T-Mobile LG G6 update adds built-in DIGITS experience, security patches, and more


Along with new updates for its Galaxy S8 and S8+, T-Mobile is now pushing an update to its LG G6.

The T-Mobile LG G6 is now being updated to version H87211e. The update comes in a 686.6MB in size and includes the November 6, 2017 Android security patches, Real Time Text (RTT) support for the hearing impaired, a built-in DIGITS experience, and and face recognition. T-Mo says that there are miscellaneous “software stability and bug fixes” in there, too.


This looks like a solid update for LG G6 owners. Getting security updates is always nice, but this latest update also adds in a built-in DIGITS experience, which should make it easier and more enticing to use T-Mobile’s DIGITS service for folks that have multiple phone numbers.

If you haven’t yet gotten this update, you can check for it manually by grabbing your G6 and going into Settings > General > Update Center > System update > Check for update.

Thanks, Jonathan!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Glenn

    I’m not seeing it yet. Must be a slow rollout. For all of the previous updates, I’ve gotten them pretty much exactly on the release dates posted here: https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-34136

  • J Cass (10 years)

    I can’t find it yet either. I E-Mailed LG about the Oreo update. It’s absurd that devices released way after are getting it quicker. It almost has me leaving LG. The V30 which I’m about to get is stuck with old software too.

  • riverhorse

    If this can be ported to the G6+ sold by Amazon it’ll be fantastic.

  • Mike Thaler

    I got notice a few days ago about an “Android Security Update” being available.
    Just saw this article and decided to update.
    Now need to see what Digits can do for me, Digits?

    Have a TM branded G6.

  • Mike Thaler

    I just went thru update process. Since I was several months behind in updates – the system made me go thru the process 3 times. Anyway – now appears I’m up to date.
    Now need to learn about Digits.

  • J Cass (10 years)

    Finally got it. Now I’m actually having security issues and this stupid virus pop up. I have Avast Anti Virus and all the safe guards in place but it’s still happening.

  • M H

    Anyone with this phone from amazon prime getting any updates?