T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 owners updating to Android 7.0 using Samsung Smart Switch software


T-Mobile plans to release Android 7.0 for the Galaxy Note 5 early this week, but if you absolutely can’t wait any longer for the update, you might be able to grab it right now.

The Android 7.0 update for T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 5 appears to be available through Smart Switch, Samsung’s software for Windows and Mac computers. TmoNews readers Jean Carlos and EffortLess installed the update this weekend.


As for what’s included in the update, you’re getting a bump to Android 7.0 and the goodies that come with that, like quick replies from your notifications. It also looks like the Note 5 is being updated to the March 1, 2017 security patch level, as the last update left it on the January 1, 2017 security patch level.

If you want to install this update right now, you can head to Samsung’s site to install Smart Switch and update that way. Alternatively, you can wait for T-Mobile to begin its over the air push, which should begin in the next day or two.

If you’ve already updated your Note 5 to Android 7.0, how is the update treating you so far?

Thanks, Jean Carlos and EffortLess!

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  • Roy_G2

    Really? I don’t have smart watch.. Which I don’t need it.. I’m pissed…

    • Kaulana1989

      Not smart watch you need Smart Switch software available on Windows and Mac

      • Roy_G2

        What address Link? Thanks ks

        • Roy_G2

          I see.. SamMobile.. There have link for Note 5.. Thanks.. I ll download tomorrow cuz I have go to work…mayhe I’ll get OTA while I work? I’ll find out.. Thanks again!

        • EffortLess

          http://www.samsung.com/us/smart-switch/ scroll to the bottom and download the PC or Mac version. After you download and install it, plug your phone into your PC/Mac and unlock it (if you have a password or pin or fingerprint) and it’ll display an upgrade prompt on the PC/Mac screen. Click that and it’ll start the upgrade process.

  • Roy_G2

    Now downloading OTA… Right now… Yes!

  • TaekwonBo

    Got the update OTA after checking at 11pm. 1488mb in size. We’ll see how it goes.

  • ChicagoBummed

    Workin’ like a champ! It took 30-45 minutes to download, install and optimize. I’d suggest rebooting again after it finally completes the optimization. I had a couple of apps that didn’t want to work correctly until I rebooted again. Post install, I’m seeing a LOT more APs than I did prior, and my LTE conenction “seems” to be stronger.

  • Marcelo_L

    Seems to be ok…had a couple settings changes to make, I don’t see its all that more battery efficient.

    • Marcelo Lopez

      After having it for four days I do notice some funky Bluetooth issues. Haven’t scoped just how pervasive, but they have to do affect call audio.

      Also, the phone does run warmer. It also seems to NOT have as good reception indoors as it had before.

      The long-standing drop and reconnect Bluetooth connection with headsets while idle in power saving mode is still there.

      As for folks who think the GNote 5 will get 7.1.x? Welcome to the world of Samsung folks. Nougat 7.0 is the last update this phone will get from them.

    • Marcelo_L

      Follow on update( 5/2/2017) : I now definitely notice that after certain events (missed call, or making an outbound call immediately after a call …say, a 3 minute call being long enough….that I cannot make an outbound call immediately.

      I have to enter airplane mode, then exit it. After that I’m able to call again. No manner of reboot or much anything else restores the ability to make a phone call other than entering/exiting airplane mode.

  • Damien Khan

    There better be a Patch cuz 7.0 is slowing my phone down!

  • Renaldo Epps

    just got it…

  • Jamie S

    Does it work witha 2016 J7? I don’t even see where to update OS, just transfer crap to a new phone on the SS page.

  • Rhonda Harris

    I just updated my Tmobile note 5 April 23, and I notice if I have a missed call I cannot make a call. It just hangs up every time I dial until I restart my phone. This is a hassel.
    Anyone else? Anyone know a fix?

    • Kristen

      I am having the same issue. I can’t dial out at all and I have to restart every hour or so to make a call! Frustrating!

      • Rayo J. Burks

        Same here! My phone keeps cutting off and the battery is being drained. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks

    • TaekwonBo

      My update has been so smooth. The only issue I’m seeing but i haven’t isolated to be consistent is phone calls not being made after pressing call. It doesn’t happen all the time but I have noticed it. Otherwise running like a champ so far.

    • Marcelo_L

      I’ve noticed that after I’ve made a call sometimes I can’t make an outbound call until I go into and back out of airplane mode.

    • ANITA

      I have had the exact same issue, and have had to restart the phone 7, to 10 times a day since the update, just to be able to make outgoing calls.

      • Rhonda Harris

        I cleared the cache (volume down, power button & home button) See earlier on the post. And it seems to only happen every couple of days.

  • Andy MacGillvray

    DON’T DO IT! 7.0 sucks. I updated day 1, because that’s what I do, and now my Bluetooth won’t stream media in my car, only voice. There was another return call bug I was experiencing and had to Wipe cache partition to address and am still not convinced it’s fixed. The battery drains a little quicker now. The UI isn’t better IMO. …and yes, I factory reset after updating and the problems persisted.
    Just use the latest Marshmallow update until 7.1x

  • Rhonda Harris

    I’m also noticing that my phone runs HOT, like really hot. Kind of scary I don’t even charge it at night while I’m sleeping because of fear something might spark off…

    • Marcelo Lopez


      • Rhonda Harris

        Everything is still the same. When is an update coming out?

  • Brad Robinson

    new update sucks, lot of things are not working on phone now.
    want to remove update so my phone works.
    i use my phone everyday for work and i cant have these problems, i can not even get a samsung camera to hook up anymore since update and i used it everyday till friday.

  • Tanya McKay

    Since I implemented the update yesterday to my Note 5, one of my games goes black when trying to launch it. Then it will work for a while, then again, goes black. I disabled the game tools app that was applied, but it still happens. Very frustrating. Not sure what to do. Don’t want to have to re-install the game and lose all my progress.