T-Mobile Tuesdays will include Nature Conservancy donation and free reusable T-Mo bag next week


For next week’s edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mo will help you to do some good for the world while also giving you gifts.

On April 17, T-Mobile will plant a tree for every tweet that’s sent with the hashtag #TreeMobile in celebration of Earth Day. This includes tweets from non-T-Mobile customers, too. T-Mo will donate up to 50,000 trees to help The Nature Conservancy reach its goal of planting one billion trees by 2025.

Additionally, T-Mobile is setting aside $250,000 to donate to Nature Conservancy projects, and T-Mo customers can decide which project they want money to go to. The four options include:

  • Clean Energy: Build research into innovative clean energy solutions across the U.S.
  • Plant a Billion Trees: Restore forests around the globe – they sustain life on earth, and they’re disappearing
  • Restore our Coral Reefs: Strengthen and protect the largest and most threatened marine living structures on the planet
  • Save the Panther: Protect the beautiful Florida Panther, one of earth’s most endangered animals – only 180 remain

T-Mobile’s got a few gifts for its customers next week, too. T-Mo customers can get a Baskin-Robbins ice cream deal and a free movie rental from Vudu. Customers can also score a free T-Mobile reusable bag next week.


Unfortunately, there is no sweepstakes for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays.

Source: T-Mobile, T-Mobile Tuesdays

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