Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks again ahead of August 23rd event

UPDATE: Blass has leaked another batch of Galaxy Note 8 images that show both the back and sides of the device as well as the front. You can see ’em above.


ORIGINAL: Can’t wait until August 23rd to get more info on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? The rumor mill has you covered.

A new image that claims to show the front of the Galaxy Note 8 has leaked. Shared by Evan Blass, we can see a device with a display that has curved edges and slim bezels, similar to the Galaxy S8. This Note 8 appears to be slightly boxier than the S8, though.

There’s no physical home button present in this image, suggesting that the Note 8 will use on-screen navigation buttons like the S8. Above the display we can see a front-facing camera and several sensors.

Previous leaks have claimed that the Galaxy Note 8 will also have a rear-mounted fingerprint reader like the Galaxy S8. However, one feature that may differ with the Note 8 is its rear camera setup, with rumors suggesting that the Note 8 will be the first Samsung phone to boast dual rear cameras.

Samsung is hosting an event on August 23rd, and it’s widely expected that the Galaxy Note 8 will make its official debut there. Based on what we’ve seen of it so far, are you interested in the Note 8?

Source: @evleaks

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  • bkat11


  • W Smitty

    Looking forward to it. Will it be my permanent phone? Possibly!!

    • humpfh

      You’re new here, aren’t you?

      The thing’ll be deprecated in 6 months, IF it takes that long.

      And I’m a *hardcore* Samsung fan.

  • mreveryphone

    My sim card is ready.

    • Tony Chen

      my body is ready

  • Billy_Boy2019

    When will pre-orders begin?

  • kev2684

    I wanna trade-in my S8 already lol!

  • bkat11

    I’m still a little concerned that Band 71 didn’t show up on their FCC filing but I guess we’ll have to wait and see on the specs

    • Richard Darrington

      Is that the new spectrum from the auction they just aquired ?

      • bkat11


  • Pook

    Will it fit in my pocket? I don’t carry a a purse or “satchel” and I’m certainly not going to have a lame phone holster. Seriously, stop it with the phone holsters and just throw on a fanny pack. You are fooling no one.

  • Cellphone Chris

    I may hang on for a while and see if Samsung offers an promotions like they did for the S8/S8+. Jump OnDemand was cool, but lost it’s financial value the moment they started tacking on mandatory down payments for flagships (something they advertised they would NOT do).

    If Samsung offers incentives again, I’m finally going unlocked. No sooner than my wife’s free iPhone 7 bill credits are complete, we can switch if we become unhappy with TMobile. I don’t have many complaints, but there’s a new competitor that could earn our business. With 2 unlocked phones, we can always come back.

    • Dante Farrar

      It’s a reach, but I’d like to have that DEX adapter as an incentive, especially since I still have my 256GB card from my Note 7

  • jtothada

    The s8 is so good I don’t see the need for this phone. What are they going to do differently that’s going to make people buy this over the s8 and please don’t say the spen lol

    • humpfh

      Um, i’m waiting on it because I want a stylus…

    • Philip

      I have the S8 but I need to get the Note 8 for the stylus. I like you can crop with your pen.

    • samsung freud

      Spen, yeah I said it! and Dex!
      I can ditch the pen and paper notebook, annotate photos and send those off.
      Dock it using Dex.
      Hoping to get my sweaty hands on an unlocked emperor edition!

  • Sharti24

    If this phone does not support band 71 it will be a major blow not only to the consumer but to samsung as well. It will make people more interested in the V30 or pixel 2 (assuming those 2 phones have band 71 of course)

  • Tinger12

    How people think this will come with band 71 support is just silly. These devices are not designed in a week. The design process was done months ago. Well before the final results of the 600Mhz auction was even known. Yeah I know the T-Mobile claim of band 71 devices later this year. It just will not be the Note 8, the iPhone 7s/10th anniversary edition, the V30, or any until 4th quarter. Phone development, testing, and manufacturing takes time, just not weeks like some think.