T-Mobile launches first Narrowband IoT plan


T-Mobile has placed a heavy focus on the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past year or so, and that push continues today.

T-Mobile today revealed a narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) plan. For a limited time, the plan is priced at $6 per year up to 12MB per connected device. Customers can renew after 12 months or 12MB.

Last October, T-Mo launched its NB-IoT network, and the tech should be available nationwide by mid-2018. NB-IoT is an LTE-Advanced technology, and T-Mobile touts that its plan is ideal for services that require low bandwidth, long battery life, and a large number of sensors.

NB-IoT isn’t the only Internet of Things service that T-Mobile offers. There’s also Cat-1 IoT Access Packs available for applications that need more bandwidth and voice, and T-Mo is planning a nationwide launch of Cat-M technology shortly after its NB-IoT is available.

While T-Mobile continues to add new phone customers, it’s also looking to grow in other segments of the market. We’ve seen more of a push for business customers from T-Mobile lately, and this focus on the Internet of Things is another way for T-Mo to attract customers and grow. T-Mobile touts that its NB-IoT plan is one-tenth the cost of Verizon’s Cat-M plans, so businesses and cities that want to connect lots of devices with small, steady streams of data may want to consider T-Mobile’s plan.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Derek

    Aside from a Wifi connected thermostat, I don’t want any smarthome or smart “thing” connected to the internet. It sucks and NEVER works right. I’ve tried all kinds of “smart” stuff in my home and everything is overpriced and fails constantly.

    • BobbieDooley

      I have to agree. There’s too many security issues that need to be addressed.

      Last thing you want to get is a device with old firmware that becomes a part of a botnet for 2 1/2 minutes while it blasts through a year’s subscription-worth of data…or junior taking the refrigerator’s SIM card when iPhone privileges are taken away after failing the same math class his father failed.

      Your better off waiting for Charter and Comcast to launch unlimited SIMs as part of a home internet package. Until that comes to pass, $0/month today on Comcast includes 200Mb/month and all-you-can-eat WiFi hotspot data.

      • Sayahh

        And then in 20 years they find a “Spectre-type” equivalent of vulnerability in a generation’s worth of IoT devices.

        • Steve Hester

          20 years? More like 20 days!

    • slybacon

      They are sometimes tricky. Aside from my thermostat, I have a smart doorbell, smart smoke detectors, smart light switches, and a smart garage door. They all work.

  • The One

    Support RCS messaging instead please. I’m tired of getting a bunch of grainy low resolution videos from iPhone users who don’t know any better because it “just works” for them.

    • enoch861

      iPhones don’t support RCS either, so you’d be SOL regardless.

      • The One

        They don’t support it today, but that’s because none of the major networks (barring sprint) support it. Once all the networks support it, Apple will naturally do the same. Think of it like LTE, iPhones didn’t have it until the networks could support it.

    • Chad D

      T-Mobile has RCS. Its apple you should complain about.

      • The One

        But isn’t it proprietary and doesn’t play with other networks or the Google supported version?

    • slybacon

      iPhone videos never show up grainy on another iPhone. Must be Android’s issue. The iPhone videos you are getting may be the new H.265 (HEVC) format and your Android phone doesn’t support that natively. You can download another app so “it just works” for you.

      • The One

        Lol, are you being sarcastic? Imessage doesnt use SMS/MMS to send videos. That’s why it doesn’t get compressed with other imessage users.

        • slybacon

          Super sarcastic!!
          It sends as sms/mms if you don’t have data service available, and to Androids.

  • Myself248

    Okay, so how do you actually get this deal? The only page I can find with anything approaching a “click here to buy” mentions “Limited time offer, $20K minimum commitment over 12 month period” and turns out to just be a contact form.