T-Mobile iPhones appear to prioritize cellular over Wi-Fi calling after iOS 11.3 update


UPDATE: T-Mobile has confirmed that with the update to iOS 11.3 and Carrier Bundle 32, iPhones will prefer LTE over Wi-Fi calling. Thanks, Omar!


Have you noticed that your iPhone doesn’t use Wi-Fi calling as often as it used to since the update to iOS 11.3? If so, you’re not alone.

Many T-Mobile iPhone users are reporting that after updating to iOS 11.3 and Carrier Bundle 32.0, their phone won’t use Wi-Fi calling unless their cellular signal drops very low, like to one bar. You can see a video of this cellular prioritization below.

While many iPhone owners have noticed this change, neither T-Mobile nor Apple appear to have acknowledged the change. When I asked T-Mobile about about this, I was told to direct questions about iOS to Apple. I then reached out to Apple about the matter but never got a response.

If you’re using an iPhone on iOS 11.3, this change is one to be aware of. There’s no toggle to make your iPhone prefer Wi-Fi calling over cellular, but you can try putting your phone into Airplane Mode and then turning on Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi calling if you absolutely need to make a call using Wi-Fi.

Have you noticed this change with your iPhone? If so, do you like having cellular preferred or do you prefer Wi-Fi calling?

Thanks, Patrick!

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