Google Pixel 2 appears in leaked images, rumored to lack 3.5mm headphone jack


One month after the Google Pixel XL 2 appeared in leaked renders, the smaller Pixel 2 has leaked.

Images of what’s said to be the Google Pixel 2 have been shared by VentureBeat. The back of the phone looks similar to the Pixel XL 2, including a smaller rear glass panel, a larger camera lens, and a fingerprint reader below that glass panel.

Around front is where things get a bit different. The smaller Pixel 2, which is said to be codenamed Walleye and made by HTC, doesn’t have the slim bezels like its larger (and LG-made) Pixel XL 2 sibling. There is some good news regarding the front of the phone, though as today’s report says that the Pixel 2 will offer front-facing speakers.

Another new feature that’s rumored to be coming to the Pixel 2 is squeezable sides. This feature was known as Edge Sense on HTC’s U11, letting you squeeze the sides of the phone to perform actions like launching the camera and taking a photo.

The bad news is that while there are a couple new features included with this Pixel 2, there’s one notable missing feature, too. It’s said that both this Pixel 2 and the Pixel XL 2 will not have 3.5mm headphone jacks like the original Pixel phones.

There’s no word yet on when the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 might be officially revealed. Google announced the original Pixel phones in early October last year, so it’s possible that we’ll meet these new models in two months’ time.

If today’s report holds true, the new Pixel 2 could be a bit of a mixed bag of an upgrade compared to the original Pixel. The slightly redesigned body and front-facing speakers would be nice additions, but I’m sure there will be some folks bummed out that the smaller Pixel 2 won’t have the slim bezels of the Pixel XL 2. Plus, there will probably be even more people disappointed by the Pixel 2’s lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Based on what we’ve seen of them so far, are you interested in the Pixel 2 of Pixel XL 2?

Source: VentureBeat

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  • Francisco Peña

    I like that it has front facing speakers, and I’ll consider it even with the lack of headphone jack.

    but those bezels… man..

  • bkat11

    Plus if Google pulls that same crap that they did with the Pixel and disables CA and MIMO for non-Verizon users…

  • Chris

    Oh dear that is the ugliest thing I have seen in a while. wtf that can’t be the final version.

    • steadymobb

      I wouldn’t doubt that it is. People said the same thing about the first Pixel when the leaked images came out

  • Petey07

    Not interested.

  • Josh Schoonover

    Well, this is rather disappointing… I was thinking of replacing my Nexus 6P with this, but I’ll explore other options. Android O doesn’t look like it’ll be drastically different than Nougat, so I might even consider a Galaxy S8+ or Note 8 despite the fact updates take so long with Samsung.

  • The One

    Only Google could mess up something as easy as the follow-up to the Pixel/XL by using two different manufacturers to create two completely different devices with two different sets of features and design. How hard would it have been to simply let HTC make both Pixels, with the same design and same features, but with updated specs for 2017?!?

  • steveb944


  • dontsh00tmesanta


    If it supports T-Mobiles 600mhz bands I’m down

  • Joseph Guy

    people are making too much of an big deal about 3.5mm headphone jack, I have not used it in years i always use bluetooth headphones

    • Iucidium

      You obviously prefer losing detail in music, unless you are using a Sony phone with LDAC headphones.

      • Joseph Guy

        People whine too much there’s an adapter for the jack if someone doesn’t like it then don’t buy it, the problem will that is people will still buy the phone knowing there’s no headphone jack and still whine like little kids

        • Iucidium

          I don’t use=/=nobody uses it.

      • Andrew Singleton

        or lg v10

  • kev2684

    Let’s see how Nexus fanboys will spin this when they mocked Apple after they removed the headphone jack on iPhones lol

  • Sam_Austin

    If this is being reported on Tmonews, are we to surmise that T-Mobile might sell it through Jump On Demand? Probably not. Thought I’d love to have other options on JOD besides Samsung and LG.

  • Chris Ferry

    I won’t buy any phone without a headphone jack. I only store FLAC music on my phone and I’m not using terrible Bluetooth headphones.