Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday will offer discounts on event tickets, Shell gas


One day after this week’s T-Mobile Tuesday, T-Mo has revealed what it’s got in store for next Tuesday.

The T-Mobile Tuesday for March 28 will include a $20 discount on event tickets through Gametime. Also coming to T-Mo customers next week is a discount of $0.25 off a gallon of gas at Shell (up to 20 gallons), and a free $5 code for a movie rental or TV show purchase from FandangoNOW.

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive a weekend getaway to see an event based on ticket availability in the Gametime app. This includes round trip airfare for two (up to $1,200), airport/hotel or hotel/ground transportation (up to $500), two nights in a hotel (up to $1,000), tickets to an event from Gametime (up to $3,000), $500 to spend on meals, and a check for $2,650 to spend on travel expenses or taxes.

Fifty first prize winners will each get a $250 gift code for Gametime. Twenty-five thousand second prize winners will get a $10 gift card to their choice of Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, or Best Buy, and 75,000 third prize winners will each receive a $5 gift card to their choice of Amazon, CVS, Target, or Walmart.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Deadeye37

    Remember the good ol’ days when the $5 rental was with Vudu and not FandangoNOW? Those were the days…

    I like the ton of gift cards that they’re giving away. A lot more people will get rewarded.

    • GreenMonkeyPants

      Yeah, the FandangoNOW app for iOS is useless. You cannot browse for content within the app. Go back to Vudu, T-Mo !

      • Matt Wubben

        Works great on Android, but I wish they would let you connect your ultra-violet account so I could get rid of Vudu.

    • Robert Wilkens

      There was a 2 week period where fandangonow had chromecast errors, but all seems fine last two weeks. Android app is great.

      • Mike

        I use FandangoNow on xbox one . Besides one week the app has worked great

    • Veisa

      Yes! You could use the Vudu credit towards actually buying the movie instead of just renting.

  • Trevnerdio

    The Shell gas promo is my favorite one <3 30 cents off a gallon is so nice…

  • Josh

    Always appreciate the T-mobile Tuesday freebies! Thanks for doing something extra each week to remind me why I love you :D

  • Rodney Poole

    I love T-mobile Tuesdays! Always have awesome freebies and discounts, keep on pushing the Shell gas rewards because that deal really saves me gas everytime I use it :-). Keep it up T-mobile!

  • jla734

    I LOVE t mobiles Tuesdays. Miss being able to BUY VUDU movies. Hope they start doing that again. I LOVE how EVERY line on your account gets to play. Hope they never get rid of it. I won a DD 5 dollar gift card yesterday. On top of that there was the 2 dollar one which I forgot to redeem. I think this week has been one of the best yet. I hope they do the t-mobile accessory’s again as I need some and LOVE saving money.

    • Sean

      Agreed, VUDU also seems to have better selections than FandangoNOW.

  • Verizonthunder

    Happy for shell offer, perfect for driver’s who use premium, so my savings will be $0.45 per gallon

    • Kenneth Warner

      How 45 cents a gallon you only get 10 cents a gallon for premium so it would be 35 cents not 45

      • Verizonthunder

        On Tuesdays only, Shell premium gas is $0.20 cents off, so ontop of the T-Mobile Tuesdays shell offer $0.25 plus Shells weekly Tuesdays premium sale totals $0.45 cents per gallon

        • Kenneth Warner

          Good to knew i never knew that can you confirm its for all parts of the us

        • Brian M.

          wait what, every tuesday is 20 cents off premium? fuck. wish i knew that, lol. I only knew about the 10 cents off every 8 gallons with premium.

        • Francisco Peña

          here its Thursdays that Premium gets double the rewards back.

  • RonV42

    The Shell offer was great last time. Was on the road traveling and saved some money on the fill-up.

  • steveb944

    I heard Shell fuel perks is ending soon. This may be the last one.