T-Mobile Tuesdays will include discount on flowers, video game bundle prizes next week


This week’s Tuesday has now passed, but T-Mobile today revealed what you’ve got to look forward to for next Tuesday.

The May 9 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays will offer customers a free one-night game rental from Redbox, 30 percent off an order from 1800Flowers.com, and a two-month subscription to Boxed Bold. This subscription will get you 3% back in Boxed Cash Rewards and free standard shipping on orders from Boxed, a bulk sales retailer.

Next week’s grand prize winner will get an Xbox One S 4K Experience package. This includes a 65-inch Samsung 4K TV, an Xbox One S video game console decked out with a T-Mobile logo, a matching T-Mobile controller, codes to download Xbox games like Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4, and Forza Horizon 3, and one year of Xbox Live online service. T-Mobile will also include a check for $2,140 to cover taxes or other expenses.


Fifty first prize winners will receive an Xbox One S console, codes to download Halo Wars 2, Gears of War 4, and Forza Horizon 3, and one year of Xbox Live.

One hundred second prize winners will each get one year of Xbox Live service and a T-Mobile magenta Xbox One controller.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Sharti24

    With Tmobile gaining more customers by the quarter. The deals are getting worse and worse. I can see the end of tmobile tuesdays in the future if tmobile gets too big

    • Adam

      Last week’s make your own Mother’s Day card and make your own T-shirt was pretty cool. But, yes this coming week sucks.

      • Nobody Special

        It was $15 dollars off on Vistaprint products not “make your own T-shirt”…lol.. but I do understand what you are saying, I just want to clarify to the reader what T-Mobile actually gave away. Instead of getting a T-Shirt I ordered postcards with my kids names on them…

        And as far as the “Mother’s Day Card” Post. It was actually around $4.66 off on a product from the Inkly company. T-Mobile suggested making a mother’s day card since Mother’s day is around the corner…. but you were given the opportunity to make whatever card you liked. I chose to make mother day cards because i’m a cheapo and I sent 3 cards to my mother, 2 cards to my mother in-law, 1 mother’s day to my wife, and one to my kid’s former teacher (which was a family friend).

        This mother’s day is covered….lol…. i saved so much money….. now i’m waiting to save on the next upcoming holiday :)

    • riverhorse

      So, no hopes for hookah, medical Mary Jane, Mustang Ranch, or assisted suicide?

  • JayBEE


  • SirStephenH

    Not much outside of the grand, first, and second prizes.

  • T3hcheat

    A shame. Bring back free useful stuff like subway, movies to fandango or free movie tickets. Cause who is really winning these main Tuesday prizes. I want to know and see a picture of them as if they just won the lotto. #wedemandtoknow #whoiswinning #needusefulprizes

  • rex2745

    God these deals are getting worse every week honestly just give us Food, Free or $2 movie tickets don’t matter which choice and we will be happy!! That’s honestly the only 2 things i need! Nowadays it cost $30+ to go see a movie with a partner way to much for me

  • graywolf323

    I completely forgot about it this past Tuesday…

    the prizes this week are nice but the offers otherwise are once again rather weak

  • enigmaco

    Nice gesture shame I’m not a xbox fan

  • Nobody Special

    I’m not an X-Box Fan…. but i wouldn’t mind owning a T-Mobile Xbox…. i would feature that thing in my game/family room. T-Mobile should allow customers to buy this console, I would spend up to $299 to have this video game, despite me being a Playstation gamer :)

    sorry Sony :(

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    Just wanted to get my 2-cents in…

    The 1-800-Flowers promotion sucks. They advertise their 25% (25MOM) discount, which is 5% less than the T-Mobile promotion. On the $70 flowers that I wanted to buy, it was $3.50 savings. Oh, and if you have ShopRunner account, none of their 25% or 30% discounts work, so you have to still pay $5 for the weekend delivery, and net cost is more.

    All in all, very disappointed with their process, especially when I couldn’t turn off the ShopRunner without going to a new browser.

    I’m going to purchase the flowers directly from a local florist, so I know exactly what I’m getting instead of paying these middle man clowns.

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