ZTE ZMax Pro now available from T-Mobile with 6-inch display, 13-megapixel camera


After launching on MetroPCS back in July, the ZTE ZMAX Pro is making its way to T-Mobile.

The ZTE ZMax Pro is now available from T-Mobile for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $7.50 each, or $179.99 full retail. This model is exactly the same that launched earlier this year on MetroPCS, meaning that it’s got the same 6-inch 1920×1080 display on its face and 13-megapixel rear camera with phase detection autofocus.

Other features of the ZMax Pro include an octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a microSD slot for adding more storage. There’s also a 5-megapixel camera on the front of the ZMax Pro and a 5-megapixel camera on its face. A 3,400mAh battery is powering this whole package.

In addition to LTE bands 2, 4, and 12, ZTE’s new phablet offers support for both Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and Wi-Fi Calling.

While it’s a little pricier on T-Mobile than it is on MetroPCS, where it’s available for $99 after rebates, the ZTE ZMax Pro is still worth a look if you’re in the market for an affordable Android device.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • That’s a big screen! Not bad specs to boot.

  • Michael Tran

    Hmm probably the exact same hardware. I’d love to know if you could just unlock the metro PCs version and use it on T-Mobile.

    • AllMedia215

      Yeah you can. Metro uses T-Mobile bands. You get Volte and everything.

    • Iamnumber6

      Yes you can. It was easily done and took about 20 minutes from the service I used. I turned off the metro apps, downloaded the T-Mo apps from the play store and was good to go. Wifi calling and volte all work. I think I paid 12 dollars to unlock it. It was a great deal.

    • Chops

      I seen it today at Walmart (Walmart family mobile) for 149 and I believe all you need to do is change simsno need to unlock.

  • thepanttherlady


    • samsung freud

      Were you charged a 20.00$ customer assistance fee?

      • thepanttherlady

        I ordered online so no, no extra fees. Only paid tax and shipping today.

        • Paul Garrison

          Let me know how it is. I might get it too. I also noticed that T-Mobile doesn’t have the Note 5 on the online store.

    • Acdc1a

      I’d hate to see your phone drawer. I think it might rival mine.

      • thepanttherlady

        I normally sell my phones as soon as I get a new one but I have 3 right now not counting this one (just sold my ZTE Axon 7 which I may be regretting). I am currently using the Moto Z Mods but am going to return it. I just can’t justify the price for what appears to be the same thing as my Moto G4 Plus.

        On a side note, I have my eye on the Blackberry DTEK60 and there was another one I was reading about around 3 something this morning but can’t remember what it was. :/

        ETA: It’s the LeEco Le Pro3

        • mreveryphone

          Could you give me you hones’t opinion about the Axon 7? Did it slow down any? Did it handle multitasking well?

        • thepanttherlady

          While I really enjoyed the Axon 7 it did tend to slow down slightly. I felt like I constantly needed to close windows because of it. I would say that’s just me because if you saw my computer at work (two monitors and LOTS of windows open…lol) you’d understand BUT I don’t recall having another phone where it was an issue. I only ever closed them as an afterthought every so often.

          With that being said, it really is a good phone and I enjoyed using it. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted selling a phone but I am this one. I may purchase it again but want to see how the ZMax Pro and possibly the other two phones I mentioned earlier are in comparison.

        • mreveryphone

          Nice. Thank you for your opinion. My work setup possibly looks like yours with multiple multiple tabs open as well lol

        • thepanttherlady

          IT tried to convince me for a year to get dual monitors because of the amount of windows opened. They couldn’t believe I was able to function with one . So they finally gave me the dual monitors and I have just as many windows open…ahhahahahaha!!! They just don’t mess with me anymore. :)

        • mreveryphone

          Lol nice! I have a buddy that has a 3 monitor setup and he loves it! I just think that would require my productivity to go up, plus I’d probably have my tech sites open on two and work open on one…

        • Wit

          The ZMAX Pro will be slower than the Axon 7 based off the CPU and ram it uses. I can say from my experience that the Moto G4 non-plus Amazon version gets better reception on T-Mobile than the OnePlus 2 or Nexus 5X.

  • Jose M

    This phone looks good to me, I’m going to have to look this one up!

  • Erik Haber

    I don’t suppose I could use Jump on Demand to get it? I have the LG v10 on JOD now. Wouldn’t really be an upgrade perhaps, but much lower price!

    • Ty Christensen

      Yes you could use JOD to get it, no problem.

      • Erik Haber

        Hmm, the stores are telling me this phone isn’t eligible for JOD..

        • Ty Christensen

          That’s odd, I didn’t know they only do JOD on certain devices, lame!

        • WehYuAgo

          It is not eligible because the price is under a certain amount. I was able to get the Stylo 2 Plus on JOD, however, the price was $239.

        • JLV90

          I think it’s just because it’s not a LG or Samsung. Doesn’t look like there’s been any other low priced entry-mid level phones on JOD that aren’t Samsung or LG. Plenty of other stuff on the high end, but not so much in the low-mid

      • Andrew Singleton

        this is not correct please delete this.

    • Andrew Singleton

      this device is not eligible for JOD.

  • Acdc1a

    Good phone for the money, at least it looks that way.

    • True, similar specs to the Moto G4 (Non plus model) which starts at $199. Although, i’m not sure how well ZTE handles new software updates. At least the Moto G4 is getting Android 7 Nougat.

  • Locust Gee

    Why the $79 difference vs. MPCS?

    • The price for the MetroPCS version is after a mail-in rebate.

      • Drake

        ZTE Zmax Pro is $99 in store with a new activation and $39 when you switch from a different carrier, in store there is no mail in rebate

        • Matt

          I got it for 99.00 on an upgrade at a store.

  • This phone has basically the same specs as the Moto G4 (Non Plus Model). Only differences is Moto G4 has 5.5in screen size, built-in storage starts at 16GB up to 32GB, fast charging, starts at $199. ZMax Pro has fingerprint scanner, USB type C, proximity and compass sensor, and supports WiFi Calling, $179. I guess the major deciding factor for most is price, being able to use Jump ON Demand, and overall size of the phone. However, for those who want software updates, how well does ZTE roll out updates? The Moto G4 is getting Android 7 Nougat for sure as it’s listed on Moto’s website.

    • Locust Gee

      My Mother has the ZTE ZMax2 & we were promised Marshmallow.
      Haven’t seen anything in over a year now…

      • It’s a shame sometimes with these lesser known companies.

        • I totally agree. Alcatel OneTouch is pretty bad with updates as well but lesser known brands are the absolute worst. Blu being one of them. Motorola used to be very good at rolling out updates to phones, until Motorola was sold to Lenovo. Unless Lenovo/Motorola can step it up since they released new phones like the Moto Z series as well as the Moto G4 Series,

        • It’s a shame to see Motorola go away like that.

    • I’m glad the phone has a G-sensor in it at all. Makes it an affordable phone for VR/AR apps.

  • Nate

    Makes a nice media consumption device on the cheap. I have a friend who has one on Metro and it is pretty decent. who knows how long it will hold up but so far she really likes it.

  • vplaza

    Looking on the ZTE Forum for this phone, there are known bugs that have not yet been addressed by ZTE on the MetroPCS version. I wonder if those would be fixed with the T-Mobile version.

  • Iamnumber6

    I bought one from metro and unlocked it a few months ago to use on T-Mo. The phone is fast and fluid. I haven’t had any of the problems that some were reporting on the metro website. The screen is 1k and really nice.

    The fingerprint reader is sometimes slow to wake and recognize your prints. I have a 128gb card in it and it reads it quickly and without problem. The camera is as good as the one on my lg Stylo, which means it is decent. The screen is huge, even coming from a 5.7″ screen. Overall I have been very impressed with the phone.

    One thing I despise, is the google dual lock screen problem in marshmallow. (If you have a pin or pattern set and use the power key, you have to long press the screen to unlock to get to the pattern/pin to unlock– redundant and stupid what was google thinking?!)

    The battery is large, which makes the phone heavy, but it easily lasts me all day with moderate use. The usb-c charging is faster. I ended up buying usb-micro to usb-c ends for my cords which saves a lot of money.

    It comes with stock Android, and the launcher is called ” stock Android”. I always use apex launcher and it runs fine on this phone.

    179 is a good price for it outright and you should not be disappointed with it. I doubt it will ever get updated based on previous ZTE behavior, but I hope for at least security updates.

    • clo

      Have you experienced LTE issues with this phone where you have to toggle Airplane mode on and off to get it going again?

      • Iamnumber6

        No. LTE has been flawless.So much so that I have never even noticed a problem

        • I thought of that when I got mine from MPCS, but was glad no to go through that problem at all.

      • riverhorse

        Some people have – not too many, but definitely some.

    • riverhorse

      Good writeup.
      ZTE has even promised Nougat – but like you, I’m very skeptical.

      • Iamnumber6

        While I would like 7.0, I would be happy with consistent security updates.

  • clo

    I’ve bought and unlocked a MetroPCS version of this phone and there is a really annoying bug in 6.0.1 that is affecting LTE on this phone. It would show as full bar but no data or calling can be made until you toggle airplane mode on and off. This happens a few times a day and has caused me to miss out on phone calls and texts. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Bought this for my friend good phone so far awesome specs. Hope it lasts him 2yrs

  • riverhorse

    Supports band aggregation, fastest phone I’ve ever had.
    Some models are plagued with screen flicker, others with a network disconnect bug.
    Patch supposedly on the way…


  • phillyundead

    It has a front camera of 5 MP and a 5mp on its face? What’s that mean? Typo?

  • Jay Holm

    If T-Mobile is offering this, then why not also offer the Axon 7?

  • clo

    I put this phone on offerup and have a buyer coming now =P. Let me know if the new one you get works ok. I really wanted to love this phone. Thx

  • Clippers FANactic

    What a device for under $200! Im very impressed. The phone is beautiful.

    • I’ve had it for a few months now. Got mine for $100 at MetroPCS when it came out.

      • Chops

        $149 @ walmart family mobile

        • Not bad.

        • Zacamandapio

          You can use it no problems with T-Mobile?
          No unlocking?
          Please advise.

  • Carlos Quintanilla

    Has anyone seen this in store. Would like to check it out before commiting.

  • havenmayor

    Purchased this on T-Mobile in November, after finally turning in my Note 7. Decided to downgrade cheap until something I want comes along. This has been a decent option for now. It kinda make you wonder why we spend so much money on smartphones when most people don’t even use half the features they have. All phones can be a little buggy from my experience, and the ZMax Pro is no exception. This is definitely not the power user’s phone. But I’m learning to appreciate it for it’s capabilities. I’m actually gonna keep this phone as a backup when the new S8 Pro or Note8 comes.