T-Mobile talks iPhone X pricing and trade-in offer


The iPhone X will be available for pre-order this Friday, and to help you get prepared, T-Mobile today confirmed its pricing details and trade-in offer for the new Apple flagship.

T-Mobile will begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone X beginning at 12:01 am PT on Friday, October 27th. Pre-orders can be made online at that time or in stores the following morning.

When it comes to pricing, here’s what T-Mobile will be charging for the iPhone X:

Equipment Installment Plan

  • 64GB: $279.99 down, $30 per month (FRP: $999.99)
  • 256GB: $429.99 down, $30 per month (FRP: $1,149.99)

JUMP! On Demand

  • 64GB: $0 down, $41.56 per month (FRP: $999.99)
  • 256GB: $429.99 down, $24 per month (FRP: $1,149.99)

T-Mobile will be running a trade-in deal for the iPhone X just like the one it’s been offering for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. If you trade in an iPhone 6 or newer (with the exception of the iPhone SE) and buy an iPhone X on EIP, you can get up to $300 off your new device.

Also of note is that the iPhone X is eligible for T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade program. This means that when your iPhone X is 50 percent paid off, you can trade it in and T-Mobile will wipe away the remaining payments, letting you upgrade to a new iPhone.

The iPhone X will launch on November 3rd. Are you going to pre-order it?

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  • Joseph Ferraro

    Not for me. I have been down the iPhone road before. Not going back. I’ll stick with Android.

    • networkdood

      iphone X looks pretty cool, though…I am glad I have this LG Stylo Plus 3, though

    • STARK11

      I was android only then had to switch to iPhone for work.

      Truthfully this is the iPhone I’ve been waiting for simply because the screen size was always my huge issue with iPhone and the crappy display

      At least it will feel more high end now and I won’t be hating it much

    • Joseph Ferraro

      I had iPhones for 6 years previously. But I couldn’t stand being locked in to their ecosystem. So I would jailbreak mine to configure it the way I wanted. I finally realized what I was doing was making it “Android.” So I am happy with all of the Nexus and Pixel phones I have acquired since leaving Apple.

      • Santiago Vo

        I’d been on Android for 5 years, cursed it every time it froze (pretty much every day) or crashed with a cryptic message, every time I tried to upgrade it, and every time I installed an app that didn’t work right on it. After I rooted it, it made everything worse.

        Since I switched to iPhone, I had none of these issues, ever. The apps I need often come out on it first, there are plenty discount on iTunes gift cards, so apps are cheaper and legal.

  • donnybee

    Super annoying that the downpayment is so ungodly high for the EIP. People are still going to pay it, but I wouldn’t.

    • JStatt

      It is crazy expensive, but it’s basically a $1000+ 0% interest loan so it makes some sense to reduce capital risk.

  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    $1,000 for a phone?? Que no mamen…

  • britnasty

    Got my $550 ready. Come to papa my 256GB Silver X!

  • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

    999.99 for a samsung phone…. Wait it’s a apple phone sorry.. I though it was samsung since 70%,to 80% its make by samsung

    • AnthonyReyes

      What parts, just curious since I thought they went to LG for the screen. Which I thought was the only part Samsung did

      • Guillermo Eduardo Ortega-ibarr

        Storage… Screen it’s samsung that’s why they have a problem with supply since samsung it’s using it for note 8 there A chip and battery

        • AnthonyReyes

          Oh got it, they won’t be using LG’s OLED till 2018. but the A chip is only manufactured by TSMC this year and not Samsung. But yes it still gets quite a bit from Samsung,

  • patrick

    so the JUMP on demand option can only be signed up for in store?

    • britnasty

      Over the phone, in store or over Twitter with T-Force

      • jtothada

        Do you have to pay taxes on JOD?

    • Francisco Peña

      only if you already have JOD on your line… if not, they won’t give it to new customers.

  • HangmanSwingset

    Picked up the 8 Plus on JOD. I love it, but I will be preordering the X. No reason to not while JOD is still useful.

  • STARK11

    Advice on what I should do?

    I have JUMP 1 but I only have 260 left on my 128GB iPhone 7. I don’t want to jump with that much left on the eip.

    Problem is I can’t add another EIP online with my current phone not paid off. I can only do it on the phone, and I’m guessing the phone lines will be jammed

    Maybe I should pay off the 7 and sell it? Then just add the EIP online

    Truthfully I’d rather keep the 7 on EIP and add another EIP. I guess I’ll just try calling and take my chances

    It’s gonna be my 3rd EIP open on my 1 line account.

    Thankfully tmobile told me I have another 1100 in credit available to add more.

    Also, do you need to send in your old phone right away or when you get the phone in the mail to get the discount

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I can’t say much, but for pre-orders you get the new phone shipped to you, then drop the old one off within 14 days of receipt to a local T-Mo store.

      As a word of advice, it’s best to find a corporate store rather than a franchise, as the franchise store employees have always stared at me like I was an alien when I walked in to return a phone.

      • Pete

        I ordered an iPhone 8 (EIP) on release day and just tried to drop off my old iPhone 6 at a corporate store today (you have 30 days, not 14, on this particular $300 promotion). However, the store refused to take it. They (the manager) insisted that they have no mechanism to take back any phones that are not JOD returns. The manager kind of contradicted themselves when they then said that they COULD take these EIP promo returns but ONLY on the same day that you buy your new phone (which is kind of impossible to do on a release day phone, since you would have no phone while you are waiting for your new phone to be delivered). But they would not take mine, even going so far as to say that if I left it with them, they would take no responsibility if it got “lost” in the corporate store before they could ship it out. I ended up having to drop it off at UPS today instead. Btw, before today, EVERYONE (the initial sales rep, customer service, and another sales rep later on) all told me that I MUST return the old phone at the store.

        • STARK11

          Two questions. Did you do it over the phone when ordering? Second is, how did the promo work for you? Did it come out of your down payment or your monthly payments? The credits

        • Jeremy Turnley

          For this offer, the trade in is taken off your monthly bill in 24 installments – I believe that also means that if you do the iPhone Upgrade deal you lose half the trade in value, but a T-Mo person would need to confirm that.

          You still need to make the full down payment no matter what offer they make, as the other way they do it is to send you a pre-loaded debit card a few weeks after you make the transaction. There’s a small advantage to the second method as you can put it on a credit card and pay your bill from it, but they use that method less and less often now.

        • STARK11

          The woman I spoke to from tmobile told me we can get the full 300 upfront IF you buy it in stock and do the trade it at the same time.

          I was like you and me both know this phone is gonna be impossible to find in a store lol

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Yep, I get the exact same response at any franchise store. At corporate stores (one operated by T-Mo directly) I have had zero issues. It pays to call around and find out which ones fall into that category for reference.

        • Alex Alvarado

          I work for a Corporate T-Mobile store and there is not option on the system for us to take phones that are JUMP upgrades or trade-ins (Only JOD). And yes the only way we can take the phone is when you wanna give the phone the day you are doing your upgrade since you have 2 options, give it at the moment (use a different phone while you receive the new one or having no phone) or give it later (using it while you receive the phone and ship the phone after you receive the new one.)

        • Pete

          Thank you for clarifying that, Alex. I was definitely given incorrect information by my salesman at my corporate store.

  • Billy_Boy2019

    Only the iPhone 6 or newer gets me $300? What about the s8+ how much does that get me?

    • Jeremy Turnley


      • Billy_Boy2019

        And the iPhone 6 is worth $300, that’s crazy

        • Jeremy Turnley

          Well, iPhones resell at far higher prices than Android phones do, and their prices do not decline nearly as fast (compare ebay prices on an iPhone 6 vs a Note 5 – talk about ouch). As a result, having back stock of iPhones remains profitable, while even the best Android ones you will lose money on within 6 months of launch. Also, most of the phones they collect get sent to China for resale there, and China is rife with good Android phones (ones we never get to see here) for good prices; iPhones are seen as prestige devices there, so they sell really well.

    • Arbi

      I think from s8+ to iphone X is downgrade lol

      • Billy_Boy2019

        I’m on my Note 8 and the s8+ is just sitting there, I should put it on eBay

        • kev2684

          Swappa will give you better value on your S8+ because it has less fees

        • steadymobb

          Is the s8+ paid off?

        • Billy_Boy2019


      • Babylon Petrich

        blap bloop s8- blap to I-shiet XxX is downgrade looaaalloaaal (my A#@) ,Im checking on you If you’re going to sell that white brick or not ,If you don’t Im going to hunt you every night when you’re sleep,

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Ouch. If phones keep getting more expensive, JOD will be a bonus just to save on the sales tax!

    “Also of note is that the iPhone X is eligible for T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade program. This means that when your iPhone X is 50 percent paid off, you can trade it in and T-Mobile will wipe away the remaining payments, letting you upgrade to a new iPhone.”

    Sounds like a good way to flush $429 down the toilet to me…

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      Flushing more than that as you don’t actually OWN the phone. It’s just a lease.

      • Prode

        Unless 600mhz comes to MN and the 2018 iPhone supports it, than I am sticking with the X until then.

      • Keith Stevens

        Your answer is not even correct. please look at the lease. you can own any JOD phone and its the exact same price as EIP. so no your not throwing any money away unless YOU decide not to keep it. otherwise its paid off just like EIP

        • Francisco Peña

          The difference is in monthly payments and length of payments. JOD is usually 18 months, and EIP is 24. EIP charges tax upfront, and JOD rolls it in.

          So with JOD, you are done quicker.

      • Jeremy Turnley

        As long as there’s zero down, it’s not flushing nearly as much – you are only out whatever your monthly payments were. Once they start charging up front fees, it gets to be a worse deal.

        By the way, when I took my S8 in to return it after using JOD to get a Note 8, I was able to buy the old S8 for $160 plus the tax on the original price. That’s after only 6 months of payments (around $200), making it a total steal. I have never been offered this on any other phone I have gotten through JOD, so I am not sure what the deal was, but I sure as heck jumped on it when they offered.

    • Mike

      Blame Apple for being greedy bastards by not making 128GB a storage option. Apple is basically forcing you to get the 256GB version. Remember Apple was last to make 32GB and 64GB a entry storage option.

      • Chuckstar

        the 128gb would of been the same price of the 256gb and the 256gb would of been $1250

        • mjfadaway

          Pretty much

        • Francisco Peña

          Apple would find ways to screw you over either way.

  • I liked the $0 down on my JOD upgrade to the Note 8, since the 64GB was expandable with the free 256GB microSD card I got when I got my Galaxy S8 Plus upgrade previously. The $0 down for the 64GB iPhone X is good, but the $430 down for the 256GB variant is just bonkers.

  • rex2745

    Can I call 611 to pre order the iPhone x thru jump on demand? $430 down for 256gb on jod is ridiculous smh

    • (J²)


    • steadymobb

      Especially if you’re truly doing JOD – you won’t be keeping the device for more than a year. So yeah it’s idiotic to pay $430 for something AND make payments a month lol.

  • F F

    Yeesh. So $280 or $430 PLUS full sales tax if you want to go on EIP… or you have to pony up $430 for JOD unless you want the base model with 32gb, which almost certainly won’t be enough for anyone that actually uses their phone. And if you do go with the base model for $0 down, you’re paying $42 per month plus sales tax… for a lease… meaning that you turn the phone in with zero equity in it whether you keep it for one month or 18 months.

    It’s almost like they want to make sure that no one buys this phone without making a fiscally unwise decision. Hmmph. I’m beginning to think that these phones are getting to the point where only the old and rich or young and stupid are willing to pay to play.

    • Zach Chadwick

      It actually comes with 64GB. I don’t even use 16GB of storage on an iPhone. iCloud storage does most of the work for me.

      • Francisco Peña

        Then you are in a crappy cell coverage area and want to download pics of your dog.

    • JStatt

      You actually don’t have to give the phone back on JOD. You can pay off the remainder of the lease and the balloon payment to own it outright. Also it’s a somewhat good deal if you are someone who definitely upgrades every year since you pay $42 for only 12 months, assuming an annual upgrade, so ~$504 out rather than $999 and the time spent to resell the phone later. You also save on the sales tax if applicable for each month you didn’t spend on it.

    • (J²)

      64GB* is actually enough for most.

    • Mike

      Their isn’t a 32GB option only 64GB and 256GB options

    • Keith Stevens

      There is zero interest on any phone with any plan period. BTW it does not even come in 32. the base model is 64gb which is plenty for 95% of people. That phone requires 0.00 down. You also need to read up on the lease. You don’t just give the phone back. you have the option to make one balloon payment or break the remaining 6 months into payments. does not matter which plan you pick EIP or JOD you still can get the phone for zero interest and can own the phone for exactly what apple sells it for. You can buy any phone on JOD outright and its the same exact price. SO what if your paying 42 a month. that’s what you get for buying a 1000 phone. if you do 42 a month you still own the phone after you pay exactly what apple charges to buy it outright. 1149.00 not a dime more. Saying you have zero equity is completely wrong. you can own it either way.

      • STARK11

        I’ve used 90gbs of my 128. I don’t believe 64 is.

        I have about 30gbs of photos, which yes I can put up in the cloud but I personally don’t wanna have my stuff ” out there ” if that makes sense.

        16gbs are messages which have photos in them. Yes I can delete them but I might wanna look at them again.

        Then I have about 18gbs of music on my phone. Yes I can stream them all but the quality doesn’t sound as good.

        Then the rest is misc stuff.

        Can I make 64 work. Maybe. But I don’t wanna have to worry about it. Not to mention, with this price point, I’m most likely keeping the phone two years. I’ve used that much in one year.

        • Danny Rodriguez

          Contrary to your opinion , 64gb is more then enough for most people

        • Francisco Peña

          Replace the phrase “Direct TV” with 256GB and the phrase Cable with “64GB” and this commercial is perfect.


        • Chris Connelly

          IOS 11 includes a new media encoding method that greatly reduces file sizes. So what was 30gbs of photos on your old device, my very well be 15 on IOS 11. At least that’s what they claim.

  • Joseph Guy

    over 400 hell no

    • Mike

      Go buy it outright then

  • Nionx

    Buy it on EIP, sell to some one for double, then go buy a pixel 2, S8, Note 8 or V30. You’ll have a better device and pocket a cool $1000+

    • spartanjet

      where is the better device? Because those phones you listed are garbage compared to the iphone.

      • Santiago Vo

        He meant “or” is the better device.

      • Nionx

        If none of the others, the Note 8 is arguably the better device. But let’s agree to disagree…

    • Francisco Peña

      Explain the math…
      $999 phone. unless you trade something in, which most that have a qualifying iPhone, won’t do to get an android… so where is your $1000 in the pocket.

      $999 phone. you buy it. Why is someone paying double for it, when they can buy it straight outright at a store for $999-1149 (256GB)? Its not like the olden days where people lined up for weeks for the new one. Already reports are people saying they won’t switch immediately, so while I’m sure there will be demand, not hysterical like before.

      So unless you ahve some idiots willing to buy a phone for double, is it because you are throwing your Tickle Me Elmo dolls in too???

      • Nionx

        Believe it or not, a friend of mine took my advice (I’ve been preaching the flip the iPhone X since it’s announcement), bought 7 (!) IPhone X’s, and put the pre-orders on eBay for $2000. He already sold 2. Isheep are fanatical.

    • Iphart

      Sell it for double, meaning $2000. LOL

  • Mike

    I’ll keep my Note 8 it has more features for lesser price tag.

  • Uri

    I went today to a T-Mobile store near my house I had to take my wife iPhone 7 it wasn’t working well so the Insurance send me new to the nearest T-Mobile store The salesman in the store told me that I could upgrade to the iPhone X and I told him that I had the iPhone 7 Plus I have 3 lines on my account and I still owe about 300 my device so I told the salesman what would I need to do to get the iPhone x since I have the old jump program he told me that they would swap the remaining balance on my iPhone 7 Plus And I still had to pay upfront 429$ For the iPhone x 256GB even the salesman told me that he thinks there’s not going to be lot of people buying The new iPhone X EIP….is getting out of hand…. I remember signing a 2yr contract and $200 down and you could get any Device you wanted those were the days………

    • Sean Sorlie

      You have to remember that Apple is trying to set a new price precedent by offering a $1000 phone. $200 was easy when full retail price of a flagship was sub $600, but it seems Apple means to have us pay more for less.

    • atown7475

      Did u think you were going to get money back on a phone that you owe $300 on?

  • atown7475

    Now I definitely agree with that

  • jtothada

    Do I still have to pay taxes on JOD? and is the calling 611 the only way to pre order on JOD? if so can I call at launch 2am my time?

    • RealShit

      On JOD you don’t pay taxes on $0 down devices. But on the devices in which you must put a down payment you do pay the taxes on the amount of the down payment. As opposed to EIP where you are paying the taxes on the FRP no matter what.

      Of course the remaining taxes are billed monthly on JOD devices. You gotta be in New Hampshire or Montana or something to get away from the sales tax lol.

  • Alex Azlo

    I don’t want to ruin your happiness, but JOD down payments changed as well. T-Mobile will charge $279 + tax down for well-qualified customers. They will make an exception for people who have been “grandfathered” in JOD, if they are credit class A,B,W and if they have a tenure of at least 4 years. It’s easy, if you can’t afford it, you shouldn’t buy it. This also applies to the Note 8 starting yesterday. This is not your local store’s fault, this is Apple being greedy. Be nice to the sales representatives, it’s not their fault. Also, don’t be an a******, don’t force them to put you on JOD just to save 10-20 bucks, they don’t get paid on JOD deals, and most likely, if you don’t want to pay the regular EIP price, you are probably the same person who doesn’t buy accessories from them. If you are planning on doing that, call customer service or order it yourself online, don’t mess up their conversion numbers.

  • Jon Day

    This is the most confusing phone launch ever, nobody actually knows the cost. Was told today if you do a regular EIP upgrade and are super qualified, whatever that means, you won’t have the $280 DP. Otherwise you will but how does it make sense to drop almost $400 on a phone you’ll trade in for the next one in a year. Why is this so difficult, I mean yeah either way i’ll get it but still so confusing.

    • GGG

      It’s not that confusing at all and if you ever call into customer care they’re idiots most of the time. If ur well qualified its $280 down on eip plus the full amount of taxes on $999.99.(which is about $70 bucks on 7% taxes) $350 total… If you go into a store they will probably charge you a $20 upgrade fee, taking your grand total up to $370…. Ur welcome…

  • Mike

    $0 is for grandfathered JOD customers or top tier credit worthiness. Or the rep you spike with was misinformed with EIP pricing.

    • Jon Riley

      I fit both of those categories and was still told $279

      • Vince

        Just got off the Phone with Tmo. 279.99 for 64GB and I’m Credit Class A and grandfathered JOD. tmonews source was incorrect.

        • jtothada

          Same here and I’m pretty pissed about it.

      • NestoMs3

        Same here, they kept trying to tell me $279 down p which is ridiculous cause we are grandfathered and top tier credit and I just got a Note 8 with $0 down at launch. The rep even tried to tell me there was going to be a $20 “upgrade assist” fee too lol.

    • jack bibi

      I spoke to Customer Care, They said that technically “nobody is eligible for the $0 down” And when she named the criteria for eligibility, she said you need:
      1) Good Credit
      2) Good Standing with T-Mobile
      The rep then agreed that I meet the criteria but was “sorry” and did not know why I did not get $0 down.
      This is unfair!

  • davon loftin

    Ordered mine online with no problem…64Gig Black…..

  • Dom214

    Preordered 64gb SG at 1155pm PT with EIP!
    Gone are the days when Tmonews had an iPhone prorder topic with nearly a thousand comments…

    • davon loftin

      I agree..seems like there’s not much interest this time around….

      • Dom214

        Think it’s not much about the interest of the phone itself (hundreds posted on the tmo reddit thread) but how users don’t use tmonews to talk about their experience anymore.

  • mreveryphone

    Preorder went through without a hitch.. Singed documents and now the waiting game begins…

  • Billy_Boy2019

    iPhone X – Silver – 256GB and iPhone X – Space Gray – 64GB, both EIP Signed for! First payment for both is 11/18/2017!

    • keepitreal25

      what time did you order?

  • Locust Gee

    Does ordering a EIP iPX in store incur an extra $20 charge?

    • mreveryphone


    • Billy_Boy2019

      Only thru the T-Mobile app is where you don’t have to pay that $20.00 upgrade fee. BUT, the app didn’t let you pre-order! I TRIED and TRIED and TRIED, it wouldn’t load the iPhone X when it came to the part of what phone you were trying to purchased! The system kept bringing me to the iPhone 8 and 7’s, I thought I was doing something wrong so I kept on TRYING and TRYING and TRYING, that’s when I called in. So, in order to pre-order the iPhone X at 0328hrs you had to call in. I kind of think that’s messed up but I guess that’s how T-Mobile do things

      • Billy_Boy2019

        I’m going to try to get back my $40 once I receive the phones!

        • keepitreal25

          call back and state those concerns, it was a known issue late this morning, the fee would have been waived up front if it was listed as known issue at time of your order if not call back and request a credit. CALL NOW don’t wait.

      • Billy_Boy2019

        In fact, when I get that survey text from T-Mobile I’m going to give rep outstanding service by getting my order thru but in the additional info I’m going to talk about how the app would not load the iPhone X and I felt like I was forced to call in and HAD to pay the $40 dollar

        • keepitreal25

          call back and state those concerns, it was a known issue late this morning, the fee would have been waived up front if it was listed as known issue at time of your order if not call back and request a credit.

    • Billy_Boy2019

      Retention credited me back $30!

  • mreveryphone

    Already got that text!! Saying phones are limited and no shipping date available…

    • keepitreal25

      everyone did but the order system updates estimated dates as the day goes on, so say you ordered right now, it shouldn’t show 11/02 to 11/03 but if yours does , it shouldn’t move very much , what time did you order?

      • mreveryphone

        2:01a cst

  • Anton Antokhin

    Just left Tmobile because they would not honor JOD program I signed up for and demanded $270 down for iPhone X. Verizon happily gave me an iPhone X for $0 down. Bye suckers.