T-Mobile LG V30’s Oreo update expected to begin rolling out in around two weeks


With Android Oreo updates to phones like the Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy S8 Active, owners of other Android devices may be wondering when they’ll get a taste of Oreo. This week we got a bit more info on the LG V30’s update.

The T-Mobile LG V30 was supposted to get Android Oreo this week, says T-Mo product guy Des Smith, but the update got delayed because an issue was discovered. LG is working on a new build which T-Mobile will then validate.

As for when LG V30 owners can expect for their Oreo update to come, Des estimates that it should begin rolling out in around two weeks.

The update to Android Oreo brings with it new features like picture-in-picture, autofill, and notification dots. LG will probably make some improvements to its custom user interface with the Oreo update, too, but we’ll have to wait for the update to actually begin rolling out to T-Mobile before we know exactly what’s in store for T-Mo customers. Stay tuned.

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  • roger shahan

    Please enable dual audio for the Bluetooth 5.0

  • Brøssøvítçh

    It would be nice if they gave us our fastboot commands! Being unable to root or flash via fastboot makes me wanna quit loving LG..

    • roger shahan

      Not in the os when you root ? That’s odd tmobile probably erased the source code

      • Glenn

        Same goes for the G6. For whatever reason, the fastboot commands are non-existent for the carrier models. They work for the unlocked models, though.

        • Jason Crumbley

          Because the carriers told LG to remove them.

    • Jason Crumbley

      Fastboot commands have been removed from ALL carrier models, if I remember correctly.

      • Brøssøvítçh

        Yes except the T-Mobile version can use OEM unlock command to unlock the bootloader and void the warranty. But you can’t flash anything.
        The TMO version is the only carrier variant that you can “unlock” the bootloader but itsi completely useless.

  • Darryl Fuggazi

    I’ll believe it when I see it. The Oreo update has been a few weeks away for the last 6 months.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Dear LG and Tmo, please throw us a bone and just roll in all the stuff from the latest Korean build. Thanks.

  • darendt

    “OEM made a booboo” So just on the Tmobile version? Pretty sure ATT, Verizon and Sprint all have it working and deployed.

  • Red

    Changed today to “Update in Development”.

  • Red

    Update: “about two weeks” was about last Thursday, five days ago. No queries for the past five days have been answered with any degree of trustworthiness.

  • Steve Park

    Two weeks in T-Mobile time must be “Months” to we poor users. Considering that this phone launched with Oreo in Korea what can be so hard in fitting in all the T-Mobile bloatware.

    • Jose Hernandez

      T-Mobile has modified the OS on this phone, I think that is why is taking so long, the other carriers were able to release their updates faster because they did not request for those modifications. T-Mobile is just not being very uncarrier (customer friendly) lately.

  • Red

    Changed today to “Update in testing” on the web site. Des passed along that info yesterday, they updated the web page today.

  • Bay_Ranger

    The LG V30 is now “in T-Mobile Testing” — a big step forward.