Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday will offer free movie rental, photo prints, and more


One day after offering gifts like a free oil change and a Lids discount, T-Mobile has revealed what it’s got in store for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday.

The August 29th edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays will give T-Mo customers a free VUDU movie rental or purchase up to $5.50. T-Mo subscribers can also score a free one-year digital subscription to Glamour or Teen Vogue magazines.

Rounding out next week’s gifts are 10 free photo prints from Walgreens and free access to discounted hotels from HotelStorm.

Two grand prize winners will each receive a Teen Vogue Mega Makeover. This includes a $1,000 gift card valid at any SpaFinder location and a $500 gift card to, as well as a check worth $640 to cover taxes or other expenses.

Five first prize winners will each receive a pair of Beats headphones worth $150. Finally, 200 second prize winners will each get a $25 gift card to Sephora.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Nobody Special

    I welcome the Vudu credits, Unfortunately, I had no interest in participating in the previous T-Mobile Tuesday.

    • bkat11

      The free oil change? No interest?

      • Nobody Special

        I had no interest in the oil change offer because I just had my oil changed approximately 1 week before the T-Mobile Tuesdays “Free Oil Change” offer was unveiled.

        So no, I have no interest in getting my oil changed again in the same month.

        • bkat11

          You had until Sept 30th to use the code…might wanna read the fine print next time. Just saying

        • Nobody Special

          yea… i didn’t read the fine print. I have been taking my vehicle to get serviced at the same placed for about 10 years now with no problems. So I’ll probably stick with the company I already deal with.

  • Sharti24

    Ever since they allowed prepaid users to access T-Mobile Tuesdays it’s gone down hill big time. Too many people can ruin a good thing

    • prepaid always had access from the get-go…back when dominos free pizza got crashed

      • Sharti24

        Case in point. Tmobile tuesdays crashed domino’s. It needs to be a post-paid perk only

    • IThoughtAsAChild

      This sounds like the Ol Android users are poor from the iPhone crowd type of argument..

  • steveb944

    Hopefully I remember to claim the Vudu credit this time.

  • Sayahh

    Okay. How far is the closest Walgreens from you? I want to see how many people can’t take advantage of the photo deal.

    • Prode

      1 or 2 miles. I live in MN.

    • SirStephenH

      They’re everywhere in WA.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Tons here in Chicago (IL).

    • bkat11

      They are on every block in Milwaukee, there are quite a few in the Tampa Bay area as well

    • Claude

      They are everywhere here in Houston. I have 4 stores within 3 miles of me.

  • Bklynman

    Teen Vogue Mega Makeover,I am in! LOL

  • Nobody Special

    If you have the Old simple choice unlimited plan…. you are entitled to a monthly amount of $3.99 (vudu credits) per unlimited line on your plan.

    This month I’m collecting approximately $58.45 in Vudu credits.

    • ChristianMcC

      Woah. Almost wish I had that, but I have 2.5gb free high speed LTE plan and it’s costing us about $20 per line for 10 lines, so still worth it.

      • Nobody Special

        10 Tmobile lines x $5.50 Vudu T-Mobile Tuesday codes = $55.00 dollars of Movie credits…. you have a great plan.

        if you are happy with your plan dont allow a T-Mobile Rep to trick you into trading to the T-Mobile ONE Plan… im sure they have already tried.

    • Richard W. DeBerry

      How do I access that…I have Simple Choice with 4 lines

      • Mike Thaler

        tried to delete double post

      • Nobody Special

        I just added the info above…. im awaiting T-monews to review my post due to a link i added so you can take advantage of the $3.99 Vudu credits.

        • Richard W. DeBerry

          I did a chat from the T-Mobile app and the rep was able to get me setup.I actually got the credit for August.

        • Nobody Special

          thats awesome…. i have been getting that cedit since the beginning of 2016. T-mobile doesn’t really promote this perk because its only available to the unlimited simple choice subscribers… so those on the T-Mobile ONE Plan are not interested in what they do not qualify for.

          You get $3.99 for each of your unlimited lines (even those free voice lines that were available back in November & March).

    • Mike Thaler

      How do we access this. Have same plan as you

      • Nobody Special

        Unfortunately TmoNews moderators didnt allow me to post up the link to redeem the Tmobile Binge-On $3.99 Vudu credits.

        You can look it up yourself. Search for “Binge-On T-Mobile” and on the T-Mobile website enter in the information below. (You should get a link to T-Mobile Promotions Page).

        Your Phone Number: 000-000-0000
        Last 4 Digits of your social security-number: 0000
        and the code: VUDU

    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      Vudu gives me an error only allowing 1 redemption per account.

      • Nobody Special

        vudu will not let you add $5.50 + $5.50….
        but they will allow you to add $5.50 + $3.99

        I know they allow it because I have done it with 5 of my VUDU accounts today!

        If you add the $5.50 vudu credit and if you add the $3.99 vudu credit…. it will work.
        if you have multiple lines you have to open up multiple VUDU ACCOUNTS to use the extra Vudu credits. I have 7 Vudu accounts… several of them are linked together, so if i purchase movie #1 on one of my accounts… that movie shows up in all 5 of my accounts.

  • Zach Chadwick

    I really dig when they offer a free medium 1 topping pizza or something. I usually order breadsticks or a 2lt to go w/ it. Although recently, I haven’t even bothered opening the app, when I get he notification every Tuesday around 11am. Last week I saw there was an oil change from meineke. I saw the comments about horrible experiences, and reviews, and it seems like a business ran by crooks. Not to mention, that the Meineke we have in Fort Wayne, is on the not so good side of town. Even sketchier. So I’ll politely decline

  • Steve

    Yeah, my teen needs a magazine that has articles like that.

  • Steve

    Another TM Tuesday bust. Made my oil change appointment, planned my morning, arrived on time only for them to say that no Meineke shops in San Diego are participating. Can’t blame the shop for TMs stupid antics. Even those who are not participating are getting business. Hmmm wait a minute… Meineke could have prevented this by using a link that tells those locations that it is not participating… It is a scheme regardless. Not sure pissing off customer’s is the best marketing approach tho.

    • Tmoblows

      I had the same thing happen with subway, I deleted the tmobile app, nothing but junk

  • Dorthy S. Warthen

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