of service way less then Verizon or Comcast, it’s still small-scaled so that can change , but so far so good !

  • Derrik Brozovich

    Leger has a history of revealing April fools jokes and previous statements as moves later on. He hinted at healthcare and banking a while back (years) so I’m going with banking. They tried the mobile money service as well a year or 2 back, I bet that was a testing period.

    • riverhorse

      I hope you’re right. The previous iteration went from Metro only to Tmo only to kaput.

  • The Borg

    They still do those things? Figured since they were starting to sneak in the price increases, they had already went the way of dumb and dumber

  • Zach B.

    Would hope it’s to do away with punishing loyal customers from having access to the only good deals they offer, but it’s probably something related to their TV service..

    • Willie D

      Yeah, I think its kinda f-ed up how they dont apply UnCarrier Contract to promotional “add-on” plans, and how they upgraded every legacy plan to Simple Choice, but didnt upgrade any Simple Choice plan holders to Mobile Without Borders, TM1 or anything else like taxes and fees included.

      • keepitreal25

        Now if there was a contract involved it wouldn’t be un-carrier now would it ? I swear some of you people want everything under the sun , why would they upgrade you to something for free that they sell to other tmobile one customers ??? I really want to know , people want T-Mobile to keep growing but without them making money that’s not possible : you have the option of switching to everything you mentioned in your post , but I’m assuming you want it at simple choice pricing , which makes no business sense . Keep hoping bud!

    • MindFog2287

      Yeah, I’d love it if just a couple more of their deals didn’t have the “when you add a line” tag on them. I think one LG didn’t, but that was it IIRC. I already have six lines, don’t think I’ll be in the market for any more for a long time, if ever.

      • keepitreal25

        I do agree with that , but you know they only look good to the shareholders when those net adds come in unfortunately !

  • Willie D

    Who cares? Prices have gone up, Mobile Without Borders went from Unlimited to 5GB, and they raised the Simple Global roaming voice rate by 25% and with the Sprint merger they are bogging down the T-Mo network by allowing Sprint users, who already have crap coverage, to now congest us all even more. What could they do thats industry breaking? Lets see, at this point, not a whole lot, because as you can see, higher prices, limited promotions/grandfathering, and way less helpfulness from their employees yeah, the’re just like Sprint now. Offering nothing.

    • keepitreal25

      Not to burst your bubble or miniature rant here , but the proposed merger with sprint isn’t bogging down the network, sprint and tmobile have no new roaming agreements so it’s impossible for that to have occurred , for the other stuff you mentioned , if you feel that way why are you still a customer ?

      • Willie D

        John and Marcelo both said a one way Sprint to TMobile roaming deal was in place regardless if the merger happens or not. As for being a customer, I’m grandfathered in to a specific plan because of an add-on that is incompatible with any other, so I cant change plans or even add North American roaming, without this specific add on being removed. It’s kinda like weighing the option.

        • matt

          If you read stuff back in the day, T-Mobile won AT&T roaming agreements when that merger failed

        • marque2

          And they got 6 billion dollars out of AT&T.

    • riverhorse

      Your plan was raised plus you actually HAD those add-ons AND you were NOT grandfathered in?

    • SirStephenH

      You realize the roaming agreement still requires Sprint to use their network first and Sprint and T-Mobile have nearly identical coverage, right? There’s no way this agreement has a significant impact on T-Mobile. If the merger goes through then Sprint and T-Mobile users will immediately have equal access to both networks which also doesn’t significantly impact T-Mobile.

    • turtle6988

      The merger Hasn’t gone through. So that is impossible.

  • im a cord cutter and im hoping this Tmo tv thing is something as a tmobile customer, I can actually take advantage of…

    • SirStephenH

      They haven’t expanded Layer3 outside of the initial testing markets yet. It’s possible that this could be part of the announcement but I doubt it.

      • im hoping they announce an actual set top box free streaming service with dvr..

        • Asael Ramirez

          I thought Layer3 did use a set top box

  • Paul Sousa

    This would be a long shot, but maybe down the road with the merger and 5G – T-Mo to offer a residential ISP option with unlimited data.

    • iCrap

      that’s definitely the plan. i think it’s another good point for the tmo/sprint merger. they would have a nationwide network to complete with isps

    • SirStephenH

      Too early, they won’t have the coverage or available stationary 5G devices for another couple of years.

    • marque2

      I would be interested in this as well. Tmo has been hinting about offering this with a “low cost” extra line.

  • James Smith

    Better coverage?

    • SirStephenH

      Why would they do an Un-carrier for something they’re already doing?

  • MrJohnDoe

    How about unrestricted use of HD video on ALL plans!! I really don’t see how the arugment against it will hold. Full HD please!! Let the consumer decide which resolution to choose, and if they choose full 1080 and they go over the threshold of 50GB a month, so be it. It’s on them. But let’s also increase it to say, 75GB and once 5G rolls out in a year or so, increase it to 100GB.

    • SirStephenH

      Simple Choice and T-Mobile One Plus plans don’t have video restrictions (Simple Choice users are automatically enrolled in Binge On which restricts video to 480p but you can opt out at any time), only the basic T-Mobile One plan forces 480p on you and without that there would be no real difference between the tiers.

      • Trevnerdio

        Doubled foreign data rates, unlimited time on airplane Wi-Fi, and 10 gigs of LTE tethering are all still pretty decent…if they dropped the price of One Plus a bit, that would be a worthwhile upgrade still. Not that that makes business sense, though lol

    • marque2

      Go on your Tmo account page online and you will be able to find the setting to opt out of bing. Or call a rep. They can do it for you as well.

  • JJ Hand

    How about not dumbing down hotspot speeds? It’s totally annoying to need to get on the computer for a quick transaction or two and have interminable waits between screens. And while we’re on that subject, why is there a cap on hotspot usage, anyway? If you’re going to throttle me after a certain amount of data, and hotspot data is included in my total data usage, why do you care how I use my data? If I use it all up as hotspot data, that should be MY issue, not yours! Now, THAT would be a real un-carrier move!!!

    • SirStephenH

      Because hotspot isn’t supposed to be a substitute for home internet… Limited Simple Choice users can use their data bucket however they want but restrictions have to be put on unlimited plans so people don’t just use it as home internet.

      • JJ Hand

        Restrictions DO exist on unlimited plans – 50GB, currently. If network congestion warrants, then throttling occurs. So, if “the world” is using someone’s hotspot connection and Tmo decides to throttle, then it’s the same as if that someone has incurred throttling all by him- or herself. If someone is willing to jeopardize his or her cellular Internet speed by sharing a connection indiscriminately, that’s on them. And, I’m talking about ad hoc use when not at home, not a substitute for home internet.

        • lastword42

          Wrong. Throttling is not the same as tower deprioritization. And in fact, not all users who cross the 50GB threshold will be deprioritized; just the top 3% MAY be deprioritized. MAY. Not WILL, but MAY. I live in a fairly rural area that has 3 towers to support a population base of roughly 55k. In the winter months another 25k come here to escape the snow. We do fine.

    • riverhorse

      We’d use a lot more if Hotspot was Unlimited…we’d let our punk friends get on there, the towers would explode.

      • Robert Roll

        Hotspot is unlimited if you add the $25 plus international option

    • marque2

      They occasionally have programs where they include high speed hot spot with the base Mobile one package. I got one of those. It works fairly nicely as long as I have signal from Tmo.

  • stuman19741974 .

    I have the older Simple Choice Family Plan. I’d be ok if for the Uncarrier my family members all get bumped up to unlimited for free instead of the reduction from 4gb to 2.5gb at end of February 2019 :)

    • im on the same plan.. as much as i hope like you.. i doubt it lol

    • SirStephenH

      The last time they did anything close to that it was an Amped Uncarrier.

    • MindFog2287

      I’m on the 10GB plan and got bumped to U/L until Feb 2019 as well. I would love for us to just be able to continue with that (three of us average about 15GB/month, the other three around 2-3GB). I doubt they will do that though. Wonder how many of us got bumped up?

      • steveb944

        I think he’s referring to bump up to 4gb each of data. We’re at 4gb instead of 2.5gb each.

        I had no idea there was a bump up to unlimited.

  • SuzieSunshine

    My guess atfor the next Uncarrier move is offering video through layer3 TV or uncapping video speeds.

    • the martian ambassador

      I’m happy with consistent 480P video. T-Mobile allots up to 50GB of data/line. That will go very quickly watching HD video streams. If you really want Layer3 to replace your cable or OTA TV over wireless, i don’t think you’ll want it to be in HD.
      I could see them raising the data cap considerably for those who sign up for Layer3 or not have Layer3 streams count against your usage.

  • PynkP4rts

    I really hope its the TV plan

  • HeatFan786

    Wishful thinking for me would be cutting the add a line BOGO stuff and the bill credits out on BOGO deals. A simple BOGO w/ a MasterCard rebate card.

    • Phone Guy

      Yes, but they are contracts. You drop out and you have to pay off your phone. So we truly have 2 year contracts. So thats definitely not going anywhere.

      • The One

        That’s HeatFan’s complaint. He doesn’t want the phone deals tied to plans or bill credits. It should be super simple and straight forward. Buy a phone with a new line and get a second phone for free – truly free (not free with bill credits).

    • | VADOCOM™

      Why, so that you can take the money/card and spend it and then get your service cut off for non-payment? That’s the norm with average humans. Ain’t gonna happen!

      • HeatFan786

        Or you know, people could use it to pay off a phone that is under an EIP?

  • David Davis

    Next Un-Carrier move… Maybe affordable health care?

    • marque2

      How about a wall?

  • Derek Mounce

    Getting rid of the $10 and $25 addons and make the services from said addons a part of the $70 plan & then Change the 50Gb limit to 150Gb limit (double Verizons 75Gb)

  • The One

    Remove the 512kbps data speed limits when traveling abroad. Let us use the full capacity of the LTE towers in the area without this artificial limitation. It’s not like a handful of tourists are really going to congest the host network.

    • marque2

      That might not be possible due to technical reasons. The bands that are shared in the US and Europe are 3g bands. The LTE bands are different so even if Tmo said sure we can give you full LTE there might not be a way to easily implement this unless you paid extra for a “world phone” or one of those double sim european models.

      • The One

        True, different markets use different bands. But that’s not always on T-Mobile since they actively encourage that we bring our own device. I always buy unlocked phones and they work quite well with most western band/frequencies.

    • Kyle

      I wish but they just released the roaming add-on that adds faster speeds and unlimited calling for $5/day

  • M42

    Not merge with Sprint :)

    • Crucifixion Cruxi

      It’s sprint merging with T-Mobile .T-Mobile owns more

  • the martian ambassador

    I’d like to see them increase base 3G tethering speed from 512 KBPS so that you can at least stream in SD mode. When watching videos on You Tube, it usually can only sustain 240P – 360P at best.

    • coakl

      I think the 512 kbps baseline tether speed was deliberately picked to prevent decent Youtube SD. T-Mo does not want mobile to substitute for home internet.

      512 kbps is barely enough for slow browsing of ordinary sites.
      Of course most of that isn’t T-Mo’s fault…too many incompetent, careless developers who redesign sites and don’t optimize their sites for mobile use or slower connections.

  • | VADOCOM™

    Can you imagine if they bought back SC Unlimited? The last SCU was 4/$150 and that thing went quick! Then they came with T-Mo One. The NEW SCU could be 4/$200, which is not bad @ all.

    • Walter Mosley

      That’s the same as TMobile One with the plus feature on autopay. The taxes are already included and you get Netflix all for $200. That includes HD streaming and LTE hotspot.

      • marque2

        The bozos made me sign up for the business plan, so I don’t get free netflix.. I do get free sim cards, though that isn’t really worth being on the plan. I suppose I should call and try to go back to the regular plan if they don’t discontinue the extra bene’s of my promo

  • marque2

    Interestingly August 15 is also the start of phase 1 of band 71 roll out.

  • Marty Kaan

    How about turning on RCS for Android messenger (Pixel phones) like they promise over a year ago

  • Eric

    How about adding coverage (600/700 won’t do it) to rural areas of Mississippi, South Dakota, and others that I travel to often. I hate having to switch to Verizon when traveling.

  • coakl

    Do what some of the satellite internet companies do:
    No caps, late at night.
    Unlimited data, no De-prioritization, HD streams for everyone, unlimited hotspot/tether at max speeds, between midnight and 6 a.m. local time.

    Legere could call it, “Let’s Do It, All Night Long” :-)

  • Gregory S

    How about 100% US Based Customer Care!! Bring the jobs back home!


    what a waste of time to the lead in for the UN Carrier on their presentation today