LG V30 image leak gives us a clear look at the upcoming flagship


The LG V30 will be officially announced in a couple of weeks, but if you’re excited about the device, you’ll be happy to learn that the rumor mill is giving you a sneak peek right now.

LG’s V30 has leaked out in a set of clear images that show its front, rear, and sides. We can see the phone’s 6-inch display, complete with thin bezels and rounded corners, as well as a dual rear camera setup and rear fingerprint reader.

One of the most notable features of this LG V30 is actually something that’s not there. There’s no secondary screen above the main display like there was on the V20 and V10, and LG has confirmed that it’ll instead offer a semi-transparent floating bar in its custom LG UX 6.0+ software to give users quick access to frequently used actions.

Also of note is that LG has said that the V30 will feature a 6-inch OLED display with a 2880×1440 resolution. Meanwhile, its rear camera setup will offer an f/1.6 aperture and glass lens, which the company says will help the V30 to collect more light and offer better color reproduction.

Slim bezels appear to be one of the big smartphone trends of 2017, giving users a smaller device and making it feel more like they’re just holding a display in their hands. We already saw this once from LG with the G6, and now it looks like the company will be going even harder at this trend with the V30. Getting rid of the secondary display not only could help LG in its efforts to make holding the V30 like you’re just holding a display, but it also gives users a bit more flexibility since they’ll be able to hide this software floating bar when they don’t need it.

Source: @evleaks

  • Paul Garrison

    I’m in! Thanks LG!

    • jralphroman

      I’ll wait for the price drop first

      • Verizonthunder

        or Swappa

  • Johny M

    How is that different than an S8+?

    • MadMartigan

      Only one thing, really; marginally better placement of the fingerprint scanner.

    • Matthew Luna

      No Bixby button.

      • Mike

        I like the Bixby button now.

  • Peter Smith

    Can’t deny that it’s beautiful thou!


    Bootloader issues after my LG G4 and how LG dealt with that issue will never ever let me get another LG device. I know lots of people with V10 and G4 with bootloader issues where the phone died. Plus, battery life on V10 SUCKED and on V20 is less than average. I am not sure what this phone will offer other than the nice exterior design (it does look nice). No thank you

    • Verizonthunder

      I am currently using the LG V10, and have not experienced any issues with this device. I do plan to possibly buy on swappa for much cheaper price tag.

      • taxandspend

        Mine bootlooped 10 months after I got it.

  • francob911 .

    Will this phone be compatible with 600mhz??

    • Rob

      More than likely. It’s been tipped since April that the Note 8 will have it and T-Mobile said that Samsung and LG both have 600MHz devices coming – since only the Snapdragon 835 has the capability to push the 1Gbps boundary, it’s going to be the Note 8 and the V30 for sure. Get ready to bleed cash through your nose, economy be damned, $1K+ phones are here!

      • francob911 .

        Hopefully tve V30 wont pass the $800

        • Rob

          Eh, we will see. The V series has always been pricy and with LG going toe to toe with Samsung, I don’t expect much of a price disparity between them. Being the first phones on the market with 600MHz would justify the price in some people’s eyes (my eyes bleed just thinking about paying quadruple digits for a phone, not gonna happen – I’ll be keeping my U11 until next year). Apple and Samsung are going over the 1K boundary, I’d say at best LG will be around 950.

      • SirStephenH

        Both of them will probably be no more $800.

        • g2a5b0e

          I disagree. The Note 7 debuted at $850 on T-Mobile last year & so did the S8+ this year. The Note 8 will be at least that.

      • Mobile Geek

        Unfortunately for Samsung fans, it appears the Note 8 will not support band 71. I almost pulled the trigger on a pre-order due to all the freebies Samsung was offering. Then I stumbled on an article stating T-Mobile customers might want to stay away from the Note 8, at least for now. So I did the research and sure enough, no band 71. I hope that is not the case for the V30. I really want that phone. I’ve been quite happy with my V20.

  • vrm

    I’d rather look for phones that have
    a) as many bands as possible for better roaming nationally/internationally and for moving to other carriers.
    b) more features such as VOLTE , CA, multiple antennae etc
    for better connectivity and performance.
    c) 720 p screen 5″ or less for better battery performance. I recharge my xperia X when it drops to 50% every 4 days of moderate use ! That is what I want from my smartphone- K.A. battery life and K.A. connectivity when I need it.

    Curves and 1000 DPI screens are worthless and cost you. All the stupid reviewers everywhere look for bling and camera to take junk selfies all day. Is anymore over the age of 16 buying smartphones ? Rhetorical Q.

    • Rob

      V30 will likely have 600MHz (band 71), 4×4 MIMO, 256QAM and 4xCA. T-Mobile already tipped that Samsung and LG will have 600MHz devices coming and the Note 8 has been tipped since April to have band 71 enabled on the X16 LTE modem in the Snapdragon 835. It would make sense that the $1K flagships will get it first since the X16 modem is the only 1Gbps capable modem right now.

      • francob911 .

        Ok 600 mhz is band 71 .. Witch one is band 66? Mimo or qam

        • SirStephenH

          It’s 1700/2100 just like band 4. Band 66 expands on band 4 by adding blocks G-J and a block of AWS-4 for a total of 70Mhz of additional spectrum. Band 4 is now a subset of band 66.

          Band 4: 1700/2100 AWS-1 blocks A-F, 90Mhz total

          Band 66: 1700/2100 AWS-3 blocks A-F and AWS-4, 160Mhz total

    • Jason

      Sounds like you’re looking for a standard mid range phone. There are many. You should never conflate the things that are important to you however on a large scale. There are many people who simply wont dont want and wont buy a lower resolution phone. And its not a zero sum game. Higher resolutions become easier and easier to handle by chipsets as time goes on. As it always has

      • Rob

        Too true about the chipsets. My U11 has the same size battery as my 10 yet on the 10 I struggle to get 4 hours of screen on time with my usage and it’s rooted with a custom kernel to get that life with my usage patterns.

        My U11 has averaged 6h53m screen on time with a maximum of 8h6m since GSAM started logging on July 9th and that’s a stock ROM no less.

        I would never go back to a 720p phone, I notice anything under 1080p very easily on a 4.5″ screen and 1440p on 5″+

        • vrm

          Screen resolution has a big influence on battery life, all else being equal. It is true that it depends on the hardware and particularly on the software. I found xperia take on android is very well good and optimizes battery life without compromising performance. Sony also has an excellent music player, important esp if you play higher resolution audio files (CD or better).

      • vrm

        A majority of smartphone users are buying low to midrange phones. You may not look beyond apple and the pricier samsungs but there are many, many brands and models beyind them and they cost under $300. You won’t find them at retailers but mostly online. Cost conscious buyers do a lot of shopping online. That trend is only growing and that is only USA we are talking about. Elsewhere in the world people don’t exactly jump on “flagships”. Increasingly, good qualcomm chipsets, esp the 600 series are finding their way into low and mid range phones. They have almost all the features of the “flagships” except high resolution screens (worthless in a phone for 90% users) and features such as curved glass or glitter on the body.

    • francob911 .

      How could you check what bands are on the phone?

      • vrm

        phonearena or gsmarena.

  • Jason

    Ohh OLED! I will only buy phones with OLED now so this will be on my list to consider. LOVING my 65″ LG AMOLED TV! They still have a ways to go on brightness, but its better than my Plasma and thats high praise.

    • Verizonthunder

      Don’t you mean OLED tv? That Amoled is loose marketing term associated with Samsung for super lcd????

      If you’re taking about LG with it’s OLED invention, then yes amazing. I hope to see first hand this device. I just hope they apply 6gb of ram, or consider it dated.

      • Jason

        Yes I was referring to the LG. But AMOLED isnt a Samsung term. They used it for marketing when they introduced Super Amoled (which is not LCD btw), but Amoled is active matrix OLED. I invest heavily in OLED stocks so I knew that term well before Samsung used it. Its because in the past only passive OLEDs were used. Now active matrix has become so mainstream they dropped the AM. You are right though about Samsung having another dubious product name for LCD :-P That being QLED this year. Now that one is clearly trying to play the OLED fake out game with its name. Get some customers to think QLED is OLED.

        • MadJoe

          My only concern with OLED TVs is burn-in, right now my kids are at an age where they’re constantly walking away from the TV once what they’re watching finishes without turning it off, so a static end screen sits there for however long until I find it. Have you noticed any issues with burn-in on your OLED? Or is it something manufacturers have addressed satisfactorily?

        • Jason

          It is ABSOLUTELY as issue with OLED currently. All I can tell you is do not use any source that produces static images for a long period of time. I dont know if they will ever be able to fully fix that, it is an inherent aspect of OLED panels. Just for an example, I can reasonably produce a burned in image within 3 days on every Samsung OLED phone I have (recent or older) with one single app I know about (its a game) that leaves a static white button on the top left of the sceen. What I would say is use your TV for movies and shows and you should be ok. But for other use cases like gaming etc, I would get an LCD.

  • pc jona

    Heres hoping the software is good. I need to get away from ios 11 asap. Its disgusting.

  • mingkee

    No thanks
    LG is anti developer

  • Jay Holm

    If it truly does have OLED, then LG will finally, finally compete with Samsung!!!

  • Jay Holm

    Now that LG is finally, finally offering a smartphone with an OLED display they can compete with Samsung.