T-Mobile announces WTH Deal in response to AT&T’s grandfathered unlimited data plan price increase


One week after AT&T announced that it will soon increase the price of its grandfathered unlimited data plan — the third price hike on that plan to date — T-Mobile has revealed a new deal to tempt those with AT&T’s grandfathered plan to jump ship.

T-Mobile’s WTH (Why the Hike) Deal will launch on June 20th. With this offer, AT&T customers with a grandfathered Data Unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail plan can get a $250 prepaid card when they switch to T-Mobile.

AT&T customers interested in taking advantage of the WTH Deal can go to a T-Mobile store or call 1-800-T-MOBILE starting June 20th and mention that you’re switching from AT&T and want the WTH Deal. You will need to validate that you’re eligible for this deal before you’ll get your $250 prepaid card. The offer is open to AT&T customers who are on the grandfathered Data Unlimited for iPhone on 4G LTE with Visual Voicemail plan or were on it through June 7th, when AT&T’s latest price hike was announced.

The WTH Deal can also be stacked with T-Mobile’s current offers. This includes Carrier Freedom, which offers up to $650 in the form of trade-in credit and a prepaid card to customers to pay off their contract or phone payments when they sign up for a T-Mobile One plan.

AT&T’s grandfathered unlimited data plan originally cost $30 per month, but starting next month, anyone still clinging to that plan will pay $45 per month to keep it. There are likely some AT&T customers frustrated by this latest price hike, so it’s smart for T-Mobile to offer them $250 to tempt them to make the switch.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Derek

    While clever marketing, its a terrible offer. You want people to switch from a $45 plan to a $70 plan on tmobile??? And they think a short term $250 is going to make people want to switch and spend more money in the long run?
    Clearly a RE-carrier move.
    The REAL un-carrier move would have been to price match ATT’s $30 a month and maybe even still throw in a switching bonus.

    • Sharti24

      Pretty sure texting and calling isnt included. It’s data only for $45

      • bkat11

        Took the words right out of my mouth

      • (J²)


    • Sharti24 is correct. This grandfathered data plan was only for data. You still had to pick a voice plan and a messaging plan. So, at the time, someone on a plan comparable to T-Mobile ONE would have paid $50 for unlimited voice, $20 for unlimited messaging, and $30 for unlimited data. So it was $100 at the time. Now, it’s $115 for the same plan, and that’s not including taxes and fees.

      • Sharti24

        Why would anyone keep their grandfathered plan and not switch to the new unlimited plans?

        • It sounds like a terrible deal, but these grandfathered unlimited data plans are truly unlimited. There is no metering, congestion management, throttling, or deprioritization. AT&T is desperately trying to get people off of this plan because they can’t manage them, and the network can’t handle it. This is why their network collapsed when the iPhone was introduced. It wasn’t built for data.

        • GameBoi/KillaBit

          I was aware that the “unlimited” plans were just 5GB high-speed.

        • You are correct that there were “unlimited” plans released that were just 5GB high-speed data. AT&T has made numerous changes to their feature codes over the years. At one point, they did have a truly unlimited data plan which was meant for the older PDA smartphones which didn’t use a ton of data.

        • Prior to June 2010 they sold a truly unlimited plan.

      • jonzey231


    • riverhorse

      $30 for unlimited everything PLUS a $250 bonus PLUS stackable with other bonuses?
      Why that’s even better than free Obamaphone.

      • SirStephenH

        There was no reason to bring politics in this but since you did. Free cellphone plans for the poor are falsely attributed to Obama. The program that provides this was started under Reagan for landlines and expanded to cellphones under Bush Jr.

        • Dharharr

          If there’s no reason for politics then don’t keep bringing them up, simple.

        • riverhorse

          There you go. Some people are so sensitive– any innocuous comment taken out of context, categorized an insult.
          Anyhow, if it was political it would’ve been deleted already.

        • AA-Ron

          Thanks for spreading the knowledge.

        • riverhorse

          False knowledge.

        • david jimenez

          Bold faced lie, I grew up poor, but we still had to pay for house phone ,FYI I’m 48 yrs old ,so I know the Reagan era

        • riverhorse

          You’re right. Back then the elderly @ low income qualified for a discount on their landline. Nothing was free. Heck, 99 cent stores hadn’t even started.

        • riverhorse

          It’s not about politics, it’s about the math(and do you know the name of that program? I don’t without having to look it up…it’s easier to use that unmentionable moniker). $30 minus the bonuses equals money in your pocket(first year at least)…better than that free plan.
          Also, under Reagan the plan was heavily discounted but not totally free and/or available to so many more folks…like under the “unmentionable President”..

          Between here and the Tmo mis-commentary earlier, you’re batting zero here with exact facts / details.

    • (J²)

      You’re forgetting about line access fees, taxes and other telecom fees. It’s probably more than $70.

      Unlimited Plans for single lines were near $100+ (depending on applicable discounts, taxes, etc) before Verizon and AT&T did away with them.

    • $45 only for data. As in, added on top of the “base” cost of $70 for the first line and $50 per additional line. And that $45 is only for one data line.

      If you got your plan in 2010 before they first stopped selling it, unlimited voice and data would have been $100 for one line or $180 for 2 lines.

      And unlimited texting was $20 per line. So your total cost would be $120 for one fully unlimited line, or $220 for 2.

      So with the $15 increase in unlimited data since it used to be $30, that means you could be paying $135 for one line, or $250 for two.

      And then you have to add taxes and fees…

  • jonzey231

    I mean, $45/mo ain’t bad by today’s standards anyways lol.

    Edit: Learner below that this is for data only. You still have to pay extra for voice/SMS.

  • SirStephenH

    T-Mobile ended grandfathered pricing on new plans a couple of years ago. I don’t think they can claim the high road here.

    • Jim

      Is that for all plans or just the newest? I ask because my plan is grandfathered in and I haven’t seen any increases.

    • Encino Stan

      Everytime I have been forced off a grandfathered plan to a new plan it has always been for less money or same money but more minutes or data.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Yep, I was forced off my 10GB per line plan a couple years back!

      …to a full unlimited plan (the old one, before they switched to T-Mo One) with no price increase, including being able to keep the free line they threw in when I started out.

    • (J²)

      I question those who claim they were forced to change their plan. As time goes on, some offers and perks are only available to those who have a new plan. If you choose to upgrade to get what you wanted or needed, then that was your choice.

      I know some people using the Unlimited Plan from nearly 5 years ago, so they aren’t being forced to do anything!

      • Dan Rubin

        You can count me among one of those people. Been on the same unlimited plan for over 5 years and counting with two phones. .

  • riverhorse

    It was an innocent comment. But if you must know:
    I voted for JFK to ward off corrupt Nixon, then for Nixon to ward off Communist McGovern.
    I voted for W to ward off Gore’s ineptness, but W almost destroyed us. So I voted for Obama to ward off both Hilliar and Romney continuing W’s disastrous policies…but he turned out to be…

    Are you happy now? Does this prove I wasn’t slandering your fearful leader?

    Unfortunately, in spite of all the bright people in this great nation, often we have only a choice between Frick and Frack.