T-Mobile and Sprint reportedly not planning immediate asset sales in merger


More details on the rumored T-Mobile-Sprint merger have trickled out.

First up, a report from Nikkei Asian Review says that SoftBank has reached an agreement to merge Sprint with T-Mobile. SoftBank and Deutsche Telekom, parent companies of Sprint and T-Mo, will reportedly start working on ownership ratios and other details of the deal soon.

Another report says that T-Mobile and Sprint plan to announce their merger without any immediate asset sales. The carriers want to hold on to as much of their spectrum and cost synergies as they can before regulators ask for concessions to be made, say sources speaking to Reuters, but T-Mo and Sprint are prepping a strategy for how they’ll handle regulators asking for them to divest some of their spectrum licenses.

Rumors have suggested that T-Mobile and Sprint may be planning to announce their merger as soon as this month. Even if the two carriers do reach a deal, though, the merger must be approved by U.S. regulators before it can actually be completed.

Some people have already voiced concerns about this T-Mobile-Sprint merger despite the fact that there’s been no official announcement of a deal. Several U.S. senators have asked the DOJ and FCC to begin investigating the potential merger, saying it “could raise significant antitrust concerns and could harm consumers”, and a recent report claimed that DOJ career staff will likely recommend that the deal be stopped.

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Sources: Nikkei, Reuters

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  • Sharti24

    One step closer to making this merger happen.

    • chunk

      More like one step closer to getting this thing shut down. Doj and fcc would never go for this so im not even sure what game theyre playing here.

      • Frank Goodman

        T-Mobile often announces mergers so it can gain meet and insight to what its competitors are doing. This talk about merging is likey all window dressing.

        T-Mobile has announced so many mergers over the years, but they generally fall apart because their expectations are set too high.

        • Tmobile9922

          Can you list those official merger announcements by T-Mobile that did not materialize (not including he failed takeover by AT&T) ?

        • kiladubz

          this guy is a mook.

  • Tony Chen

    hope doj block this merger

    • tendoboy1984

      Hope not. Sprint and T-Mobile towers combined will cover more people than the companies separately. Plus we’ll get more phones to choose from (Sprint and Boost have way more phones than T-Mobile and MetroPCS).

      • chunk

        I live and work in the same city. Why should i care how much coverage they have in podunk usa? So long as my coverage works for me, im good. And i suggest everyone else goes with what works for them too. And the contracts OEMs have with sprint and its subsidiaries wouldnt automatically be included in a merger. In fact, most contracts have out clauses for just these things

        • marque2

          Because you might drive somewhere on vacation some day. There are dead spots a mere 30 miles from my home in San Diego. It would be nice if I could make an emergency call should it come to that if I am driving in the mountains. You should feel the same

        • chunk

          I should feel the same? Lmao What? Why should i care where you do and dont get reception? Yea, nah. I hate to break the bad news to you but your coverage, nay your entire existence, means nothing to me. And just Fyi, networks all have roaming agreements. Meaning If youre getting zero “i cant make an emergency call” signal on your mountain vacation on tmobile, you wont get it on AT&T or any other gsm carrier either. Which a sprint/tmobile merged carrier would be. It means there just isnt a tower there.

          P.s. i fly on vacation.

        • marque2

          Hey if you are living in Moms basement and flying to grandmas when she buys you a ticket – more power to you. But the rest of us have lives and like to get around a bit.

          I would actually suggest getting rid of Tmo because you can probably sponge off Mom’s Wi-Fi and use a cheap Voip phone for voice and data.

        • chunk

          Yep. Anyone who takes vacations and has been on planes, has to live with their parents. Classic millennial thinking. Spot on, sport. If that’s not an airtight counter argument on why i should care about something that has zero affect on me, then i dont know what is. You sure showed me!

        • marque2

          Your posts just make you sound like a basement dweller in your mom”s house. Which is Ok to.some extent for millenials – but since you don’t identify as one a sad excuse for you.

        • chunk

          Yep. My posts are the immature ones. Got me again, man. Youre on fire with those comebacks! But tell me more about how i should care what service you get? Please?

      • Frank Goodman

        Sprint sold their towers well before T-Mobile sold their tower portfolio.

        Also, mergers like this won’t keep all the towers on-air. Why in the world would a combined company make two tower lease payments to provide service in the same area?

        Generally, what occurs is thay companies will decommission the duplicates, and favor the lease that has the cheaper lease.

        • marque2

          Several companies will all mount on the same leased tower.

      • Nearmsp

        They don’t have to buy each other out. They can rent each other’s towers. DIsh TV CEO too said, he is not going to buy a wireless company, unlike Directv and AT&T.

        • marque2

          They don’t really own towers. They own frequency rights and rent towers to put on cell trancievers.

    • marque2

      Why – so only the two big carriers can get 5g since Tmo doesn’t have the bandwidth and the smallest goes bankrupt?

      Seems like your plan has much less competition.

  • James Wagner

    Call the US Department of Justice at
    (202) 514-2000 Tell them this is a BAD DEAL for MILLIONS OF AMERICANS..

    • Sharti24

      I want this merger to happen to compete with the other two. Fair playing field

    • marque2

      Why would it be bad? Sprint gets saved from bankrupt and Tmo finally gets the bandwidth it needs to implement 5g. Seems like a win win.

      • James Wagner

        5G will be here with out Sprint T-Mobile has a plan in effect to have it on line by 2020, and 2018 phone mfgs will include chip sets to operate on 600mgh to increase t mobile coverage it’s getting done without Sprint

        • marque2

          Sure there will be a bit of 5g but Tmo still needs more bandwidth for 5g. 600mhz is not the ideal bandwidth for 5g. The only reason Tmo needs Sprint is for the large amounts of high frequency bandwidth which is appropriate for 5g.

        • James Wagner

          Thats nonsense if theary is correct how in the world did 4 G get on line

        • marque2

          They used new frequencies they had purchased using the ATT merger money that werent used for 3g. Hmm seems like it is not much as nonsense as you dream.

      • James Wagner

        I guess we’ll see you maybe right when you start paying 30% more for your phone every month you’ll know I was right.

  • James Wagner

    People that want this to happen must be stuck on stupid, I for one am happy with T-Mobile just like it is great rates service is good and going to be way way better by 2019 600 MGH will be up and running 5G LTE will be up and running by 2020 Sprint Stock will continue to drop.
    I love my T-Mobile

    • donnybee

      I’m curious to know what you think happens when a company’s stock continues to drop?

      –And please don’t say they just need an investor with deep pockets because that would make you look like you don’t know much about SoftBank–

      Adding to your understanding, can you clarify your preference on Sprint ceasing to operate due to market factors versus Sprint ceasing to operate due to being absorbed?

    • YEN

      So let Sprint go into bankruptcy? Does that make any sense?

      • James Wagner

        And what I’m supposed to care about Sprint.. Sprint is a scab it needs to fall off there’s a good reason Sprint is in the position that it is their customer service sucks unless you can speak Filipino their rate plans are too high they’re always trying to sneak new things in on the bill I had them for 6 months and I had to call billing every month because they stuck bulshit on my bill. And then there’s their coverage it is awful if you travel like I do so I hope they go bankrupt and get bought out like somebody like Virgin mobile.