Updated T-Mobile One plan will only require HD video to be activated once


After beefing up the T-Mobile One plan in response to the launch of Verizon’s new unlimited plan, T-Mo today clarified one aspect of the change.

T-Mobile has confirmed that T-Mobile One customers won’t have to enable HD day passes to get high-definition video with the updated T-Mobile One plan. T-Mo told The Verge that once you’ve activated the new HD video feature, you won’t need to worry about turning it on again.

T-Mobile also clarified that with its HD video streaming, it won’t be optimizing the stream that customers get. “The HD video will stream at whatever is provided by the content provider,” a T-Mo spokesperson explained.

With the old T-Mobile One plan, customers would have to activate HD day passes every day that they’d want to stream high-def video. Having to do that every day could become a pain for folks that regularly want to stream HD video to their phone, so it’s good to see that T-Mobile is getting rid of this policy and making it a simple one-time switch.

T-Mobile has said that its T-Mobile One upgrades for HD video and 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot will be available this Friday, February 17.

Source: The Verge

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