Today’s T-Mobile Tuesday offering free Redbox rental and gift card prizes


For T-Mobile Tuesdays this week, T-Mo decided to keep the gifts a secret until Tuesday rolled around. Now that the day is here, though, the gifts and prizes have been revealed.

The December 26th edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays includes a free sausage biscuit from Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, a free one-night Redbox rental, and 20 free photo prints and free shipping from Snapfish.

Also coming to T-Mo customers are discounts for a couple of services. T-Mobile subscribers can get $20 off tickets from StubHub and $25 to

This week’s prizes are all codes valid for gift cards from Tango Card, a service that offers gift cards from the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Chili’s, Delta, iTunes, Starbucks, and Target. Fifty grand prize winners will each get a code valid for $500 in gift cards from Tango Card.

Two hundred first prize winners will each receive a code valid for $100 in gift cards from Tango card, while 200,000 second prize winners will each get a code valid for a $5 gift card from Tango Card.

As a quick note, scanning Twitter and Reddit shows that some people that won a code for a gift card have been having issues redeeming it this morning. If you won and are unable to redeem, you’re not alone. T-Mobile’s Twitter accounts are telling winners that if they access the T-Mobile Tuesdays app now, they’ll be redirected to the correct page to redeem their prize. Winners on Reddit are reporting that the redemption page says they’ll now get an email with a redemption link within 48 hours.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • RC

    Haha, used the Panda Express one last time and was thinking same thought but it would be kinda embarrassing for me at my age to get busted now. 10 years ago I’d have done it in a heartbeat, lol…

  • Kevin

    lol easy to get busted if they don’t see the timer ticking.

    • RC

      Reason y I even had thought of same idea was becuz girls behind counter glanced at my cell so fast I cud’ve shown them a pic of my dog for all they cared, lol, much less see a timer ticking

  • Eshwar Vanaparthi

    unable to redeem 5$ gift card gives error on registration screen

  • lomsha

    Az screen recorder, no root needed.