T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly close to agreeing to terms of a merger


Hot on the heels of a rumor that claimed that T-Mobile and Sprint are in “active talks” about a merger, another report claims that an agreement is near.

T-Mobile and Sprint are close to agreeing to terms of a merger, say sources speaking to Reuters. Once the terms are set, the two companies would perform due diligence and then the deal is expected to be complete by the end of October.

It’s said that SoftBank would control 40 to 50 percent of the combined T-Mobile-Sprint, while T-Mo parent company Deutsche Telekom will own a majority stake. T-Mobile CEO John Legere would likely be the one to lead the combined T-Mobile-Sprint.

The sources of this new report also cause that talks still may fall apart. There is concern that a T-Mobile-Sprint deal would face scrutiny from regulators who feel that the U.S. wireless market is getting too concentrated.

We’ve been hearing rumors of a T-Mobile-Sprint merger for years now, with an attempted merger in 2014 getting abandoned by SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son over concerns that regulators would oppose it. Many feel that this merger has a much better chance of passing under the new administration, though, which could be one of the reasons why talks are reportedly heating up again.

Source: Reuters

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  • Tim Moore

    BARF. Funny how things have changed though. When this was talked about what? 5-6 years ago? That Sprint was gonna be the controlling part of it. Nice at least to see T-Mobile on top. Still don’t want it.

  • Krystal

    Lol. Sprint is terrible. There’s a reason I left them years ago and went to T-Mo. Hopefully they don’t drag down my favorite wireless provider.

    • Douglas Futrell

      but in rural areas sprint seems to work where others wont, I know in Rural Texas this is very much the case. It would help Tmobile grow in those markets for sure.

    • Another Baylor Bear

      This is all I really took from the article and nobody really knows. No one will pull TMO down as long as Legere has a say.

      “The sources of this new report also cause that talks still may fall apart. There is concern that a T-Mobile-Sprint deal would face scrutiny from regulators who feel that the U.S. wireless market is getting too concentrated.”

  • I dont mind as long as tmo is in control and gsm remains

    • bkat11

      LTE only operates on GSM…so it’s not going anywhere

      • Andrew Addison

        Screw that, I want Sprint and T-Mobile to remain as is. Sprint-BoostMobile and T-Mobile-MetroPCS have improving in their own way though.

      • Maverick_F14


        LTE is independent of both cdma & gsm which is trivial.

    • Maverick_F14

      CDMA GSM is trivial all carriers operate on LTE.

  • lion7718

    I really don’t want a merger, with that being said…the only advantage I see is T-mobile can get more spectrum.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Pepper robots for all!

  • awatt

    I’ll believe it when I see it. This has been going on for years and before that it was at&t.

    • Maverick_F14

      What you fail to understand on the previous attempts and Acquisitions or merger is that

      1) AT&T and T-Mobile were both GSM carriers which would created a duopoly and eventually eliminating Sprint as a competitor just leaving only two carriers

      2) SoftBank and Duetch Telekom backed out due to the Obama Administration Democrat frowned upon it

      Now with the Trump Administration the Republican are far more open-minded and very likely to pass although there will still be some FCC hurdles it’s already given the green light

      So it was never a question of if but of when this business transaction would finally be completed.

      • awatt

        What you fail to understand is I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Maverick_F14

          No not really you made that plain and clear all I was trying to do is Enlighten You by a slight education on the big picture however it’s evident you’ve made up your mind.

          Closed for business!

        • awatt

          Well, don’t quit your day job. But hey if you say that you will, then I’ll believe it when I see it.

        • Maverick_F14


          I reiterate I get it, you’re closed for business.

  • Nearmsp

    Welcome to Trumps Crony capital America. During Obama’s tenure FCC rejected this because it would lead to less competition and eventually higher prices for Americans. Now Mr. Son went and praised Trump and said he would “invest” $100 billion in the US. It will be interesting if FCC chair Mr. Pai is really independent or Trump’s pooch and a political hack.

    • Maverick_F14

      You come off as a politically disgruntled voter rather than seen the good in this.

  • Sayahh

    F it all.

  • Me

    Softbank should just cash out then. They essentially ruined Sprint even though it was already struggling. Under their leadership they allowed Sprint to go from #3 to #4 and haven’t even come close to recovering. This Japanese investor doesn’t seem to get the US wireless industry right now and them having that much influence over the combined new company will at very least cramp the current CEO’s style who has been doing the best job of any wireless CEO in recent memory.

    • John Doe

      That Japanese investor is John Legere’s mentor and he is the reason John will still be CEO and the reason sprint went from #3 to #4 was because T-Mobile doing a lot better than them stealing Verizon and AT&T customers…Sprint was having problems with their network and.

      • Me

        The word Mentor is a disingenuous term here since learning from another’s mistakes / missteps alone is not what a mentorship is. Legere IS good at stealing customers from the other carriers precisely because he looks at what they do and learns from them. That doesn’t make them his mentors.

        • John Doe

          You conflating my two separate points. Mayasion son is literally John Legere’s mentor they used to work together.

          “And before John Legere was the CEO of T-Mobile, he ran another company, Global Crossing. Masayoshi Son was one of its owners. So while Legere is impressing 20-somethings with his taste in rap and his tweets and trying to convince regulators that a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile wouldn’t actually hurt consumers, he also seems to be auditioning for a new job from his old boss, running a combined Sprint and T-Mobile.”

          That was from a NPR article in 2014.

        • Me

          LOL. That makes sense given the source. An interesting take but the part about the audition is just speculation. Anyhow, Sprint barely matters in the way that US Cellular doesn’t matter. If the merger went forward, the impact to competition wouldn’t be what you’re afraid of. The real danger would be to the T-mobile brand itself. If the current losers of the wireless industry aka Sprint and US Cellular were to try merge this year or next, then maybe they’d be able to compete.

    • Andrew Addison

      I wouldn’t go way too far though. Sprint-BoostMobile has been improving in so many other ways for the past 2 1/2 years now. So yes I wouldn’t talk too much negativity towards Sprint-BoostMobile though, I also love T-Mobile-MetroPCS though dogs.

      • Sharti24

        Why did you switch to boost?

    • ltnstar

      Sprint has had issues since the merger of nextel. It’s taken them a decade to be somewhat decent.

      • marque2

        It is interesting to compare the merger of.Sprint Nextel disparate networks which was a disaster to Tmo-MetroPCS disparate networks which went textbook smooth. Tmo already knows how to.absorb a CDMA network.

  • Ocepi

    Yea, no thanks. Sprint is finally starting to get interesting again with the introduction of the Magic Box and the microwave tech they are switching to for backhaul. They just need to get their marketing and policies in order and start shaking things up like T-mobile has done.

    • marque2

      Microwave backhaul – call me back on MCI

  • Bryck

    That’s positive. T-Mobile combined with Sprint will have the might to go toe to toe against the big two. This is being in the making for the past three years, it shouldn’t be to any surprise to the people that follow Tmonews.

    • Fan_Posting

      Well stated, Well Stated and Well Stated!!

    • ltnstar

      Hasn’t tmobile gone toe to toe with the industry in the last 4 Years? Sprint has had unlimited data since the beginning, yet since they were bleeding so much there were rumors of them going the route of vz/att. Poof now unlimited is allover. Simply, competition benefits consumers.

      • Maverick_F14

        Not on a scale and alone both smaller carriers never will.

        Sprint still has unlimited plans both legacy and new plus grandfathered customers whereas other CARRIERS have eliminated them forcing customers to choose the newer plans.

        And both smaller carriers have gone toe to toe with big red and blue through trash talking and price wars but that’s it that’s the extend of it. It doesn’t change anything.

        A merger would give them scale to complete all around. Big red and blue can no longer afford to simply ignore them. A war is coming of the wireless carriers like its never seen before.

  • (J²)

    If T-Mobile were allowed to acquire Sprint, I think heavy stipulations would be placed on the deal to prevent the merged company from heading in the same direction as Verizon and AT&T which would undo all Uncarrier movements and destroy the industry. The combined company would be as large as Verizon and new leadership and shareholders may be fond of allowing John Legere to have full creative control.

    • steveb944

      ‘Uncarrier’ has already been undone. That ended years ago after they stopped bringing innovative ideas.

      • (J²)

        I disagree, the movement is ongoing. Many of the big issues and pain points have been resolved or sparked competition within the industry. All T-Mobile can do now is offer promotions and incorporate new ideas and continue to drive competition.

        If T-Mobile became a “Carrier” all of their efforts will quickly be undone through the industry.

        Netflix on Us is innovative as AT&T has managed to offer a similar service for a few years and unfortunately, these services have required contracts which is a follow up to previous Uncarrier movements.

        Comcast wanted to buy a carrier to bundle TV and Wireless. Verizon previously partnered with Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum) to bundle TV and Wireless.

        • steveb944

          Freebies not associated to the service being offered, is not innovative. That’s just a prize in the Cracker Jack bag that no one cares about.

        • (J²)

          I can list examples but in the end, you wouldn’t be satisfied. I’d recommend sending John Legere an email, tweeting or messaging him on Facebook with your ideas.

          I’ve personally received a response from John who forwarded my idea to the appropriate team where it soon became part of T-Mobile.

          Also, many people look forward to some of these freebies.

      • Maverick_F14

        You got that right there is no such thing as a uncarrier in the wireless business. It’s All About the Benjamins so nothing personal just business.

        Btw T-Mobile pricing is right there along with Verizon.

    • marque2

      I think even with the merger Tmo-Sprint would still be in 3rd place customer-wise.

  • warpwiz

    No one has mentioned all the leasing Sprint does to 3rd parties (such as Credo and other niche carriers). It’s one thing to tell all Sprint customers – “Hey, next phone will have to be GSM.” It’s another when the message has to go down the chain to all those cash cows that keep Sprint afloat. Imagine Grandma having to buy a new phone because the AARP $20 per month program won’t work on her Nokia!

    And if there is ANY consideration of maintaining parallel networks, say goodbye to both. Bad enough TMo would consider taking on a boat anchor like Sprint in the 1st place.

  • GeorgeSmith1

    I think this will be a great merger. With Sprint out of the picture, the idea of churning for a handset will become a thing of the past.

    • Andrew Addison

      No sorry, this merger is not going to happen. Goodbye. Sprint-BoostMobile and T-Mobile-MetroPCS need to remain as is.

      • Sharti24

        You never said why you switched to boost/sprint. Just curious because you loved tmobile so much

  • William C Bonner

    What I’ve never understood is how the CDMA / GSM differences get ironed out. Will the company in the future drop support for one of the base technologies?

    • GeorgeSmith1

      Yes. CDMA is something of a dead horse. The primary company whom made CDMA base station equipment was Lucent Technologies, and they merged with Alcatel (Accatel-Lucent). Today, both are now owned by Nokia.

      Either way, creation of a merger situation is a way for companies to share detailed information about long-range plans and network capability to design new long-term strategy and in T-Mobile’s situation, mostly new marketing campaigns. That is why T-Mobile is always in a situation where it’s always being acquired or acquiring another company. It allows T-Mobile in a cost-effective way to copy other company’s plans. This is also why AT&T and Verizon most likely don’t want anything to do with T-Mobile.

      • Andrew Addison

        Copying other companies?? Actually Verizon/AT&T/Sprint-BoostMobile were the main ones to have followed T-Mobile-MetroPCS lead. Get it together now. T-Mobile-MetroPCS were the ones to have made everyone switch right on back to Truly Unlimited High Speed Data as well as Including Taxes & Fees within all monthly plans. What the heck are you talking about?

      • Jeremy Keeler

        You speak as if the last 4 years never happened. Everyone else has been copying T-MO.
        Take a long hard look at the subscriber numbers for T-Mo and how steadily they are gaining on AT&T and Verizon and have left Spint in the dust.

        I absolutely hate the idea of a merger with Sprint, the worst cell phone company in the US.

    • Haze1nut

      Its actually not complicated at all. Specially now that everyones pretty much settled on LTE and its successors. As far as towers go, switching them over between cdma and gsm is the easy/cheap part, the main thing is frequencies, which they actually match up pretty well. And as for phones, it’s really no different than when things went from 2g to 3g and 4g. They’ll just get phased out over a few years.

  • ltnstar

    #worsttechnews Softbanks investment has paid of well so this off n on again talk continues. Most likely they see tmobile taking control will bring them a faster profit. Tmobile needs to be in full control for this to work, the culture at sprint is the worst. No volte, and lte upgrades still ongoing. CDMA will need to be axed, a nightmare since they have alot of mvno.

    • Andrew Addison

      No actually they now have VoLTE(Calling Plus which is a form of Voice over LTE VoIP connection which allows both Wifi Calling/Voice over LTE calling over Sprint-BoostMobile LTE Plus network).

      • Maverick_F14

        Thank you!

  • HeatFan786

    Sprint can keep its 1 bar of 2g coverage underneath its cell towers. I do not want to be on any semblance on their “network.”

    • Andrew Addison

      Sorry, but Sprint-BoostMobile does not have a 2G network. They only have 4GLTE and 3G. Thank you.

      • Sharti24

        Wrong. They still operate 1xrtt. Bands 1 & 10

        • Maverick_F14

          Not for data use..

        • izick

          Also, 1xRTT is a 3G technology.

  • Steven Blythe

    That is scary. We need to disallow this. We’ve had to many mergers. This isn’t a free market it is corporatism. How sad.

  • I say no, eventhough T Mobile will still be in control. This is no good for consumers. We need competitiveness and choices. Less choices mean higher prices with nowhere else to go

    • nutmac

      While I agree with you, T-Mobile hasn’t responded to Sprint’s aggressive tactics for last several quarters, and neither has AT&T and Verizon.

      Sadly for Sprint and its customers, an acquisition by larger player would in their best interest to stay afloat.

      • steveb944

        The big 3 haven’t responded because Sprint is irrelevant and they don’t matter to them.

        • Maverick_F14

          Are you listening to yourself. You just claimed that Verizon AT&T and T-Mobile are all bad Wireless carriers.

        • steveb944

          You haven’t realized how bad US carriers are? Took you long enough.

        • Maverick_F14

          Well so much for the uncarrier advertisement.

          Btw nothing personal just business. We do live in a capitalist country.

      • dcmanryan

        You’re right. It would be better for Sprint. The problem is most posting are TMobile customers and we really gain not a whole lot from this merger. TMobile is set in a few years and do not need Sprint. It’s like people I know who complain about all the streaming services. I say the more the merrier and feel the same way about phone service. I wish we had two dozen carriers to choose from and they all cut each other’s throats trying to beat each other. THAT is how a customer comes out on top. Need proof? Look at our health care prices since Obamacare.

  • riverhorse

    I’m not sure a Sprint & T-Mobile merger will get by the Feds.

    Additionally, T-Mobile and Sprint coming together would be the merging of two absolute opposites in many respects, especially in the area of integrity:
    while Tmo is known for always doing the right thing, Sprint has a 4/5 decade checkered history of billing shenanigans. Sprint has seen multiple eras of adverse legal action from the Feds and numerous States…settling, going back to nefarious practices, then getting re-accused. Rinse, lather, repeat.
    The biggest benefits from this merger, for T-Mobile are:
    1. Expanded customer numbers.This is the largest benefit. Will lead to even better deals with phone makers.
    2. Plug some missing coverage areas– this is not great…maybe a little bit here and there…especially in light of not yet finished 700 & 600 mhz deployments.
    3. The type of Sprint bands are not very helpful– unless in the way they are utilized:
    A. Swap out with the reserved LTE spectrum for IoT.
    B. Expand into the Fed programs for free/cheap calling & internet for students & the disadvantaged.
    C. Another option would be to develop reduced unlimited plans at slightly lower speeds.
    4. RE/Store Leases- used where needed, the rest sold.

    That’s it. Get rid of the vast majority of useless Sprint employees…or swap them out for Metro’s, who are not great either.

  • Melissa Cardenas

    Sprint sucks everywhere I used it . As of now 2017 it’s the only company here in Los Angeles it still has a lot of slow 3G .

    • Andrew Addison

      Hey guess what? I am currently with Sprint-BoostMobile now. I switched from T-Mobile-MetroPCS, due to unreliability everywhere I went. I will finally admit the truth, that T-Mobile-MetroPCS is not 1000% accurate. Sprint-BoostMobile is way more reliable/better connectivity/call quality than T-Mobile-MetroPCS.

  • Maverick_F14

    Great! Finally!!

    This is what’s called a win-win scenario all around.

    Both Sprint and T-Mobile are fully aware alone they would never be able to compete with Verizon and AT&T. With a joint venture they will have scale and capital to take them head on meaning a Level Playing Field.

    • Sharti24

      But their debt

    • frankinnoho

      What a simply stupid thing to say. TMo is competitive on its own, obviously! Capital didn’t seem to hold them back in the last frequency auction, nor in their tower expansion, and it certainly isn’t stopping them from acquiring new customers! I don’t see a win here. Nowhere.

      Sprint, on the other hand, is a frakking basket case that, with an owner who has more money then most countries, falls on it’s face every day. There is nothing that will help Sprint. Nothing. Give them more money, they will blow it! More customers, they will lose them! Again! More spectrum, it will sit idle!

      • Maverick_F14

        You just made yourself as you so eloquently put it simply look stupid!

        • frankinnoho

          And you continue to make yourself look like the hind end of a horse!

        • Maverick_F14

          Yes, yes you are! ✌

    • Tony Chen

      t mobile dont need sprint they have 600 mhz spectrum, that covers entire usa.

      • Maverick_F14

        Not enough!

        Alone t-mobile knows it needs a partner whether it is Sprint or someone else.

        It is inevitable sooner than later.

        • Tony Chen

          are you stupid? t mobile will be able to cover whole nation accordsing to t mobile when 600 mhz is done they will be on par with verizon. we dont need sprint. even braxter said that

        • Maverick_F14

          Are you that dense!

          Listen to yourself.

          ” according to t-mobile ”

          No wireless carrier covers 100% of the US let alone the two smallest wireless carriers. A blanket statement at Best.

          *I swear the more I read this comments the more people have delusions of grandeur in regards to a carrier that you pay money to. Blinded by paid loyalty!

        • Tony Chen

          this is from braxton from t mobile said 600 mhz will cover entire usa when its done deployed.

        • Tony Chen

          do you even know who braxton is? hes the lead technical guy from t mobile.

    • Andrew Addison

      Haaa sorry Bud, but this merger is a bad Idea. I do not want these two to merge at all. Sprint-BoostMobile has been improving for the past 2 years now. Sprint-BoostMobile no longer needs anyone to merge with now.

  • steveb944

    That’s not very welcoming news.

  • The Swami

    great news for the train wreck/dumpster fire that is Sprint.
    TBD for TMO.
    If/when TMO merges and follows up by a) deep six/convert crappy CDMA away, b) toss out the culture and horrible CSRs at Sprint, then c) this does have potential. i’m cautiously optimistic.

  • Sharti24

    How easy will the transition be? Maybe if this goes thorugh they can run an all LTE network.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Hopefully somewhere in this deal if it doesn’t pass, Sprint (or should I say Softbank), will still owe T-Mobile (DT) some cash and spectrum like what happened with the failed AT&T/T-Mobile merger. It was definitely a win for T-Mobile and T-Mobile came out perfectly fine without AT&T in the end. They probably actually did better without them than they would have done with them had they merged. Personally I don’t see any good coming from merging with Sprint for T-Mobile besides getting some debt in the end. Sprint on the other hand will have one foot out of the debt pool instead of standing in it completely so its a win for them. T-Mobile and DT just need to focus on themselves and realize that they will do perfectly fine without a merger with Sprint. If this all does become a reality I will expect the prices to drop even more as well as the quality of services.. because you get what you pay for. Sure I could get rid of T-Mobile completely and save money moving over to a prepaid (even still have T-Mobile if I join say Wal-Mart Family Mobile) but then I would have to deal with the crap customer service of TracFone. I would think this would be similar with any type of Sprint/Mobile merger. Sure the prices may (or may not drop) but I can almost guarantee the Customer Service would drop to an all new low and any chance of JD Power awards for customer service would be long gone and no more.

    • Maverick_F14

      Interesting insight.

      Regarding a break up fee you’re assuming there’s one in place like AT&T. I don’t believe Softbank would be that dense with Deutsche Telekom in an transaction of this magnitude.
      Second if it wasn’t for AT&T charitable contribution of the break up fee and spectrum donation t mobile more than likely would’ve gone under and bought out way before then.

      So you see t-mobile did need a helping hand after all through charitable donations from outside source. To say otherwise would show arrogance selfish pride. The facts are undeniable!

  • vrm

    If they do merge, they should deploy HSPA on the nationwide 800 mhz spectrum sprint has and that will resolve t-mobile’s coverage issues. Most phones (at least those not bought from t-mobile directly) have 800 mhz HSPA and that would be great.

    • Ascertion

      HSPA+ is an old technology. And Sprint already has this live spectrum live on LTE. It’s way more cost efficient and spectrum efficient to keep it on LTE.

      • Well i’d rather have better HSPA. Tmobile already have nationwide 600mhz they need more high band for bandwidth.

        • Andrew Addison

          This merger will most likely won’t happen anyways. Please please please block this merger.

        • Sharti24

          Why do you say it wont happen? Sprint wants to sell and trump will approve because of his boy “son”. Only question is will tmobile be interested and at what price

        • This merger needs to happen tmobile needs the spectrum and customers. They can’t do it alone and that’s a fact

    • Sharti24

      Lol deploy new 3G? Why not wait and convert it to 5G or better yet leave 800mhz on LTE

  • tendoboy1984

    I consider myself a Democrat and I’m fine with this merger. T-Mobile will get Sprints’ customers, spectrum, and large phone selection; customers will get more devices to buy instead of just the usual Apple/Samsung/LG…