T-Mobile Release Security Updates to Galaxy S4 and Tab 3


Just a few days ago, T-Mobile announced that they were releasing security updates for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, two devices that have been in the market for some time now. After making this announcement, it seems like T-Mo is now turning to the Galaxy S4 and Tab3 to release their first updates since they launched in 2015. The two devices have been running Android 4.4 KitKat ever since their release.

You might be curious to find out why T-Mo is doing something like this, especially since they have newer models available in the market. The carrier, however, has already done the same thing with the ZTE ZMAX. Back in November last year, T-Mobile surprised everyone when they announced they were releasing security patches to the two year old device.

The last time both the S4 and Tab 3 received an update was in December and August 2015, respectively.


Source: AndroidPolice

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  • steveb944

    Wow that’s crazy.

  • T Redd

    Where’s the galaxy s7 security patch? . Its still on November.

  • Wow I still have my tmobile tab 3. I’m surprised by this little update thought the device was dead to the tablet world pretty much. Guess I’ll go check to see if it came through

  • Acdc1a

    In other news, the G1 has been updated to FroYo today.

    Must be a pretty big security hole to go back nearly 4 generations.

  • Shane Bloomfield

    S7 and S7 Edge still running November security patch, WTF

  • Philip

    I work up this morning and it say there is a update of my Note 5. How come TmoNews didnt report?

  • TaskForce141

    This is a smart move.
    Customer retention is a lot easier if the customer doesn’t have to worry about their device.
    People are sticking with what they have, rather than buying a new phone every year.

    If their phone/tablet becomes unsupported, customers start thinking about their next device/plan and whether it should be T-Mobile or another carrier.