T-Mobile offering free calling and texting to customers in the path of Hurricane Harvey


UPDATE 2: T-Mobile has extended its free unlimited data offer for those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Those customers will now receive free unlimited data through September 8th.


UPDATE: T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers affected by Hurricane Harvey will also get unlimited data from August 28th through September 1st to help them stay connected to loved ones.


ORIGINAL: With Hurricane Harvey approaching, T-Mobile has announced that it’s making it free for customers in Harvey’s path to stay connected.

T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers are getting free calling and texting to anywhere in the U.S. from areas affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana. This free calling and texting is available to customers in the following area codes:

  • Texas: 830, 512, 210, 936, 956, 361, 979, 281, 832, 713, 936, 409
  • Louisiana: 337, 985

This free calling and texting is available to T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers, including those on prepaid. It’s available from August 25th through September 1st.

While T-Mobile One and Simple Choice customers always get unlimited calling and texting, it’s good that T-Mo is extending free calling and texting to all of the other T-Mo and MetroPCS customers. Hurricanes are dangerous, so it’s important for anyone in Harvey’s path to keep in touch with loved ones.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Bob Brooks

    How about free life preservers? Howbowdah

  • Iphart

    Free calling and texting?!
    Doesn’t all plans include that already?

    • Philip


    • (J²)


      This will not benefit the average customer. There are still plans out there that do not offer unlimited talk and/or text in which – grandfathered postpaid plans and prepaid.

      Also, this could possibly extend to people who do not have active service (due to late payment) similar to how Boost Mobile still allows incoming calls and text even after non-payment disconnection.

      Again, very very small percentage of customers.

      • Ty Christensen

        Up until Oct 2014 we have a grandfathered 1000 min plan and unlim text and unlim data no throttling for two lines that we got on in 2008 so this would have benefited us then but that’s a rare case and everything is unlim talk/text now. It’s cool they did that but don’t really see the point now.

      • STARK11

        Well if it doesn’t benefit you, the average customer, then who cares? You have your mins and data. The other generation doesn’t need or have that stuff and they benefit.

        • (J²)

          Thank you for your feedback but this was to clear up confusion….

          I’m trying to respond to the many people who seem to be confused by this article…

  • Philip

    Isnt it already free?

  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    I guess it is useful for prepaid pay as you go customers…

  • Phillip Mendoza

    They left out Houston’s newest area code, 346, but got the other 3.

    • slybacon

      Probably not many people on that new area code, then, if it’s new. Small impact if it wasn’t included.

    • Andrew Singleton

      thanks for the heads up! i emailed the administrator of the program to add that area code if possible. -rep

      • Andrew Singleton

        update: she’s forwarded to the provisioning team to get this area code approved and hopefully added (this was 3 days ago).

  • rock_steady

    It is obviously free if you had to previously pay to call/text. T-Mobile and MetroPCS still has a good chunk of people on prepaid. T-Mobile, being the uncarrier that they are, want you to be able to call or text in these affected areas without having to reload first. How about that? did Verizon or ATT announce anything like that yet?

    • Andrew Addison


  • el_perezo

    Too bad TMobile is crap in the area of corpus Christi and surrounding. Better of sending Ravens.

    • Pook

      I had great coverage in Corpus. That is why I switched. I lived on Saratoga near Niko’s. Been gone a few years, though

  • Jason Caprio

    What an empty gesture. This will not benefit 99.9% of T-Mobile customers impacted by this storm. Not to mention, many cell sites are down in the impacted areas from all carriers.

    • disqus_DFnvXJ7c9h

      agreed, a better gesture would be sending out COWs (Cell On Wheels) all over that region to aid with calls and down cell towers. this gesture is great when people are out of the states because calls are at least .20 a min but state side it really is quite an empty gesture.

      • Andrew Addison

        How would you know? You just may never know. No need to be hateful and think negative about a situation as such there Bud.

    • Andrew Addison

      Please it will benefit customers you Troll. Bye. Hater Bye.

      • Dorthy S. Warthen

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  • James Malone

    I got a message that it ship to with a tracking number but no movement yet.