T-Mobile iPhone upgrade program will make it easy to move to next year’s new model


T-Mobile is making it easy for customers that buy one of Apple’s new iPhones to upgrade to a future model.

T-Mo today announced its own iPhone upgrade program. With it, customers that buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X can trade in their device when it’s 50 percent paid off and T-Mobile will eliminate the remaining payments. This means that you’ll be able to upgrade to your next iPhone without any additional payments or anything like that.

Customers who buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X on EIP will automatically get the iPhone upgrade program and its one-time benefit.

While the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X offer some solid upgrades over previous iPhone models, some folks are disappointed that they don’t support LTE band 71 that uses T-Mobile’s new 600MHz spectrum. With T-Mo’s iPhone upgrade program, they can upgrade to this year’s new hardware anyway and then move to next year’s phone which will hopefully have LTE band 71 support.

T-Mobile today also confirmed that it’ll begin taking pre-orders for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and Apple Watch Series 3 at 12:01 am PT on September 15th. Here’s what T-Mobile’s EIP pricing for those devices will look like:


T-Mo will also be running a deal that’ll get you up to $300 off (via 24 monthly bill credits) a new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X when you trade in an iPhone 6 or newer and buy your new device on EIP.

If you’d like to upgrade using JUMP! On Demand, here’s what you can expect to pay for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus:

iPhone 8

  • 64GB: $0 down and $29 per month
  • 256GB: $219.99 down and $23 per month

iPhone 8 Plus

  • 64GB: $0 down and $33 per month
  • 256GB: $279.99 down and $24 per month

Finally, Apple Watch Series 3 buyers will get 3 months of free service with Digits when they buy their device. Once those 3 months are up, it’ll cost $10 per month with AutoPay to have the Apple Watch Series 3 on your plan.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • psychoace

    So this is Jump without needing to have insurance or needing to pay the extra Jump premium correct?


      That is what it looks like to me. Makes sense too because T-mobile will make money on that phone when you trade it back in. I still think Jump on Demand is a better deal because you can trade the phone in at any time and get any other phone you like. This one you have to pay off half the phone pus get nailed with taxes when you buy the phone.

      • JStatt

        Since JOD breaks up the sales tax monthly, it’s even more of a benefit. Because if you trade in you avoid the sales tax for those other months. Whereas if you paid it up front you got nailed for the full cost of the phone.

  • stuman19741974 .

    Does the 50% paid off include or exclude the down payment amount?

    • g2a5b0e

      Includes. Your down payment is part of the total value of the phone. You just need to have 50% of the value of the phone when you bought it paid off.

  • Hustlin

    As a new customer on the T-Mobile One Plus plan with two lines, most of these plans are confusing to me. There seems to be many different ones. T-Mobile’s iPhone upgrade plan, EIP, Jump and Apple’s iPhone upgrade plan.

    As someone who owns his phone outright and wants to preorder the next iPhone X under an installment plan, what is my best approach? Should I preorder through Apple’s website or T-Mobile’s website? Do I order online or do I go to the store? Do I still get 300 dollars credit if I choose to trade in one of my fully paid phones?

    • JStatt

      If you preorder from Apple:
      – No $300 credit, and you will need to go in-store to trade in your phone for a ridiculously low credit amount
      – No Jump plan
      – In my experience, online Apple will not allow you to do the EIP. You must pay in full OR (below)
      – Signup for Apple’s iPhone upgrade program, which is really an interest free installment loan for 24 months that pays for the phone and AppleCare, and the plan will allow loan forgiveness if you trade the phone back in and upgrade again after 12 months

      For the above reasons, generally not good to buy the phone from apple if you are a T-Mobile customer unless you can afford to pay in full

      If you preorder from T-Mobile:
      – You can get the $300 credit if you trade in your phone and buy on an EIP. This is true whether online or in store.
      – Preordering online or in store doesn’t really make a difference unless you want to go on jump. You cannot do a Jump preorder upgrade online usually.
      – Jump is a service with a monthly fee that allows you to trade a phone in after a period of time (or usually after 50% of the cost on the device is paid which is generally after 12 months) and buy a new one without paying off the old one. It also pays for insurance.
      – Jump on demand is exactly like Jump except you can trade in after 30 days and no monthly Jump fee or insurance, however you must trade the device in after 18 months or pay a larger balloon payment so that you can own the device outright (the balloon payment can be divided into 9 monthly payments if you want).
      – The iPhone Upgrade Program is exactly like Jump except no insurance or monthly Jump payment. And you are eligible for the $300 trade in credit when you first signup.

      This was a simplification, and some points might be slightly inaccurate. But the bottom line is the best thing to do is buy it outright. If you can’t do that, I prefer just going with the EIP and either selling my old device to help pay or trading it in for the $300 credit. Jump/iPhone upgrade plan have no benefit.

      • Stephen White

        Apple is currently offering $375 for the iPhone 7, which can be either through an Apple gift card OR (better, in my opinion) as instant credit when you trade it in for a new iPhone. Which means if you purchased an iPhone 8 64 GB at $699, you’d just pay $324 plus tax and the phone is yours.

  • rex2745

    These down payments are outrageous especially if you are on JOD like myself am I really going to have to pay $300?400? For the 256gb IPhone X just to lease the phone prices are way to high I was fine with paying $200 upfront but $100-$200 more is ridiculous

    • Prode

      It is Apple setting the price not T-Mobile. Do you really think T-Mobile wants to let people put $1000 on there account and make payments on it. I would think not. That’s why there is a down payment to make it so that if you leave and do not pay your bill T-MO is not out everything. I do agree that the cost of the phones are way to high but if ppl pay them, Apple is going to keep charging that high. Same goes for the other company’s as well.

      • Cellphone Chris

        That’s why they verify good credit. I could see your logic if the down payment was a deposit that could be applied to your account later.

        • Prode

          When I worked for T-Mobile they only offered so much in credit on someones account. Most of the time the highest credit line was around 4k or so. So lets say that account has 5 to 10 lines. Everyone wants a Iphone X. There wouldn’t be away for all of them to 100% put it on the bill. This can make customers mad and unhappy with what they have to pay up front when they were told it is $0 down. I am sure there is a reason they do not want to rise the credit limit since it is a risk on T-MO’s end for allowing so much of it on the bill. I guess we will see. If there is a huge down payment on JOD, I may just keep my 7+ until next year. I like the X and what it has but I am not so sure I want to spend that much. I know in the next few years I am going to upgrade again when 600mhz is on the iPhone and my 7+ does everything I need it to. I guess I might just wait so I can see one and then order it then.

    • JStatt

      Leasing used to be the best possible deal because T-Mobile would often provide a discount. But the past year leasing has really just meant saving you the effort to sell the phone yourself, because the reality is there is zero savings when you add up the payments. Sure you can avoid that balloon payment at the end if you trade in the phone. But the phone itself is worth more than the balloon payment, and then you still have to buy a new one. Not to mention T-Mo often tacks on a $20 upgrade fee that they never talk about. If you’re an iPhone user you only want to upgrade at most once a year, so Jump and JOD just don’t add any value.

    • Mad Hatman

      Down payment of any amount on JOD lease is ridiculous. You are not buying the phone. There is no owner equity. If you jump to X in 2 months you just threw away $280 on the 256gb model. These Down payments are so “Carrier” almost “Criminal”

      • John Doe

        Jump On Demand is only worth it now if you jump to the lowest memory version or only use it once a year…both defeat the purpose of having it now at least for me

      • Trevnerdio

        Exactly the reason I bought my S8+ at Costco. T-Mobile wanted $130 down. Just to trade it in in 6 months? No thanks. However, so few people come into Costco for T-Mobile phones, it took literally 3 hours to get everything with my device all sorted out and get out the door…

  • Tom

    I read the article and T-Mobile’s website. If the current iPhone is over 50% paid off and you trade it in, they erase the remaining balance. But it also says it gives up to $300 for a trade in of a 6 or newer. Do you get both?

    • Ascertion

      The iPhone upgrade promo at 50% paid off only takes effect during the next year’s trade in. You get up to $300 for your current iPhone going to the 8/x.

    • Iphart

      They will erase remaining balance once 50% is paid off, if you upgrade/trade in for another.
      Otherwise no they won’t.
      Best plan ever to keep you in endless monthly payments on top of your regular bill.
      Not sure if it includes the $300 if you trade in the iP6 or higher. If it does you’ll reach the 50% a lot sooner.

    • Akar33

      From my conversation at a t-mobile store, you do get the $300 for the trade-in but it’s broken up into 24 installments. If you use the upgrade program next year, you will only have gotten 50% of the $300. At that point, you will have to forfeit the rest.

      I’d love it if somebody else can confirm or reject this.

  • Cellphone Chris

    I wonder what JOD pricing will be on the iPhone X. I notice there’s no mention of it in the article.

    • Prode

      If T-Mobile does $0 down then it should be about $41.66 a month before tax. Then at the end of the 18 months, you will have to pay 249.99 to keep it or break that up over 9 months. That should be what it is or very close to it if it is $0 down.

      • THXULTRA

        I’m wondering if it will be $0 down or not. In the past you had to put money down on the “plus” models now I see the 8+ is $0 down…. Surprised they don’t have pricing up so people can decide between it and the 8/8+.

        • Prode

          Most likely want to get people to buy the 8 if they are unsure. That way they get the sell now. If there is no price up some people may rethink if they are going to get it now or wait.

        • THXULTRA

          I don’t think the 8 or 8 plus will sell out so maybe they are hoping to move more of those. I think you will be able to go to the store next Friday and pick one up no problem. People on JOD can always buy a 8 and trade it on a X since the X will be out more then a month later…

        • John Doe

          This is true since if you get the 64GB 8 Plus then you don’t put any money down and then you trade up to the iPhone X at the end of next month

        • Cellphone Chris

          They did $0 down on the Note8. JOD was always supposed to be $0 down anyways – I hope they came to their senses and are honoring that.

  • mingy509

    What about if you want the stainless steel version of Watch 3? EIP pricing on that?

  • Deihmos

    That’s for people that want to pay for a phone without end. That’s just a a waste of money if you ask me.

  • It F@$%&#g Happened!!!

    So basically it’s for people without jump, who don’t pay $12/month, they can upgrade by paying off the half and start over again on the new iPhone. Did I get it right?


      Correct and you don’t get the insurance. The insurance is a big thing though because they include apple care too. Also you have to get another IPhone I think with jump you can get a android phone if you want.

  • Acdc1a

    So $500 to use the iPhone X for a year. Anyone else think $41.66 monthly is a bit much?


      That isn’t T-Mobile’s fault. The phone is $999 so half of that would be $500. The phone is very expensive but it will sell like crazy. If people continue to pay these prices they will continue to raise them.

      • Andrew Leonard

        I didn’t think anyone was blaming T-Mobile. More likely Apple.

  • amigocesar

    That’s just their JUMP program. Literally there is nothing herein described that is not just their jump program from always.


      Pretty much except you don’t have to pay for it, don’t get the insurance and I think you have to upgrade to another iphone.

  • Douglas Futrell

    And this is why I would just prefer to buy my phone outright and be done with it. Trading in my 7+ for large payments each month doesnt make sense to me.

    • DM725

      You can buy your phone outright, but essentially it’s the same only you’re going to have to sell your phone when you want to upgrade or trade it in and lose money (unless there’s a good promotion).

      You just take the price of the phone, pay tax, divide the price by 24 to get your monthly payments and pay them for 12 months. Give phone in, get next years iPhone. Rinse and Repeat.

  • Moises Lugo

    Thanks for clarifying, Moises! I appreciate you providing those extra details so we can be sure you have all the info you need. You are correct, though, if you decide to upgrade during the 24 month period, you would lose your remaining credits on the iPhone 8. You certainly don’t have to upgrade so you can continue retaining those credits, but the option is certainly yours!

  • Britt Wright

    I just read that the new iphone won’t even support Tmobile’s LTE network. Is this true?

    • Timmy Rains ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Where did you hear that? That’s wrong. X supports the same LTE bands that previous iPhones have.

      • Robert

        Not the new band 72, he lg phone supports it, iPhone no

    • John Doe

      It wont support the new LTE network, but no phones will so dont worry.

      • Mike

        That’s not true. LG announced a few weeks ago it will support the new band with the V30 released later this year..

        • Robert

          LG has the new band, iPhone not

      • lomsha

        There’s no new network, there’s an additional band to improve reception.

  • Dark enV

    The thing I don’t like about this is if someone trades in their iPhone 6S or 7 for the $300 bill credit and they upgrade next year in reality they only got $150 for their 6S or 7. If T-Mobile states you can keep that discount once you upgrade to the new model I wouldn’t mind this but haven’t heard them clarify yet.

    • Mario Muriel

      You do keep it, let me be clear I have 2 promos on my number one for trading a phone for the iphone 6s and one for trading a phone for the iphone 7, I dont have the 6s anymore because it was paid off and traded in.

      • ES

        I’m curious about this too. If I got to keep the $225 of credits left over the next year in addition to trade-in credits it would be a no-brainer to upgrade.

        • Mario Muriel

          It does work, like I mentioned and I have not only that but other promotions running, you keep getting the credits as long as the line is active.

        • Robert

          False, check your facts

        • Sniper1087

          I checked my facts I work for the company and I have the credits to prove it.

        • Kevin Nathaniel Goddard Jr.

          This is confirmed anytime T-Mobile offers bill credits and you pay off your phone early or trade it in to upgrade you still receive your bill credits until that promotional offer has been fulfilled. I’m still receiving bill credits from when I purchased the LgK7 last year and I been sold that phone.

        • Robert

          You lose the credit confirmed by a specialist at T-Mobile

        • Sniper1087

          I dont care what the so called specialist said, I have the credits in my account on the same line for the trade in promo of the 6s last year as well as the 7 last year and I am getting the credits monthly and I already paid the devices off

      • Robert

        No you don’t keep it, stop misleading customers

        • Sniper1087

          I am not misleading anybody because like I mentioned before I work for the company and most of this so called specialist dont know what they are talking about.

    • Robert

      Exactly, I called and asked, first rep from outside the US did you keep the credit but the US base specialist said no, you lose the remaining 150 credit if you upgrade

  • Britt Wright

    I am a little confused..

    So if I have an iphone 6s with a remaining EIP, this doesn’t apply in my case if I decide to upgrade because I need to have my EIP payed off at the moment.. correct?
    This only applied to whatever iphone comes out next year?

  • bee144 ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    LTE has a wide spectrum of bands. 600 MHz is the newest band but it’s only available in a few test markets.

    The iPhone X will still work on T-Mobile’s other LTE bands just fine.

  • John Doe

    All that’s saying is that the new iPhone can’t use the new LTE band which happens to be called LTE Band 71 (600 MHz) if you’re wondering.

    This new LTE is first being rolled out in rural areas and then it will start to cover major cities around mid 2018 and is slated to be fully rolled out by 2019.

    Don’t worry because even the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (which launches tomorrow) doesn’t have this band but the LG V30 will have it once released.

    Even if the new iPhone had this band you wouldn’t notice it unless you live in a rural area but I’m sure every new phone launched for T-Mobile in 2018 will have this band.

    • Billy_Boy2019

      Very well stated! Are you going to do a BOGO for the iPhone X?

    • Britt Wright

      Thank you! You explained it very well. I was worried about coverage but you’ve helped me a lot!

  • Mike

    The only difference between the 7 plus and 8 plus is that it the 8 plus cost more.

    • Iphart

      Awesome then.

    • 9to5Slavery

      The A11 chip which is more powerful than a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 inch. The iPhone 7 A10 gets smoked with other top android phones lol

      • Mike

        What’s the point of the A11 when Apple cripples and lock down users from using the power

        • 9to5Slavery

          What kind of power in what area are you expecting ?

          When you say locked down, what do you mean in daily usage?

  • JJCommonSense

    So whats the difference between this Iphone program and Jump anyway? U have to pay off 50% of the device in order to jump anyway (using Jump 2.0)..

    • 9to5Slavery

      Good question I want to know this too

    • D Stebs

      The iPhone program doesn’t cost anything. So if you didn’t want the insurance benefits of JUMP you would save on the cost of your JUMP feature.

  • kvbui95

    Wait can you use the iPhone Upgrade program and the $300 deal right now if you purchased last year iPhone 7 through T-mobile (that is still on EIP)?? or does this iPhone upgrade program only applies if you purchase the new iPhones that are coming out this year?

  • Robert

    Off course if you upgrade you lose 150 EIF credits under the other current program of trading in an iPhone 6 or better for 300, nothing is for free from T-Mobile

    • Sniper1087

      I like how you are saying all this with 0 proof to back it up I have a bill proof where I can show credits on 1 line with multiple devices that I am getting, in fact i was getting a credit on the Note 5 earlier while having a different phone financed as well as other promos

  • Billy_Boy2019

    I wonder if this is the only deal T-Mobile will be offering, I hope not! I hope T-Mobile comes out with something very special knowing that the iPhone X won’t support T- Mobile’s 71 spectrum! Come on John Legere work your magic just one more time

  • Mintz

    For iPhone X 64GB – upgrading with Jump plan- the requirement is to have the device paid off by 50% – which means the amount of $500 has to be paid off

    Now, with down-payment of $279.99 ($280) – the left out amount from 50% of total value of phone is: $1000 /2 = $500
    $500 – $280 (down-payment) = $220
    $220 can be paid in installments of $30 – in 7.33 months

    Question: Am I only obligated to pay up to 50% of iPhone X – which is going to be done in 7.33 months – and can I stop payments – and T-Mobile upgrade me once iPhone X2 comes out…

    Otherwise – with 12 months phone release cycle – I would have paid total of $640 – which is more that 50%
    Calculation for 12 months payments:
    Down: $280
    Monthly: $30×12 = $360
    Total paid: $640

    Is that a good deal???