T-Mobile CEO John Legere’s memo to employees about Sprint merger leaks out


Earlier today, T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they’d reached an agreement on a merger deal they claim will help boost the rollout of 5G, create jobs, and spur competition. T-Mobile CEO John Legere sent an internal memo to T-Mo employees at the same time of the announcement to assure them that the deal is a good one, and now it’s leaked out.

Sources have sent Legere’s internal memo to TmoNews, giving us the chance to read the CEO’s pep talk for his employees. In the memo, Legere promises employees that T-Mobile will still be T-Mobile, will still be magenta, will still be focused on customers, and will still have Legere at the helm.

Legere goes on to repeat many of the same points made in T-Mobile and Sprint’s official announcement. He says that “only the new T-Mobile can quickly deliver a nationwide 5G network with the capacity and scale to truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in the U.S.”

The T-Mobile CEO also says that the new company will “better-scaled” and will work to deliver services to customers at lower prices. The combined T-Mobile-Sprint expects to create thousands of jobs, Legere adds, by bringing T-Mobile’s customer support to Sprint subscribers and hiring employees to merge networks and build out a 5G network.

Finally, Legere thanks employees for their hard work that helped to put T-Mobile in the position to make this deal a reality.

There’s not much in the way of new info on the T-Mobile-Sprint merger in Legere’s memo, but it’s interesting to get a peek at how T-Mo is talking up the deal to its employees. You can read the full memo for yourself below:

Putting the Un-carrier Strategy into Overdrive!


I’ve got some incredible news to share, and I wanted to be the first one to reach out and make it official! Today marks a huge step forward for ALL of us as we prepare to take the Un-carrier revolution to a whole new level!

We just announced that T-Mobile and Sprint have reached a definitive agreement to come together and form a new, bigger, stronger company! Yep. You read that right, we are merging with Sprint. If you want to know how excited Mike and I are about this — check out our video here…

This combination sets us up to SUPERCHARGE the Un-carrier and to quickly deliver the only Nationwide 5G network with BOTH the breadth and depth needed to offer the kind of capacity and performance that American consumers want and need in the 5G era!

We’ll still be called T-Mobile, we’ll still be magenta, I’ll still be your leader, and we’ll continue to be customer obsessed! I’m also excited to share that Mike Sievert will be the President and COO of the New T-Mobile, and we are making plans to innovate and drive this business forward just like we always have.

Trust me when I say that this is the deal we have been waiting for, and this is the combination that will take everything to a new level!

We think that ONLY the New T-Mobile can quickly deliver a NATIONWIDE 5G NETWORK with the capacity and scale to truly accelerate innovation and increase competition in the U.S., and we plan to make that a reality! Leading early in nationwide 5G will result in leadership for the country in the digital economy, and it will drive a giant wave of U.S. innovation and disruption that we believe will benefit customers with lower prices, better service and innovative applications.

New T-Mobile will absolutely SUPERCHARGE the pro consumer Un-carrier strategy! As a larger, stronger, better-scaled competitor we’ll strive to deliver an incredible set of services to consumers and businesses at lower prices than ever before. We’ll drive broader, better competition in the rapidly converging content and communications marketplace, including traditional wireless, in-home broadband, entertainment & beyond. And, we’ll bring REAL wireless choices and mobile broadband competition to Americans in rural areas for the first time.

The New T-Mobile will CREATE JOBS and be a driver of investment and the U.S. economy! We expect to create thousands of jobs — well beyond what the two companies could do by themselves — by bringing T-Mobile’s world-class customer care to Sprint customers, by hiring employees to merge networks and build out our 5G network and systems and by investing in new businesses.

But let me say this… it is YOUR hard work and efforts over the past 5 years that has put our company in the position to make this deal happen — so THANK YOU! T-Mobile is going to be even BIGGER & BETTER than you ever imagined!

This will take time.

As is typical of any merger, this deal has to go through all the standard regulatory review processes which will take a while. We are optimistic this will clear regulators but nothing is ever guaranteed, so as excited as you all are — please continue to focus on doing exactly what you have been doing for the past 5 years… Listen to our customers and do what they tell you. It is the success that you have all delivered that has gotten us this far — so don’t stop now!

We’ll keep you updated on the process and timelines as we go. And you can check out T-Nation to get the latest information and resources anytime. We’ve also launched a site externally for people who want to learn more about the deal here.

Today’s news is about taking this fight — on behalf of consumers — to the next level and beyond! The next wave of mobile is too important not to fight for and now we are positioned to accelerate that fight for consumers everywhere!

Verizon, AT&T, Comcast and the others better watch out because…We. Are. Coming.

And…We. Won’t. Stop.

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You can hear all about the agreement from Marcelo and I here.


Thanks, anonymous sources!

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