Future T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer $4 movie tickets to Maze Runner, Deadpool 2, and other movies


Turns out that yesterday’s Maze Runner prize was the start of a new partnership between T-Mobile and Twentieth Century Fox.

T-Mobile customers will be able to buy $4 movie tickets to five upcoming Twentieth Century Fox films for T-Mobile Tuesdays. The deals will start on January 23rd, when T-Mo customers can claim a $4 ticket to see Maze Runner: The Death Cure. The movie opens on January 26th and the offer must be redeemed through Atom Tickets by January 28th.

Also coming to next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday is a Buy One, Get One pretzel deal from Auntie Anne’s or a chance to win a free original pretzel if you haven’t yet gotten one. Additionally, T-Mo customers can get 15 to 40 percent off select hotels worldwide from HotelStorm.

Later this year, T-Mobile customers will be able to buy $4 tickets to Red Sparrow, Deadpool 2, Alita: Battle Angel, and Dark Phoenix. T-Mobile customers will also be able to enter contests to win trips, attend movie premieres and other VIP events, and get movie sneak peeks.

Sources: T-Mobile, T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Francisco Peña

    only movie interested is Dark Phoenix. The others are redbox quality with a free coupon code. :P

    • Nick Zhao

      i wont say deadpool,he would be sad nd hunt you down


    How ’bout having an occasional flash sale on some of the more popular phones,for current customers,once in a while.
    The freebies are nice,but,a sale on phones geared towards current subscribers would be a nice gesture,since all recent phone promos are geared towards new customers……………

  • Phil

    Bring free pizza back or I’m un-installing
    T-Tuesdays app lol

  • SurvivingSunnyvale

    Like anyone wants to deal with the hassle of going to a mall just for a free pretzel.

  • njikokanoel

    I’m often at the mall so the free pretzels are welcome. 3 out the 5 movies I was going to see anyway so being able to see it for less is also welcome. Keep up the good work T-Mobile

  • Alex G.

    Bring back Fandango. No theater in my area is a part of Atom..