Buy a T-Mobile Galaxy S8 or S8+, get a free Samsung Gear VR with Controller


When the Galaxy S8 and S8+ launched, pre-order customers could score a free Samsung Gear VR to go with their new smartphone. That was a limited time offer, but it looks like a new one has taken its place.

Samsung is offering a free Gear VR with Controller to T-Mobile customers that buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+. This offer is available to customers that buy a GS8 or GS8+ between April 28 and May 14. However, T-Mobile’s FAQ for the offer says that GS8 and GS8+ units purchased between April 21 and April 27 also qualify.

This offer is available to customers that buy a GS8 or GS8+ on EIP, JUMP! On Demand, or at full price from T-Mobile, a T-Mo dealer, Costco, military store,, telesales, or Customer Care.

Once you’ve bought your GS8 or GS8+, you’ll need to head to this Samsung Promotions page between May 10 and May 28 to register for your free Gear VR.

The Samsung Gear VR normally sells for $129.99, so this is a nice little gift for customers that buy a Galaxy S8 or S8+, especially for those folks that didn’t preorder an S8 or S8+ and missed out on the original offer. Just remember that if you do take advantage of this new deal, you can’t register until May 10, so you might want to make a note on your calendar.

Via: Reddit
Sources: T-Mobile, Samsung

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  • hawkstwelve

    I saw this and thought, “Great. I bought on April 24 – smack dab in the middle of both promotions.”

    Needless to say I’m very relieved to see I will qualify for the free Gear VR too. A little nervous that T-Mobile FAQ mentions it and not Samsung Promotions website (which states only 4/28-5/14), but we will see once May 10 rolls around if I can input my purchase.

    • KOLIO

      Be prepared for Samsung to deny your claim,I ran into a similar situation last year,when T-Mobile had an expired promo on their Galaxy S7/Edge replacements for the Note 7.
      It was almost immediately denied,however,months later & I was surprised to see an email approving the claim,chalking that one up to Samsung just wanting to clear the books,so to speak,on the Note 7.

      I really wouldn’t expect Samsung to be so generous/flexible w/the promo offer extending to out-of-date qualifying purchases this time.

      If it’s worth your time & effort,I’d return the phone & order again during the promo qualifying dates.

  • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

    Are you using Internet Explorer to find out about T-Mobile news? This has been around everywhere since last Friday…

  • Mike

    How about doing news about JOD being gone. I tried with two different reps and both saying Jump only being available and JOD not. T-Mobile needs a new lease program asap like Sprint has Galaxy forever and I believe Verizon has a lease program as well.

    • KOLIO

      JOD is alive & well:
      New JOD’s are available via Telesales/Customer Care only,JOD upgrades can be done in-store or via Customer Care.
      I highly suggest Customer Care vs in-store:
      Longer buyers remorse period (20 days vs 14) & no restocking fees/return shipping charges.
      Try this number,preferably during typical business hrs for best results:
      1 844-275-9309

      • disqus_wlOIVZ2fPY

        Wrong. As a T-Mobile Sales Rep I can confirm JOD is gone. Only those who have it, keep it. There is only one credit class that can get it, usually.

        There really should be no new JOD.
        If you get it, you’re lucky – you got an uneducated rep.

        JOD officially unofficially ended in October that I know of (from reading forums, not through T-Mobile).

        • KOLIO

          I keep hearing this,yet, I just used JOD for the S8+ & had the opportunity to upgrade as recent as yesterday,on the phone @ the number I posted.

          IDK who or where you get your information from,but,it definitely doesn’t apply for me or the stores in my area,they will do JOD upgrades in store.

          Perhaps your store or region manager made a decision that affects where you work,but,not everywhere,at least where I’m at.

          I just saw your “officially unofficially” remark,that tells me you have no real substantial basis for any accuracy for your statement.

        • Arysyn

          Hi Kolio, I mean no offense by this, and I think its good you are sharing your T-Mobile experiences here, particularly in this case regarding JOD. It might help people to keep trying with different representatives in the case they are able to find a representative who is willing to give them the JOD program.

          However, I have not only read, but spoken with a few employees at the Executive Relations offices who have told me if a customer ever has been or is currently using JOD, they can get it, but other customers cannot, because they claim JOD has been discontinued.

          Although, it could be that T-Mobile has since changed its policy where they will not offer JOD, or try to say its not available when first asked by a customer, yet T-Mobile may give in after some requests fo it or issue certain representatives the ability to offer it to certain customers.

          I’m planning on getting the Sony XZ Premium when it becomes available as an unlocked smartphone. Otherwise, I would have tried to get the S8 on JOD, as I use to have the service with T-Mobile on a few smartphones in the past few years.

        • KOLIO

          That’s why I listed the number that I posted previously.
          During the Note 7 fiasco, I was essentially bumped out of JOD by a misinformed clerk in-store.
          Less than two months later, I had started anew by calling the toll-free number that I posted.

          Do I believe JOD will be around forever,no.
          However,with a little perseverance & speaking with an account specialist instead of a sales rep, I’m willing to bet most will be successful in getting JOD.

          A simple Google search of T-MOBILE JOD will link enough information to get JOD.
          It’s not that difficult……..

        • Ron Kinsey

          I wonder if there is way out of the 130 dollar down payment on the S8+?

        • Mike

          Nope $130 down isn’t bad since it’s basically is $900 MSRP. Over time the down payment will drop.

      • Mike

        Thanks a lot! That number worked out the representative didn’t hesitate to sign me up for JOD $30 monthly. If anyone else wants to sign up for JOD don’t call 611 they will not give you the option of JOD only the regular Jump program. I believe the higher up’s at T-Mobile doesn’t want sales adding new JOD customers.

        • KOLIO

          Glad to be of help,enjoy. ✌️

  • disqus_wlOIVZ2fPY

    And if you ABSOLUTELY need any further explanation:

    When I (as in ME) on the systems of T-MOBILE go to process an upgrade for a customer that doesn’t have JOD. It doesn’t give me the option to process it as a new JOD

    there’s your “substantial basis”

    • Corey Jalette

      Just because you can’t do it in your stores computer system doesn’t mean they don’t offer it at all. You just can’t initiate the first jump in store anymore. Has to be done online or by calling CS. Learn the facts and don’t spread lies.

      • Mike

        I just signed up for JOD today over the phone!


    Wow dude,you should get your facts straight before posting.
    You’re the one who’s buttsore for being called out on your B.S.

    Check the website for information regarding JOD, it’s there.
    Or,should I post links for you?

    BTW,whoever pays your salary should ask for some of it back,along with that from whoever trained you.


    Pot/Kettle dude, you’re seriously misinformed.
    The point is,JOD is still available,whether for upgrades or,starting it anew.

    Whether it’s within your power or,in your case,not,to process JODs is not the point.
    You are obviously drunk,go sleep it off & do your research before posting,or, erroneously correcting others,Troll.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    Samsung has a promo too. They are throwing in a “Samsung Entertainment Kit. It includes a Clear View Standing Cover, a 64GB EVO+ memory card plus six months of Netflix.” Another 49 bucks gets your the wireless headphones too.

    • Andrew Criswell

      I’m curious as to whether these could be combined since TMobile seems to be sponsoring the VR deal and Samsung the bundle….

      • They_Call_Me_Bruce

        You should be able to. Samsung’s site just says ” purchase and activate a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ phone on a device installment plan, 2-year contract plan, lease, Samsung Financing Program, or outright purchase at full retail price (“Qualifying Purchase”) and receive a bundle. There is no mention of buying from their site exclusively. Last year T-mobile ran a BOGO deal on the S6, and Samsung had a discount promo. I was able to get both deals.

  • MadMartigan

    Love that poeple who bought it on launch day are left out.

    (Well, we get a great phone, but this kind of thing is still kinda disappointing)

    …but I will definitely be trying on May 10th. Here’s hoping the FAQ isn’t messed up. :)

    • Haze1nut

      People who bought the phone on launch day got this offer first….

      • bman893

        no i bought my phone launch date and they told me instore you only get the vr if you pre ordered now there saying you can get one on the 10th but still people that got it launch date are left out because you have to had bought it after the 28th of april

      • MadMartigan

        Launch day: April 21.

        After the pre-order promo and before the 28th promo.

        So, no. They didn’t.

        • Haze1nut

          The pre order and promo ended on the 20th. If you waited for the 21st to buy the phone then that says everything about you not caring for the freebies, and that’s on you. You people deserve to not get anything.

        • MadMartigan


          “You people…”

          Wow. That’s just brilliant. I mean, if you were trying to come off as an arrogant prick, ya nailed it, buck-o.

          Screw the folks who bought the first day it was available in store because they actually wanted to be able to see/use it before dropping over $800. Yeah. Okay then.

          Hush, child.

        • Haze1nut

          Yeah not like stores had demos available for weeks before it was released or anything. Brilliant counter argument, sport. If youre not a lawyer, you definitely should be one. /s

          You entitled millennials are truly something else….

        • MadMartigan

          “millennials ”

          Ah, now you’re an arrogant prick to an entire generation. Well done.

          “stores had demos available for weeks”

          All of ’em, eh? In all areas? You should really step out of your bubble once in a while, but then, I suppose that would mean dealing with actual people instead of being an anonymous internet blowhard.

        • Haze1nut

          Didn’t think it was possible for you to put forth an even dumber counter argument, so glad to see you’re sticking with the same stupid one. But yes, junior. Pretty much every carrier store in the US had demos available for weeks before the actual release. If you live in some backwater town that didn’t have a demo available in it, weeks prior to release, then you don’t have the money nor available cell service to be buying a flagship phone anyways. You see how stupid your asinine logic is? Or is that really way over your head? This is why everyone dislikes whiny snowflake millennials and their spawn, which came out even worst…. Tell me you’re not stupid enough to be suggesting that demo units were a rare scattered thing when just about every carrier store and Wal-Mart had one in them… you’re not really that stupid are you? And if you are, then please tell me you haven’t managed to reproduced… for the sake of humanity.

  • Mike

    Yes it is I called the number Kolio provided. I got the S8 plus on JOD 164 down after taxes and fees for $30 monthly they even offered a $15 bill credit if I did montly installments on a case , screen protector, and beats headphones for $36 monthly including my JOD payment.

  • Francisco Peña


    So now the S8 gets the VR controller again, and there is the entertainment pack… nice. Wasn’t planning on trading my G5 until summer, but this is interesting.

    My wife also needs a new phone, but doesn’t like the S8’s, she likes the G6 instead, and with that price drop they had the the Google Home.. not a bad deal at all..

  • steadymobb

    Not available in stores to reps, BUT you CAN do it over the phone if you talk to the right person, trust me.

  • Petey07

    This doesn’t convince me to upgrading to the S8+ just yet Lol… still waiting for a better promo deal. Wonder if there’s going be any for Mother’s Day.

    • Ron Kinsey

      I am wondering the same thing.

    • Mike

      Great phone got mines today and I signed up JOD so I can get the Note 8 next. Buying two phones yearly full retail started to become costly not including my wife wanting every phone I get as well.

  • Cuba

    Yo has anybody getting android starting message after reboot/restart

    • Corey Jalette

      Yes that is normal.

  • mikeZo6

    Rumor has it nobody buying SG8 or Plus so Samsung giving stuff away so people buy it !

    • Gilbert Murgallis

      Rumors are fun but I just bought a Samsung S8 and it is the best phone so far I have ever had. Thought the longer screen would be awkward but I love it.

    • Mike

      Well I ordered mines last week and it was backed ordered for two days . Which means they’re selling. This is probably a tax write off and only some many freebies are available.

  • Aaron Davis

    Samsung gives these away so often, I wonder what percentage of the GearVRs out there were free vs purchased (my guess would be over half)

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  • Airport Guy

    Speculation based on my very frustrating experience: This whole new offer, esp. the inclusion of purchases from April 21-27, is because T-Mobile screwed up the pre-order. I did mine online on April 10. After the release date when it didn’t show up, I was told multiple times, “It will ship between….” Finally, someone with a brain was able to determine that my pre order had been canceled because they never received my digitally signed EIP agreement, which they never sent me in the 1st place. I had to re order it on the 27th, and have been fighting with T-Mobile and Samsung since then. Samsung promotions department just told me an hour ago about this new promotion, including the inclusion of purchases starting on the 21st, the release date. I highly suspect there were many others with similar problems, and this is T-Mobile’s answer.

  • Oh Boy

    Submitted my claim for an S8 I purchased on April 21 and my claim was denied because “Your purchase did not occur within the offer purchase period.” even though the T Mobile FAQ clearly says ” Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or Galaxy S8+ purchased between April 21 – April 27 will also qualify” Very frustrating because you cant reply to the denial or even resubmit the request with any comment or notes. Any ideas?

    • Iandy

      Exactly the same for me.
      Mad because went to the store to return the S8, still on the buyers remorse period and let the store rep
      sweet talk and her assurance that
      S8’s bought from April 21-27 will qualify convince me not return it.
      All according to the T-mobile FAQ.

    • bman893

      Called tmobile about it Was on the phone for over an hour spoke to a few supervisors in every one of them Or shocked by how fatal this system was of ordering There wasn’t even a way for them to bypass it in order us V r’s themselves so what I got was that if by Friday they couldn’t figure out a way how to do it t-mobile themselves was gonna Mail me one themselves

      • Oh Boy

        I called Samsung and explained the issue so they checked and confirmed that they are accepting and providing the VR headset for the purchases between April21-28. They opened a ticket for me and will fulfill the order without issue. I was surprised they were this helpful but I would recommend you call Samsung

        • One ThirtyFive

          Hi, what number did you use to call Samsung about this issue? I want to give them a call as I am in the same situation. Thank you.

        • Oh Boy

          1-800-Samsung and asked to speak to the rebate department.

        • One ThirtyFive

          Thank you, I just got off the phone with Samsung. All reps were very helpful and did not gave me a hard time at all. They didn’t even ask to resubmitt anything as they already have all my information. They said the free VR will be on it’s way soon.
          If you don’t mind being on hold for about 10mins or so, I suggest people call Samsung. Overall all, it was a good experience for me.

        • DaAZkid

          Just wondering if anyone who went through Samsung has heard any word back from them. Mine still states date not valid.

    • Aiden

      Hey guys, did my pre-order in store on April 19th and signed my EIP on the 20th. Phone was shipped out on Friday (release day) and arrived to me Monday April 24th. I was under the impression that we were part of some sort of Promo being that we pre-ordered. Am I wrong?

  • #S8PlusIs Boss

    I’m enjoying my S8plus and GearVR definitely the best handset and VR experience.

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