T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer free oil change, discounted MLB cap, and more next week


The gifts and prizes that’ll be available for next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday have been revealed.

On August 22nd, T-Mobile customers can get $10 off a New Era MLB Authentic Collection hat at Lids, Locker Room by Lids, and Lids.com. Also coming to T-Mo customers is a free basic oil change (up to $24.95) or $25 off any service at Meineke.

Rounding out next week’s gifts for T-Mobile customers is one month of access to DramaFever and its TV shows and movies, 30 percent (up to $40) off a local Groupon deal, and access to HotelStorm’s discounted hotels.

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive a New Era & MLB Getaway that includes a four-day, three night trip for two to attend a three-game regular season baseball series of the winner’s choice during the 2018 season. The winner will get round trip airfare, three nights in a hotel, two tickets to each game in the three-game series, $800 for spending money, and a check for $1,885 to cover taxes and other expenses.

Fifty first prize winners will each receive a $100 Lids gift card and a New Era MLB Authentic Collection hat of their choice. Two hundred second prize winners will each get a $50 Lids gift card.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Deadeye37

    That Meineke deal sounds like it would be really useful for me…..if there was one close by. :P

    My wife will be happy with the Drama Fever subscription. Down the K-Drama rabbit hole she goes.

  • Zacamandapio

    The last place I would go for service. The stories.

    • Sayahh

      You get what pay for.

      • steveb944

        You actually pay a lot more than what you get for there…

        • Sayahh


  • mreveryphone

    Definitely grabbing a KC Royals fitted next Tuesday.

  • Sharti24

    Meineke…lol. There is only one in my area and thats 30 miles from me in cleveland

    • Travis Hooper

      Yo there is one here in Lakewood on 117th

    • steveb944

      You’re not missing out on anything other than a rip-off.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      Seriously? only one, and it’s in Parma ??

  • Jason Caprio

    I’ll tell you what. People are going to be lining up to get that oil change after that eclipse lol!

  • SirStephenH

    I hope the free oil change is good for a week. I won’t be home till the weekend and I couldn’t imagine waiting in line Tuesday.

    • Doubt it

    • Robert Bruce Summers

      It’s good for several weeks. You click to redeem it today – it gives you the code – you have until 09/30/17 to get the oil change.

  • Joe2050

    How much extra do they charge for synthetic? I image you just pay the difference.

  • IThoughtAsAChild

    Free oil change?! Wowzers!!

  • Tinger12

    Meineke – Free oil change, $85 disposal fee, free inspection, tells you you NEED $800 in service or you and your car will die. Rip-Off

  • steveb944

    Weak week. And I can’t believe they partnered with Meineke, I hate that place.

  • Joe

    They should of partnered with one of the car parts stored for the oil change cuz I don’t trust anyone but me changing my oil. And if you don’t know how to do it your self just google it its very easy and takes 30min max.

    • Francisco Peña

      i usually will take longer. Actual change is that short, but I’ll leave it dripping for a few minutes, while i look underneath at the shafts, and other areas for leaks.

  • Anthony_ p1

    Did anyone else get a free tmo backpack??? It says its only available in Colorado, Arizona, and Pennsylvania areas…

    • Sarah Harper

      Yes! It’s cute but small. Got there when they opened to make sure I got one, I was the only one there.

  • Robert Bruce Summers

    You click to redeem it today – it gives you the code – you have until 09/30/17 to get the oil change.

  • Steve

    Another TM Tuesday bust. Made my appointment, planned my morning, arrived on time only for them to say that no Meineke shops in San Diego are participating. Can’t blame the shop for TMs stupid antics. Even those who are not participating are getting business. Hmmm wait a minute… Meineke could have prevented this by using a link that tells those locations that it is not participating… It is a scheme regardless. Not sure pissing off customer’s is the best marketing approach tho.

  • Dorthy S. Warthen

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