T-Mobile LG G6 sale knocks $150 off the flagship Android phone’s price


T-Mobile has kicked off a deal on a flagship Android smartphone to help customers get over the mid-week hump.

The LG G6 is now on sale for $500 at T-Mobile. Pricing breaks down to $20 down and $20 per month for 24 months. The final $500 price is $150 less than the LG G6’s normal asking price.

Folks that do buy an LG G6 from T-Mobile are eligible for a couple of gifts to go along with their new smartphone. First, LG is offering a free Google Home to consumers that buy an LG G6 before May 7, so you can score Google’s smart speaker with the purchase of a G6.

T-Mobile has a free gift of its own to LG G6 buyers, offering a free LG G Pad X 8.0. To qualify, you’ll need to buy the LG G6 (or V20) on EIP and then get the G Pad X 8.0 on EIP as well. You’ll also need to sign up for a 2GB or higher mobile internet data plan. Once you do, T-Mobile will mail you a prepaid MasterCard card to cover the cost of the G Pad X 8.0 or whatever else you’d like to spend it on.

There’s no word on how long this LG G6 sale will last, so if you’re interested in getting a discounted Android flagship, you may want to act soon.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    According to LG’s site they are also throwing in a games bundle that they say is worth up to $200.

    • Francisco Peña

      I’d rather they just give $200 in Play Store credit then..

      App – Gift

      Temple Run 2 – Vault of Coins

      SpiderMan Unlimited – Black Rival bundle (3 costumes, 2 premium Gachas, 5 combo attacks, 20K coins and 85 cash

      Crossy Road – Deluxe Figurine Bundle (30 figurines)

      Genies and Gems – LG G6 Exclusive Coin & Booster Pack

      Cookie Jam – 1175 coins

      Sim City Buildit – Nice Pile of SimCash

      I’ve stopped playing TR2, Spiderman and Crossy Road and have no interest in the others.

  • Brian Richards

    didn’t that phone JUST come out? Is it not selling very well in the shadow of the S8?

    • Haze1nut

      The Galaxy s7 was launched with free netflix, VR, and a free S7 if you added another line. The S7 edge has been on sale most of its existence and its a high selling device. Promos =/= Low sales.

  • Mike

    The Galaxy S8 is kicking the G6 azz at the asking price of $650

  • Francisco Peña

    I knew it would go down in price.. just thought it was a month sooner…

  • Francisco Peña

    Wife needs a new phone, so will be heading out to get the LG G6 this weekend then.

    • KOLIO

      It’s a nice phone,she should like it a lot,provided you’re not replacing an iPhone:
      Most long-time users seem to be leery of switching from it,even though in most instances it would be an upgrade (JMHO).

      • Francisco Peña

        NonApple household.

  • jroblopes

    not worth the risk of more problems with yet another LG phone. I’ve been burned 3x by LG and they are not a good company for service or warranty. LG will do anything to get out of performing warranty repairs on their flawed devices.

    The price mark down reflects this opinion.

    LG earned this reputation. No marketing will get them out of the bad reputation.

  • Zacamandapio

    You’re almost there LG.

  • jroblopes
    • Mike Thaler

      Turn around on my G4 bootloop repair was 7 days.

  • Gust

    Forget the monthly payment, just adds to the monthly bill for 2 years, stupid.
    I would bite at $350-400. Still too high.

  • NardVa

    I knew the price was gone drop. Debating if I should wait for it to hit $400.

    • Mike

      You probably can get a used one in the 400’s now.


    Remove the Google speaker (don’t need it), knock off another $100 and I will bite.

  • riverhorse

    I’ll take the V20 @$480..besides cheaper, most specs are better / also comes with G Pad.
    G6 has been a huge flagship disappointment…high price n meh specs.
    Take another $200 off to get rid of it.

    • Acdc1a

      V20 feels like a much larger phone. Not everyone is into that. I’m still sporting my Nexus 6 most of the time so I’m not in that group.

      • Francisco Peña

        I passed on the v20 when it was $15 for that reason. Too large, even though I’ve got long fingers, it wasn’t comfortable in my hands, and after switching to usbC with my G5, I didn’t want to go back to micro USB for the S7

  • Benben

    Don’t buy any phones right now I was able to see the new payment plans and its going to be much cheaper

    • Ron Kinsey

      When do you think the new payment plans will be out?

      • Benben

        That I can not tell you
        All I know that the first 24 months is going to be 6-8$ and then you can trade for a newer phone or pay it off and keep it

        • Ron Kinsey

          Sounds pretty good, though sounds to cheap for flagship phones. I did read something about that a day or so ago.
          Probably wont happen till the 3rd quarter. Sept or so.

        • Peter Truong

          I think the new plan will be for T-mobile branded phone (HTC maker).

        • Mike

          JOD u can upgrade three times within a 12 months . With this new plan seems like you’re stuck with the same phone until it’s paid off this is basically a weaker version of Jump with lower payments and no trade in’s for 24 months

    • HeatFan786

      So wait, if you’re on JoD already and within your 20 day return window, is it smart to do that?

      Or just do a JoD upgrade and then opt out of JoD within the return window?

  • Bklynman

    Don’t need another tablet,already have the Gal.tab.A,from about 1 half ago,plus pick up Note 3 or Note 4 tab.from ebay,I could sell the Google home on ebay,and Lg Pad,get about $150-$200,for both,get pre-card,use that payoff the phone,then keep using my note 3,then sell G6 either on Swappa,or ebay too for anywhere from $250-$400. Then pay off the phone,walk away with $100-200.in my pocket,something to to think about.

    • Vape John

      One or the other. So no, you lose money

      • Bklynman

        Bummer,but not going to do it anyway,not even sure if this deal still going on.
        Next phone I get will be unlock one,for anywhere from $300 to the most $500.

  • Adam

    I’ll wait for the removable battery option. I figure it will come out along with 600MHz support.

  • David

    I have this phone , its pretty good but currently I’m paying $29 PM on JOD , would have been great deal for $20 JOD + google home

  • don t

    With the 821 chip, lcd screen and lack of hifi, im afraid I’ll pass. I’ve got the ZTE axon 7. Incredible device. Fully loaded, and it’s better and faster than my pixel was and my S7 EDGE. I’ll wait for the S8.

    • Acdc1a

      The device feels really great in your hand and the screen is beautiful despite being LCD. I don’t know that I’m a buyer at $410 (value of the Google Home device subtracted) but I think it’s a fine phone for the right buyer.

      • William Kirschman

        Yes it does fit well in the hand. This phone just seems to be good all around and a steal at $500. The S8 looks great but not for $350 more and not without the dual camera.

  • Mike Thaler

    My G4 had its bootloop fixed a few months ago (7 day turn around) – but phone started acting weird several weeks ago. Actually was thinking of V20. My take is the S8 is fine – just paying extra $ for the Samsung hype. G6 is a small step below the S8. (Screen, Processor). We were going to buy a Google Home. Tablet is of no value. So I figure G6 is costing us $400. S8 isn’t worth $350 more to us. I was hoping my G4 would last til the V30 comes out in the fall.

    • JJCommonSense

      The V20 was a steal when TMO had it for $350

      • Mike Thaler

        I should have bot it. 64G internal memory and replaceable battery alone would do it now. I thought I could live w. my G4 til V30 in 6 months. Years ago had an HTC (which TM might carry again) but left them when they emulated Apple w. fixed battery. Now the V20 is virtually same price as G6. ($480/$500).

    • NardVa

      Currently have a G4 that bootlooped back in December 2016. Got it fixed by LG and no problems since. Would love to get the G6 but not at $500. Probably sell the Google Home to get some of the $500 back.

  • Klutz

    Ive been holding on to my Note 4 because of the removable battery and great screen. I dislike the edge style phones. Got the G6 2 weeks ago and it its pretty awesome. Screen isn’t as vibrant as an Amoled but it was only noticeable when I held them side by side. Most everything else about the G6 is great so far. And I love those dual cameras.

  • Francisco Peña

    Well… problem solved.. my wife’s phone just bootlooped, and I managed to recover texts and backup the contacts (she didn’t save to google, just on the phone) via the blowdryer method.

    So new G6, here I come.. whether I wanted it or not.

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  • LG G6 is the most underrated Smartphone. Always love the camera on the LG