ZTE ZMAX Pro official, runs Android 6.0 on a 6-inch display for $99


After leaking out earlier this year, the ZTE ZMAX Pro is now officially official.

The ZTE ZMAX Pro runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow on a huge 6-inch 1920×1080 LCD screen. It’s got a 5-megapixel camera on its face for all of your selfie needs, and around back there’s a 13-megapixel camera with phase detection autofocus and 1080p video capture. There’s a fingerprint reader below that 13-megapixel camera and a USB Type-C 2.0 port for charging up the 3400mAh non-removable battery.


Inside of the ZMAX Pro lives an octa-core Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a microSD slot for adding more storage. When it comes to cellular connectivity, the ZTE ZMAX Pro offers LTE bands 2, 4, and 12, as well as 2/4+12 and 4+4 carrier aggregation. Rounding out the phone’s feature set is VoLTE and HD Voice support.

The ZTE ZMAX Pro will launch at MetroPCS on August 1 for $99 after instant rebate. If you pre-register for the ZMAX Pro before July 31, you’ll get a free leather case when you purchase the device.


The ZMAX Pro looks like a pretty nice addition to MetroPCS’s lineup. Obviously you’ll need to be a phablet fan to be into the ZMAX Pro and its big ol’ 6-inch screen, but if you are, features like a 13-megapixel camera, 1920×1080 display resolution, and fingerprint reader make this a compelling option for its price.

What do you think of the ZTE ZMAX Pro?

Source: MetroPCS

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  • steveb944

    Wow that’s a pretty good setup, and amazing price.

  • Nice! Can you imagine if they had this @ #TMobile instead of giving away those POS Galaxy On5 and J7?

    • DrakenFX

      This Device will end up in T-Mobile too, same like LG Stylo 2 Plus , Metro was first and just a few days ago came to Tmo

      • Joseph Bekin

        I kept looking on here to see if the LG Stylo 2 plus was coming to tmobile after metro and sure enough, you’re right it’s been released already on T-Mobile’s website. I hope this comes to T-Mobile as well, and STAYS at the $99 price point. For some reason metro phones always seem to be sold at cheaper prices.

        • DrakenFX

          i posted something related to the Stylo 2 plus in Tmonews facebook page but seems like they don’t read users post, but yeah i hope this one is on Tmo later this month looks better than Stylo 2 plus and is the Size i’m looking for as back up phone (currently own G4)

        • maximus1901

          Bc TMO phones are unsubsidized. We can afford more

        • riverhorse

          Don’t hold your breath on price.
          I’ve never seen an identical Metro / Tmo price. It would be nice…

        • Joseph Bekin

          Would be nice if MetroPCS phones would work with a T-Mobile SIM out of the box.

        • SalsaKing

          Wait, what? I thought all MetroPCS phones and Walmart Mobile phones automatically work with a Tmobile SIM…..

        • Joseph Bekin

          Walmart family mobile phones do work with a t-mobile sim out of the box, I know that first hand. But from what I’ve been told, you need to unlock the MetroPCS phones before they will work with a t-mobile SIM

        • It comes locked to MetroPCS; after ninety days you can unlock it and use it with any (US) GSM carrier.

  • Matt

    Very nice specs. I’m only disappointed that it doesn’t have 3GB of RAM but I’m loving that 99.00 price point.

    • riverhorse

      I think the extra GB won’t be missed.
      However, no NFC is a deal breaker… I’d gladly trade clawprint scanner for it.
      But, overall it’s a very positive move for Metro… raises the bar for the next models.
      And… should decimate sales of Stylo 2 + all the recent Samsung trash.

      • Matt

        It probably won’t matter so much. Well, next month I just might snap one up.

      • Bklynman

        I don’t think it will,ZTE,is still as well know as Samsung,Lg. The reviews I have read on The Stylo has all been good,the midrange Samsung,it seems the reviews are mix,some give good reviews,some don’t. It seems all depends if you get good mid range Samsung,or bad one.

  • riverhorse

    Due to no NFC, I’d label the ZTE Zmax Pro entry level rather than midrange.
    But don’t take this as a negative, quite contrarily, it’s still very exciting… and just what the doctor ordered for Metro. This move puts all others on notice… especially top garbage man Samsung- release a model with lesser specs + higher price, and it just won’t move.

    • Drewski

      Wow why would you think that? I would still label this as midrange. Very offensive of you to say, due to it finally being a 6 inch screened phone. Come on now, why label it low ranged. Wow it is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 5 n soon to be 6. Plus it has a full HD 1080 display too. You still want to call it entry level? Lame. Rethink again Brother.

      • riverhorse

        Whoa Nelly… Where do I begin…
        You misquoted me. You turned my positive comment into a negative one. You then chastised me for THAT negativism…while not respecting my First Amendment rights because my opinion is offensive or insulting (especially after you misredacted it into such a state).
        And that is exactly the blueprint today’s social justice crusaders are utilizing!

        Mid-range is higher than Entry level, which in turn is higher than your “low-ranged”.
        Mid range should allow most users to perform most of today’s preferred actions…like load a boatload of apps, use most NFC functions like android pay, sharing, casting…
        ZMAX PRO without NFC & @only 2gb ram(install a lot of apps & the phone will lag at times) does not merit higher level just because it has a couple of other premium features.. the basics have not been covered “to preclude needing a second phone or withstanding lag”.
        As this move raises the bar for all categories!

        Hopefully it does away with the plethora of Samsung $100-something low range models @ small screens / resolutions, 1/2 GB ram, 8/16gb storage.

        • Drewski

          Wow you’re comment is rather negative still Bro. Without it being NFC does not necessarily means for you to sit up there and call it entry level. No need to misjudge such a high premium phone in such way there Buddy. This phone right here is still a Mid-Range phone. So therefore no need to count this out of the Mid-Range group. No need to be negative/misjudge this wrong. No more negative comments about this phone here. Not Nice.

        • George Salcedo

          So if your RAM theory is to believe then all iPhones are low end correct?

        • Drewski

          Great point being made on your behalf there Brother :)

    • NardVa

      Entry level phones don’t come with 32GB storage, 2GB ram and a 1080P screen. Entry level is the Galaxy On5 or the LG K7.

      • Drewski

        Well said there my friend :)

    • 3165dwayne

      I’ve never really had much chances to use NFC and neither has anyone that I know. This phone is definitely not low end or entry level. This is clearly a midrange product judging from the screen resolution, processor, and RAM that is on par with the iPhone.

      • Bluegrapes

        I wish I could use android pay but I know I will always end up rooting my phones anyway so why bother making sure my phones have NFC?

        I wish scannable QR codes was another way of payment :(

    • I don’t use NFC for anything – never have, never will until i have no choice.

  • David

    Will this work on T-Mobile without any intervention right out of box?

    • No. (At least the MetroPCS version won’t). You need 90 consecutive days of service with Metro before you can unlock it and use it on different carriers.

      End of October, i’m unlocking mine and moving it to Net10 – same towers and coverage sa Metro, better (in my opinion) plans and ToS.

  • MisterSuperGod

    Pretty damn good specs for a hundred bucks.

  • MadJoe

    Hell, for $99 it’s a great kids tablet if nothing else. Portable, cheap, and decent specs? I might get one as just that.

  • marcvyrus

    For all of you complaing about the lack of NFC seem to skip over that this phone fully supports the aggregation including Band 12. This is the cheapest phone that I know of that can do that

    • riverhorse

      One thing has nothing to do with the other.

      • Drewski

        Stop hating Bro and stop with the poor negativity. It is still a Mid-Range phone. Get yourself together there Brother :)

  • mreveryphone

    T-Mobile sim won’t work???

    • MisterSuperGod

      It will but as far as i know, it’ll need to be unlocked first.
      Not sure what Metro’s policy is on that, however.
      Worst case scenario, you could pay one of the many online services to obtain an unlock code.

      • mreveryphone

        Oh.. I see

        • MisterSuperGod

          So, i’m reading that “you must have consecutive service for 90 days before requesting an unlock code”. That’s according to Metro’s web site…

  • Anyone know if there’s any international LTE bands?

  • a d00d

    I have to chime in, lack of NFC does not a bad phone make. I have both a Galaxy Note II and Nexus 6, and I have yet to use NFC on either one. It really only makes a difference if you’re hard-up for [Android|Walmart|Samsung|whatever]-Pay. Oh, and you can do the original thing of using NFC tags, but I don’t know anyone who does that. Likewise for file-sharing (phone “tapping”), but it seems easier to just skip NFC and use direct Bluetooth of WiFi transfers (NFC file transfer really just sets up a BT channel, anyway, because NFC speed is very slooooow).

    2 GB of DRAM combined with a mid-range processor might be a problem, especially with Nougat, but that remains to be seen. GPU is the same Adreno 420 found in Snapdragon 805 used in numerous devices including Nexus 6, so the lower-res screen should be easy to drive and should help with the DRAM load (video memory).

    Finally though, there’s that sub-$100 price. I mean, seriously. This thing is almost as high powered as Shamu / Nexus 6 with the same GPU yet new is costing 1/3rd or so the price of a used Nexus 6. Big question: can you root and load 3rd party stuff on it? If so, this is just such a no-brainer unless you want to switch to Project Fi (which I’m thinking about since T-Mobile cut off all data roaming with Commnet–but I digress).

    There’s also the question of Chinese spyware since it’s a ZTE device, but hopefully Tmo inspects the ROM image before offering them for sale…yeah, right, I know still better than AT&T and Verizon deliberately crippling their phones!

    • Drewski

      I agree. Bluetooth is so much better than NFC anyways.

  • a d00d

    Oh, and Thomas, I wouldn’t count on it. Only the highest-end devices really roam on most world-wide data networks. Mostly, there’s at least 2 versions of a device, the Canada/USA version and the worldwide/APT version. For example, with the Nexus 6, XT1100 is the international version and XT1103 is the NAm version. The only difference is the radio because it needs to handle different band plans.

    This may or may not be true in the future. Already cellular radios do things that a decade ago didn’t seem physically possible. Triple carrier aggregation is now a reality (though this phone doesn’t do it, but according to the article supports SAME BAND (4) CA, which sounds totally impossible, but do remember reading about it somewhere–not sure where Tmo would need it, though, as I thought all their B4 blocks were contiguous), and radios span nearly half a GHz and bandwidth without crazy filtering. (That doesn’t mean the base stations don’t have some crazy filter networks and they’re transmitting with much higher power and usually next to other carriers’ radios!)

    With all this I have somewhat of a hard time imagining what high-end military transceivers are capable of at this point in time: remember, much of this tech began to be developed in the 60’s, but they had to wait a decade before they could hope to do it in real-time (and even then it took big iron).

  • B Berg

    I just chatted with a T-Mobile rep online this morning and she said that they will be getting this phone also.

    • MisterSuperGod

      Did they give a time frame, by chance?

      • B Berg

        She said begining of Aug. Probably a couple days after metro like they did with the new LG phone

    • Ray

      Do you know when they will start carrying this device?

  • AS118

    It’s nice, but I want more sub 5″ one-hand friendly phones.

    • Drewski

      Be thankful Bro. Now stop complaining. You cannot always make it about you though Brother. You also have to worry about others and their wants too. Next time think before you talk :)

      • dman

        hey why don’t YOU stop complaining and lighten up. It’s just an opinion.

  • J.R. Vasquez

    I want this device as I now have a ZTE ZMAX on T-Mobile. I’m ready to move up in specs. The messed up deal here will be as some of you have mentioned already, TMo is GOING to charge more for the device than the MetroPCS price. Unless they are going to add some kind of additional feature that MetroPCS folks don’t get I would like Mr. Legere and crew to explain to us why this is so…

  • CDaniel

    I was considering MetroPCS, but I’ve heard mixed things about them, and they wouldn’t sell me the phone unlocked. However, Walmart is selling the ZMax Pro for $150 for their Family Mobile service that runs on the T-Mobile network, and I purchased one on Friday. I’m loving this phone; it’s not the best, but for $150 I’m not going to complain.

    • John

      Were you able to pop in a T-Mobile SIM cad in the Walmart Family Mobile phone and it worked? I have heard this can’t be done anymore.

      • CDaniel

        No, I was not. Walmart Family Mobile has a policy that you must have 2 months (if I remember correctly) of continuous service before they’ll unlock a phone. I ended up just going back to Walmart and got a refund.