T-Mobile bumps SIM Starter Kit price up to $20


It appears that T-Mobile today quietly upped the price of its SIM Starter Kits.

Heading to T-Mobile’s product pages for 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kits — both the prepaid and postpaid kinds — reveals that they’re now priced at $20. A T-Mo employee on Reddit has confirmed that the change did go into effect today, March 2. The new $20 SIM Starter Kit price is up from the old price of $15, which T-Mo instituted back in late 2014.

Five dollars may not sound like a huge increase, but when you multiply that by all of the SIM Starter Kits that T-Mo ends up selling, it can add up. The good news is that these SIM Starter Kits often go on sale. In fact, T-Mobile is running a deal right now that’ll get you a free postpaid SIM Starter Kit or a $4.99 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit with the codes SIMSALE and SIMDEAL, respectively.

Thanks, Milan!

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