T-Mobile to offer rate plan discount and half-off Samsung smartphones to military customers


T-Mobile’s latest initiative is all about the military.

Starting April 22, T-Mobile One Military will be available to military and their families. This includes active duty military, Reserve, National Guard, veterans, and Gold Star families, as well as small businesses owned by military members, up to 12 voice lines.

T-Mobile One Military offers 20 percent off the first line of service and up to half off additional lines. That means that the first line is $55 per month, the second line is $25, and lines three through six are $10 per line. These prices include autopay. If you don’t enroll in autopay, prices will increase by $5 per line.

The T-Mobile One Military plan includes the same benefits as the standard T-Mobile One plan, including Simple Global, Mobile Without Borders, Netflix On Us, and T-Mobile Tuesdays.

In addition to this discounted rate plan, T-Mobile One Military customers can get half off a new Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or S8 Active. You’ll just need to buy a new phone on EIP by May 31. The discount will be applied via 24 monthly bill credits and is available for up to three phones per account.

T-Mo’s new initiative is helping the military in other ways, too:

  • Investing more than half a billion dollars in 2018 to expand LTE capacity and coverage around military bases and communities as well as laying the foundation for 5G coverage in these areas with 5G-ready infrastructure.
  • Pledging to hire 10,000 veterans and military spouses in the next five years.
  • Giving funding and support to the FourBlock Career Readiness Program, expanding it to 20 total cities and launching online this fall. The FourBlock Career Readiness Program aims to help military transition to civilian careers.

Source: T-Mobile (1), (2)

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  • Sharti24

    Wow this is great news. I should tell all my military friends about this. I dont think i will switch to this promotion though because i’m currently paying $80 for 3 lines.

  • The Borg

    Thank you, You’ve got a customer for life!!

  • TheCudder

    Time to change to T-Mobile One Military! I’ve been holding on to my Simple Choice 6GB plan w/ Military discount for too long. Finally a reason to let it go.

  • Sharti24

    Police, fire, emt and military!

  • vrm

    50% discount on the galaxy S9 is a great deal. Wonder if the trade in discount applies in addition to this ;-)

    • Yonatan Ben Magen

      Great question about trade in , switched to Tmo last June @ Costco with Bogo S8+ 4 lines and was going to wait but can add an S9+ a 5th line and EIP on S9+ should be less the 4 lines w/o Vet discount, may loose Kickback but would still be Cheaper and add a 5th line wonder if it change the Data pool usage. This site is great

  • Pook

    I have never re-verified. Never been asked to do so. I’ve had the discount since 2009 when I switched to T-Mobile.

    • TheCudder

      Same here, customer since 2002.

  • Sajjad Nasir

    if you get paid to do something and you know the what you signed up for just like the orange clown you voted for said.

    • pda96

      You won’t win any popularity contest by stating the truth, Sajjah :) America is still a free country. You can do whatever you want with your life. You can become a teacher, doctor, policeman, soldier, etc….No one forces you to do what you don’t want to do.

      So just because you choose to be a peace officer or a soldier, that doesn’t mean the rest of the population should put you on a pedestal.

    • Jason

      Calm down there little buddy ;-) I wouldnt want you to triggered and whip out your copy of the constitution and shake your finger at me. ‘have you read-ah the Consitution! I will gladly lend-ah you my copy!’ LOL

  • Deswaga

    I wonder, since I lost my discount when I upgraded to Tmobile One, if this applies to us veterans and will we have to submit our DD214 again??

    • symsoul

      I hope so as I’m a vet as well: “This includes active duty military, Reserve, National Guard, veterans, and Gold Star families, as well as small businesses owned by military members, up to 12 voice lines.” Not sure about having to submit a DD214 though that would make sense.

      • Bob

        I called them and I was told if you fall in the “veteran” category then it’s either a DD-214 or the VA healthcare ID card.

    • Raiines

      If you’ve already been varified as military on your account then no, should be just a simple change in rate plan.

  • Sayahh

    Is video limited to 480p?

    • TaskForce141

      Yes. That’s what the fine print says in the T-Mo press release.
      Just like the regular One plan, you have to upgrade to One Plus (+$10) for HD video.

      • Prode

        I wonder if the old $5 one plus will move to the new plan even if it doesn’t, I will still save $30.

  • TaskForce141

    $120 for six lines is what my Simple Choice plan cost in 2014.
    If you’ve been sticking with Simple Choice, because:
    a. you’re not a data hog, and
    b. your Simple Choice family plan was cheaper than T-Mobile One,
    this military discount nixes that difference.

    However, if you have other Simple Choice promos on your account, you may want to keep SC. You’ll lose the promos when converting to the new plan.
    Example: two free lines from T-Mo Black Friday 2016.

  • Greg’s Genealogy

    That’s Bs. Smdh.

  • Sharti24

    Just told a bunch of my military friends. Already Got one guy switching from Att on sunday. He currently has an iphone 6s and is paying $105 month (after 15% military discount) for 20gb of data. All he needs to do is request an unlock code from Att for his phone to work on tmobile

  • Melvin

    Was it easy to switch over to the T-Mobile One Military Plan?

    • The Borg

      Yes, after I got off the phone, they sent me a link, answered a few questions and got verified. Real easy. On another subject, I don’t know if I would want to work for a company that may merge and end up losing my job in the merger.

  • Bob

    I switched to the plan and the verification was easy. I am in the vet category and went to the link and answered a few questions and was verified. It then said a text will be sent after 48 hours confirming the plan. No dd214 or VA card to upload. The verification must be a program they use. It was all simple.