T-Mobile raises SIM Starter Kit price to $25


Heads up, everyone, the price of T-Mobile’s SIM Starter Kit went up today.

T-Mobile is now charging $25 for the SIM Starter Kit that is included with new activations. The prices of both the postpaid and prepaid SIM Starter Kits have gone up to $25 today, but T-Mo is offering a limited time $15 instant discount on the prepaid SIM Starter Kit.

This price increase comes one year after the last SIM Starter Kit price bump that raised its price to $20. Also, it’s worth noting that today is the start of T-Mobile’s free line promo, so keep this price increase in mind if you’re planning on adding a line and taking advantage of that promo.

Thanks, anon!

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  • No taxes and fees anymore! Now, we all just have costs. :)

  • alwaysonthemove

    I picked up one for $5.50 at a local Walgreen’s, it looks like they had one or two left and were getting rid of stock.

  • kev2684

    By “Sim Starter Kit”, they really meant activation fee.

    I see you.

    • RealShit

      BASICALLY. I wish the wording would change.

  • MadMartigan

    Free line! (*after $25 SIM kit)

  • stuman19741974 .

    Can I re-use an old sim that has been deactivated for a long time? Also, with my iPhone 7, I never used the SIM that came with it (I transferred the one from my 6s)….can that be used to activate on a Tablet line?

    • enoch861

      No, you can’t re-use a sim that’s been activated before.
      You can use the SIM that came with your iPhone on any other device that will accept it. A SIM is a SIM as long as it’s the right size for the device you wanna use it on.

      • David

        I have used a sim again that has been dormant.Just have to get the right CS agent!

    • My retail iPhone 7 Plus box contained an unactivated SIM, I used it to activate a new line on it, popped it into my Moto Z, and saved myself the 20USD (now 25) in the process.

    • Adam

      I have had luck getting customer service to re-activate an already activated sim. You cannot do it yourself online.

    • RealShit

      You can but you’d have to have customer care process that request. That could be 3-5 days turnaround time.

  • Philip

    Anything to make some money right? Just like Banks charging all sort of fees. Poor thing.

    • Corey

      Because a 1 time $25 charge isn’t worth a phone/tablet/wearable/hotspot for free forever. We win, they win, we all win.

      • Guest

        It’s not one time, it’s for every phone, every time. So if you have a family plan with 6 lines and replace them every 2 years, that’s an additional $6.25/month when averaged out.

        • Acdc1a

          Filthy lie. You only pay once. Never ever again do you pay for a sim kit when buying a phone from T-Mobile.

        • itsremo

          have you ever bought any phone from t-mobile? there is a activation fee every time you buy a phone/ add a line.

        • Phone Guy

          You are correct.

        • Acdc1a

          Logged in today and hit the upgrade section. Know what wasn’t there?

        • RealShit

          Wrong. There is a Upgrade Service Charge of $20, you don’t pay that if you are doing a JUMP/Jump On Demand Upgrade. You only pay that if you’re purchasing one with no trade in whatsoever. Then there’s the Sim Starter Kit which was aligned with the Upgrade Charge at $20, now it is $25. Two different things which don’t apply for 100% of Device purchases.

        • Phone Guy

          Well, you do on the upgrade, actually. But it’s such a small amount. Its a relatively new thing. The sim comes in the phone package/ box but there is still an upgrade sim fee on all upgrades now.

  • samsung freud

    Tmobile is also charging for a SIM kit if you purchase a new phone through them.
    Whether you need it or not.
    I turned in my note 7 and bought an LG stylo pro 2 (big letdown).
    The clerk insisted that even though my old sim worked fine in the new phone I had to purchase the new SIM kit.
    So I had to pay 25$ for something i didn’t need.
    I called customer service and had the charge removed.

    I just ditched the LG for an ZTE Axon 7, no stylus but a huge improvement and
    I used my old SIM.
    I’ll probably stick to unlocked phones from now on.
    Could this be a result of Mike Sieverts huge pay raise at tmo?

    • Alex Pilaia

      A+ on grabbing the ZTE Axon 7. I have one too and it is awesome. Just wish they would sell the 6GB variant of the phone in the US.

      • Kaulana1989

        Do they already did it’s $500

    • Bob

      A few years I had a similar issue with them. They sent me a SIM, shipped from Texas with the tracking showing it was shipped on a Monday afternoon. I didn’t receive the SIM until Thursday afternoon. Guess which day tmobile started charging me for service, even though it was impossible for me to use. Yes – Monday. Then on getting the first bill I was very confused and called support. The call took 90 minutes, most of which was the rep getting even more confused by the blizzard of credits and charges. It even turned out that the “bill” they show the reps is not the same bill customers receive! Amusingly they fixed everything, but the one thing they could/would not was that service from Monday instead of Thursday.

      Hopefully they have improved their systems in the last few years and stopped doing this kind of thing …

    • Guest

      Same thing I was going to say. Any time you buy a new phone (through them) they require you to buy a new SIM for it. My last phone I just got an unlocked Moto X Pure, used my existing SIM but of course it doesn’t support WiFi calling. Basically if you want all the features of a T-Mo phone, you have to buy from them and have to pay for a new SIM even if there’s nothing wrong with your old one.

      • Ben Wanless

        Yep had the same thing happen to us….the store required us to use new SIM cards. We owned a cell phone franchise store years ago, this is how they make their commissions by activating a new SIM card. Thieves thieves thieves and this was a corporate store we went to. At least when we called in they credited our $80 back for the four new SIM cards.

        • G

          Stores DO NOT make money on charging sim cards. The company generates revenue but the reps/stores do not get compensated by charging these.

        • Joe

          Sales Reps make absolutely NOTHING on Sim Starter kits. Upgrade support charge is a valid charge now-a-days because people are lazy and don’t take the time to back up any of their content and it takes a long time to assist folks with that. Time is money in the sales game. I bet if everyone were pro active and did their own backups, the support charge would not be there.

    • Drewski

      You mean’t LG Stylo 2 Plus

  • JaswinderSinghJammu


    • Ascertion

      At least it’s a one-time charge. When I was with Sprint, they’d charge a $36 activation fee everytime I upgraded! And some carriers charge $40.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        It cost them $1. Totally BS for the carriers charging upgrade fee as well. It’s like pay us to stay.

        • Guesty

          You getting paid well for that shilling?

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          No thanks. I actually have a full time job. Haha

      • Steven

        The T-Mobile store charged me $20 bucks for upgrading jsut last week as a new SIM charge.. I was freakin PISSED. One time charge my a$$…

        • kennsg

          Buy your tmo sims online ..cheaper. When i see them I buy 2 or 3. Last time i paid 99 cents each. And their good for a while.

        • Steven

          Its not even that, I didn’t even need a new SIM card… when I told them I just wanted to buy the phone and no SIM card. the store rep told me that was not an option, that they couldn’t even waive it anymore. That T-Mobile calls is a SIM fee, but regardless of whether you need one or no, really is just a $20 fee to buy a phone period. And they charged me the $20 bucks…

        • kennsg

          I think thats a darn rip…but my guess is the in store sales force make money on pushing that?

        • G

          Unfortunately, we do not make any money on SIM start kits or upgrade support fees. To be fair, we would prefer not to charge them at all.

        • RealShit

          That’s the Upgrade Service Fee, different than the Sim Starter Kit fee we’re talking about. All other carriers charge more I don’t see what the uproar is about for $5 more, lol.

        • Steven

          Not according to the T-Mobile reps I’ve talked to. The fee is either SIM or Upgrade, which ever term in that moment justifies charging it. I have been directly told that it is one in the same.

  • Adam

    It is refreshing to see new, instead of existing, customers getting ripped off. This is the opposite business model from Directv’s introductory pricing.

    • jump

      Or sprints. Sad

  • fechhelm

    I just called customer service this morning to add the free line and they said the sim card would cost me $3.99 plus 22 cents in tax.

    • kennsg

      I called and added the free line for my in law. The cost was 25 plus tax..I told the rep I have a new sim card at home..ill call back. She took my CC# for the sim..and then credited my account the 25 + tax..worked out great

  • NardVa

    Free line for life in exchange for a $25 sim card is a fair deal.

    • Guest

      It’s not for life, it’s just for as long as you have that specific phone. They require you to buy a new SIM every time you buy a new phone. Now multiply that over X lines of your family plan and it really adds up.

      • NapoPeb

        No new SIM is required for a new phone. That’s complete nonsense.

        • Joe

          IKR I think he never bought a new phone from t-mobile and probably does not even have tmobile. Its a one time fee for new people.

        • kennsg

          I agree..what is that guy talking about??

      • SirStephenH

        SMH The “free line for life” (AKA Third Line Free) is a promo T-Mobile started today and it is indeed for life.

        Also the only reason you’d have to by a new SIM card is if your old one didn’t fit your new phone.

        • kennsg


      • kennsg

        Thats not true..i brought a new phone and moved my nano sim to the new phone..no problem?

        • Tale 85

          And kept the Sim that came with the phone. At least I did. And sometime soon they’ll another SIM99 promo.

      • Phone Guy

        Incorrect. For the life of the plan, not sim.

  • Yeezu$

    Buy your sim at best buy $4.99 then call customer care to add your line. Thats it

    • Tinger12

      Best Buy no longer sells Tmobile sim cards. You can get it from Amazon still.. But Tmobile has pulled out of most retail except for their own stores. Why? For profit and control.

  • Jay Holm

    For a piece of plastic? That’s really all a SIM card is!

    • Guest

      There’s an encryption chip in it. It’s not just plastic. It probably costs them 50 cents, but still, it’s an encryption chip, not just bare plastic.

    • nps_ca

      Isn’t just that – it’s distribution in the channel – that ISN’T FREE

      Agree $25 is a sting, should be more like $5 or $10 but it’s HARDLY a piece of plastic

      • Phone Guy


  • The One

    That’s a very CARRIER move for the supposed UNcarrier…shame!

  • Acdc1a

    ReCarrier 3.0.

    First we brought back the contract in the form of device credits.

    Next we implemented upgrade fees for in store and over the phone purchases.

    Finally we are going to take new customers over the coals to the tune of $25 per line.

  • Abdul

    Another reason why Verizon is better!

    • matt

      verizon’s activation fee is 30

      • Allan

        For a superior network by all counts

        • RealShit

          In NYC that superior network nonsense is irrelevant. I come from Verizon & T-Mobile is LITERALLY no difference to me network-wise. Oh and let’s not forget T-Mobile has THE best international roaming… so yeah… enjoy Verizon’s “superior network” lol

        • Guesty

          Lol, hope you’re getting paid.

    • Phone Guy

      Wake up Abdul. $30 vs T-Mobile $10 ($25-$15 instant credit online). Enjoy Verizon. So funny.

      • Guest

        $15 credit is temporary… to sweet the price hike, you know. So funny.

      • mavricxx

        Verizon charges you for a line AND the data, I’ll take $25 one time hit over a $30 line fee + whatever the data fee is every month. Keep your Verizon bro, at the rate T-Mobile is going, they’ll surpass them in the next couple of years.

  • Luis Mora-Romero

    The crap you idiots whine about, I swear…nothing is free. If you want to go and protest by not buying a sim card at t-mobile, no one gives a crap.

  • Lheajo Croce

    They have to make money somehow! I’m OK with an initial 25$ one-time fee for an unlimited free line with no monthly cost. Go TMobile!

  • Michael

    New phones are said to come with a SIM card in the phone box. I needed an updated SIM card due to change in phones. Paid the price and called TMO CS and got the price given back as a credit. I view SIM cards as a cost of doing biz. After 7 years with TMO using the same SIM card it’s all they could do to comp the $25.

  • Tony Nauta

    Just signed up yesterday over phone. They charged me $3.99 per sim.