T-Mobile strikes $48 million settlement with FCC over unlimited data plan deprioritization


T-Mobile today entered into an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding regarding disclosures about its unlimited data plan and deprioritization.

In March 2015, the FCC began investigating T-Mobile over how it explained its policy of deprioritizing heavy unlimited data users. The FCC says that it received hundreds of complaints from T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers that were unhappy about the deprioritization and felt that T-Mobile wasn’t providing the unlimited data service that was being advertised.

According to the FCC, T-Mobile’s public disclosures about its deprioritization policy before June 2015 were not sufficient in informing customers about what would happen to heavy data users. The FCC says that T-Mobile did not identify the threshold at which customers would begin being deprioritized, didn’t explain how the deprioritization would affect their service, or make clear the slowed data speeds that a deprioritized customer would experience.

As a result of the FCC’s investigation into T-Mobile and today’s agreement, T-Mo has agreed to update its disclosures for its deprioritization and clearly explain restrictions for its unlimited data plans in all advertising or stop using the word “unlimited” to describe plans that are subject to deprioritization. T-Mobile has also agreed to provide direct, individual notifications to customers when they’re nearing the deprioritization threshold.

The agreement will also see T-Mobile spend at least $35.5 million to offer benefits to T-Mobile and MetroPCS unlimited data plan customers. These benefits will include a 20 percent accessory discount (up to $20) and a 4GB of extra data for customers on a mobile internet plan.

T-Mobile has agreed to spend at least $5 million to purchase devices and mobile broadband service for students in low-income school districts. This program will begin in October 2017 and run for four years, providing at least 80,000 students with a device during that time.

Finally, T-Mo will pay a $7.5 million penalty.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere responded to today’s news by tweeting, “Good settlement with FCC today. @TMobile believes more info is best for customers” and “Glad we could help schools with this solution as well.”

T-Mobile and MetroPCS both have web pages dedicated to the benefits that will be offered as a result of this agreement. T-Mo says that customers will be notified of these offers if they’re eligible. To be eligible, you must be on an unlimited LTE plan 30 days prior to notification of the offers.

In June 2015, T-Mobile began deprioritizing unlimited data plan customers after they used 21GB of data in a single month. Before that threshold was put in place, though, T-Mo’s policy was to deprioritize customers who used more data than 97 percent of customers on the network. That policy is much more vague than the 21GB threshold put in place by T-Mo in June 2015, and that’s what the FCC took issue with, in addition to T-Mo’s lack of clarity about what would happen to customers who had been deprioritized.

T-Mobile’s current deprioritization policy applies to customers who usage exceeds 26GB of data per month, and this number is based on network usage stats from the most recent quarter. Additionally, T-Mo does say that deprioritization “may result in slower data speeds.”

Source: FCC

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  • John Doe

    Good. Now we wait for the Binge On fine! The FCC needs to slap John Legere a few times to wake him the hell up.

    Uncarrier is supposed to help consumers not T-Mobile.

    • kevev

      T-Mobile needs to get paid. That’s understandable. It is a business. I agree with you on Binge On. It should be illegal. But alas nobody seems to care.

      • John Doe

        The FCC does, they just take a long time to act.

        Also they shouldn’t call something an Uncarrier move if other carriers are already doing it.

        Releasing a plan that is called unlimited but has limits is not an uncarrier move LoL

        • themanwithnoname

          Why does everyone get the idea that unlimited DATA means all of these other unlimited things that come with it? It literally only means you can use as much data as you want. Doesn’t anyone use a dictionary these days? It doesn’t say unlimited speed, It doesn’t have to be HD video to still be unlimited DATA. Literally only means use as much as you want. Geez people.

        • thepanttherlady

          When I signed up for this back in 2013, I signed up for unlimited high speed.

        • John Doe

          Thank you.

          That is like someone telling you can have unlimited candy but then they take away skittles because they run out or it is expensive or whatever.

          “You can have unlimited high speed internet or unlimited 4G LTE*”

          *We set a limit on how much high speed data you can use.

        • Locust Gee

          Why are you still here moneybags Verizon/ATT wannabe?

        • John Doe

          Oh, please. I have been with T-Mobile for a long time. But that doesn’t even matter.

        • Locust Gee

          Exactly, you put up with crap cause you can’t afford any thing BETTER.

        • John Doe

          No its because I like their services, their network, and their customer service has been amazing to me but that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize them over stupid decisions.

        • John Doe

          clearly you need to lookup unlimited because that is NOT what unlimited means lmao

          Simple Definition of unlimited
          : without any limits or restrictions
          : not limited in number or amount
          Full Definition of unlimited
          1: lacking any controls : unrestricted (unlimited access)
          2: boundless, infinite (unlimited possibilities)
          3: not bounded by exceptions : undefined (the unlimited and unconditional surrender of the enemy — Sir Winston Churchill)


        • themanwithnoname

          Yeah exactly, without limits and not limited in number or amount (use as much data as you want) Still doesn’t make a difference about speed.
          Lacking any controls ( not controlling how much data you use)
          Boundless ( use as much as you want)
          not bound by exceptions ( use as much as you want)
          All of these just explain that you can use as much data as you want which is what I already said. Nothing there adds up to anything else. Unless T-mobile specifically says you can have unlimited this or that.

        • John Doe

          You seem to miss the “…restrictions” part LoL

          You can’t just read what you want. This isn’t semantics. It is pretty clear cut.

        • themanwithnoname

          That doesn’t relate to speed in any possible way. They just won’t cut you off completely. For any reason except anything they have inside their policy of course. But that is up to the people to read. Not T-mobiles fault on that one.

        • BlueTide

          LOL unlimited data with limited speed…. or limited power (your phone shuts off)…

    • Nicolas Lalaurette

      You do know that you can opt out binge on? I did on all my lines, and it was explained by tmobile several times.

  • Panzer

    Hasn’t it been after 26GBs they can potentially throttle you? I thought that was told to me back in 2013.

    • John Doe

      Reading something on Tmonews does not mean it was told to you lmao

      And T-Mobile wasn’t even throttling in 2013 so why the hell would they tell you that. Maybe you work at T-Mobile and you know something we and the FCC don’t know.

      • Panzer

        When I signed up for my unlimited plan in 2013, the same plan I have today, I was told from the rep at the store “After 26GBs you could be throttled”.

        • John Doe

          Really? The Store rep told you that? lmao

          T-Mobile probably banished him to hell by now because he used the word throttle LoL

      • livewire1981

        While Panzer’s dates might be a bit off. Check your facts before you spout off mate.

        Current standing is below.

        “On all plans, during congestion the top 3% of data users (>26GB/mo.) may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle.”

        • John Doe

          He said 2013!!!!

          That is way off and a T-Mobile employee would not say throttle…ever! (look at comment below)

        • Locust Gee

          The same troll who keeps threatening to leave can’t afford to no matter what = John Doe!!

        • John Doe

          I never threatened to leave T-Mobile. I love T-Mobile’s services and their network but that doesn’t mean I can’t criticize stupid decisions they make.

          Seems to me like you are the troll here because I am talking about substantive issues while you are just calling people trolls. Oh, the irony.

        • Locust Gee

          EVERYONE knows you have continually whine about bad services.
          For years now. Just wondering why you DON’Twant leave if it’s THAT bad??

        • Fabian

          Hahaha so true ;)

      • Lance “Llini” Guilford

        Tmo had been throttling as far back as 2011. I’ve existing it then for you know it alls on here.

  • patt

    Does tablet count for the extra data?

    • Nobody Special

      unlimited simple choice customers with tablets and wifi hotspots will get the extra 4GB data, but the kicker is that the 4GB extra data is only for the month of December.

  • Timothy

    This article uses the terms deprioritization and throttling synonymously when they are not the same. If you are going to write an article about it you should know that and explain the difference.

    As for customer who complain about things like deprioritization, throttling, BingeOn (one of the comments I saw), they need to start doing more research about how all carriers handle these things. While no company is perfect, T-Mobile and Legere really have changed the industry for the better while making significant improvements to the network (and before anyone says otherwise, ALL mobile providers have dead spots, dropped calls, areas of slow data, and have had significant network outages).

    • Alex Wagner

      Thanks for your input, Timothy. I’ve updated the post to make it more clear that we’re talking about deprioritization.

  • Terms of the Agreement…

    Yes, T-mobile undeniably has changed the industry. However, it does not take away the fact at least in this instance, they (John Legere) need to be more transparent in their marketing.

    Believe it or not, I like some of the terms of the agreement and benefits, per the article which includes a 20 percent accessory discount (up to $20) and a 4GB of extra data for customers on a mobile internet plan. OH, Yeah!!

  • UnlimitedUser

    I’m really curious how much impact depriortization had to the service quality. I don’t imagine that they meant it became 2G speed, right?

    • Adam

      Speed can go to zero. Although in real life, I have never seen that happen.

    • thepanttherlady

      The times I’ve been “deprioritized” made my internet unusable.

      • T Redd

        Same here.. Somtimes days

      • Acdc1a

        I think it’s very area dependent. I’ve heard the stories and I’ve been de-prioritized but for me it was 2 Mbps compared to the 18 that my wife’s phone was pulling at the same time.

    • DDLAR

      Most of the time you won’t even notice it. However, if you’re in a very busy area you may see a significant drop in speed. It’s totally dependent on how saturated the towers are in your immediate area.

      • Fabian

        We don’t know when we are being deprioritized and by how much. And the same will be for tethering now.

        T-Mobile is still not transparent.

    • Acdc1a

      If you’ve ever exceeded the top 3% I can promise you’ve been de-prioritized at one point or another. May just seem like a slow period. It’s happened to me (even when I wasn’t on unlimited but used binge-on) and while noticeable, it wasn’t that bad…surely not 2G speed.

  • MIke

    In the end the customer got screwed and receives only a small “let’s kiss and makeup” settlement. As far as helping low income students is concerned, TMO should have been doing this all along as a good corporate citizen. It’s a shame that government needs to remind (by way of a settlement requirement) multiple billion dollar corporations that they need to be generous stewards in the community where that make bizziolions of dollars. Generous community service to low income students, made by wealthy corporations is a tax write off and costs them very little in dollars but huge return in good will.

  • msohail

    Can we have more details on the 4GB of extra mobile data? how is this going to work.

  • Pooper scooper

    I work as a Frontline employee, I think uncarrier is a scam, the company switches words around to make you think the plans are unlimited or your not in a contract. So the new tmobile one, 70 a month with easy pay.. OK you are getting 480p video quality and 2g or 3g tethering, to get 1080p and LTE tethering you must pay an additional 25 a month. So the whole no contract thing, yes if you own your own device than it is not a contract and if you cancel than there is no penalty but if you finance a device and you cancel than you pay a hefty penalty, much more than the original 200 termination fee, why can’t people open their eyes and see that tmobile may have changed the industry in some ways but honestly it’s identical to the other 3 companies. That’s why I think it’s a scam to just get people in the door. Also this company has always tailored to lower class customers, and it continues today… It’s real sad that people think this company is making great moves when in reality it’s doing the same as the others but with different wording.

    • Acdc1a

      If you are a T-Mobile employee it’s time to find a company to work for that you can believe in. If not (let’s just call it my intuition that you’re not) you’re a troll and should troll elsewhere.

      • Rob

        Exactly what I thought.

        • Drewski

          Hey Rob. How are you doing today?

    • themanwithnoname

      That’s a pretty good deal for most people though. I can hardly tell the difference between 480p and 1080p enough on a small phone that I care enough. Yeah 1080p is clearer but, I just don’t need to see every little detail perfectly. Not when half the stuff we watch it doesn’t even matter on. I don’t think anyone is going to be sad that they missed some pimples on some dudes face. I honestly don’t know anyone that tethers. and the ones that do, if they are doing it to avoid paying for home internet, $25 is a pretty damn good deal vs the over $50 a month home internet costs.
      What’s your deal about the phone payments? They make it very clear what their deal is on that. Of course you’d have to pay off the phone regardless. You are financing it. There is no scam. I have 4 people on a Tmobile One plan and paying only $65a month with my phone payment for unlimited data is pretty damn good.

    • JJCommonSense

      This is the same argument that folks were peddlin when Tmobile first started offering device payments…. Now look, EVERY CARRIER is offering the exact same. These telco companies are not in the business if providing free financing of your phone without u using, and paying for their service. If u dont want to sign a purchase agreement or a 2 year service agreement, dont do it. Buy your phone outright and pag for what u want. Or put the device on your own credit card and pay interest. Everybody wants to holler “SCAM” because they don’t read the fine print.. U have choices… If the companies were still doing $0 2yr agreements for new customers a person could just get the device and pay a $350 cancellation fee the next day and own a $7-800 device for $350..Now they’ve lost a subsidy and dont even have the new customer to show for it..

    • Senior Management of T-Mobile

      Your FIRE!

    • Jay J. Blanco

      I was paying full price before the full price movement took off so that’s no biggie for me. Signing a contract was a horrible idea for me

    • Moe

      You seem a bit angry – want to talk about it? It might be best for you find an employer that you can support and believe in. Clearly you’re not supporting your current employer. Hope that they dont fire you before you can find new work.

    • Juan Carlos Tejada

      lol, just reading the crap that brainwashed tmo customers, trying to justify the corruption of this CEO, he is same thing as others CEO’s, but…Karma is a Beach in Hell..!

  • Jason Caprio

    Direct quote from John Legere on his Youtube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-RW9Q7zl1E

    “T-Mobile is going all unlimited. Why? Because we can! We have the only network in wireless that makes this possible.”

    LIES! LIES! LIES!! If what he said was true, then there wouldn’t have to be all this throttling and prioritization. I can’t wait until I receive my Pixel XL which will be used on Verizon lol

    • Acdc1a

      And you can pay more for less. Enjoy.

      • Jason Caprio

        I’m willing to pay more for a service that actually works when I travel.

        • Acdc1a

          I travel quite extensively…and I promise you I can use it wherever I go. When it’s international I’d like to compare service and phone bills with you.

        • coverage

          It’s sad that T-Mobile has seamless roaming internationally, but not in the US. I bet you can’t travel throughout the Southeast and have comparable coverage to Verizon.

        • Jay J. Blanco

          Save your money I have all kinds of issues with Verizon. Including Pandora never f***ing working. Biggest waste ever can’t wait to switch back

        • ProfessorMegan

          I had verizon for six months, and EVERYDAY, I had at least one dropped call. I was in an area with supposedly excellent coverage too. I’m with tmobile know and love it and the much lower monthly bill. I have a friend who works in the middle east but literally travels all around the world. He is with Tmobile and has no issues using the service wherever.

  • kmslayer

    so only 4gb extra for one month??? pffft

    • Read the Small Print…

      Yes, sadly, that is why it is good to read the small print.

  • Behind the Seams…

    Just wondering, how much is John Legere costing T-mobile behind the seams including the marketing and advertising efforts, the un-carrier moves and now the $48 million FCC settlement.

    • Andrew Singleton

      “behind the scenes,” and are you insinuating that t-mobile should not advertise or pay their CEO?

  • BillBurnett

    This is an idiotic and unnecessary fine on T-Mobile’s part. All they had to do was to be ACTUALLY more “Uncarrier” in their advertising of the services they are selling.

  • FryChickenIsha

    I’m thinking about canceling my service with T-Mobile. I’m not sure if it’s the area where I live or my phone, but my data speeds are between 15Mbps and 25mbps. Whenever I try to watch YouTube or Netflix it takes way longer than usual. I’m grandfather on the 2 lines for 100 unlimited plan. BingeON is off, I’ve called T-Mobile but always get the same response, “Your data should be working properly. There is nothing wrong on our side. We are not currently working on any towers around your area. Try to reset your phone. If the problem persists, please visit your nearest T-Mobile store.” I’ve reset my iPhone 7 Plus network settings, updated to latest software 10.0.2. Also reset the phone and started from scratch. Nothing changed. Switched my sim to a Note4 and same problem. Today I went to my local store and the lady who helped me told me I needed to get a new sim for $20. And maybe that would fix the problem. I know other family members who have T-Mobile, are experiencing the same problem. Everything went downhill with this BingeON BS, and now T-Mobile One plan. Sucks because I prefer T-Mobile over any other carrier.

    • patt

      Update to 10.3 it suppose to fix some lye issues

      • Walt

        What is 10.3?

        • Dakota_Offspring

          He meant iOS 10.0.3

        • Walt

          When will that come out?

        • Walt

          never mind, the 10.0.3 update is only for the iphone 7 and 7 plus

        • patt


    • mikeZo6

      THEIR IS HUGE PROBLEM WITH IPHONE 7 ON MOBILE NETWORK ! Still have my 6s runs great data speeds great with same sim card from 6s too iPhone 7 phone really sucks on tmo network ! iPhone 7 should be recalled on tmo end

  • Jay J. Blanco

    I guess they’ll work on capacity more now.

  • Elier Ruiz

    They should keep the data bucket plans with data stash and offer a 20GB data plan with data stash. Including Binge on options . With all those free apps it would be difficult to run out of data in one month.

  • WhyDisclose?

    If TMO really believed “More info is best for customers”, they wouldn’t have to pay a fine. They would’ve voluntarily disclosed the data info prior to being called out on it. Annnnnnnnd they can donate to schools at anytime without having to make it a part of a settlement. If I tweeted, my hashtags would include: #CanYouTrustAnyCarrierOrUncarrier #DisclosesInfoToCustomersWhenForced #CanDonateToSchoolsAnyTime

  • aglee89

    So we have to spend money to get our discount instead of coming off of the bill, or used in a way that could help us……..Meanwhile the FCC gets 7.5 mill cash because they are the ones affected….. makes total sense.

    • Nobody Special

      i have been looking online so i can see the meat and potatoes of this agreement.. and i agree with you…the 20% discount on any in-stock smartphone accessory is worthless. What type of settlement offer is that?

      if i own a company and i mislead customers will my punishment be to give my customers 20% off all of my high priced accessories? Its cheaper to buy acessories directly from the manufacture than going to the middle man anyway.

      but what i can understand is that customers who have the simple choice plan or any tmobile branded tablet data plan will automatically receive a free upgrade of 4GB of data and the eligible customers will receive notice about the benefits from Tmobile by December 15, 2016.

      $5 million of the settlement will go to poor kids in low income school districts????? 80,000 students will get free tablets, smartphones and free data plans while I still have to pay for my data…. Does anyone else see that there is something wrong with this picture. I get scammed and someone else reaps the reward…. thats justice i guess.

      getting 4GB of data is a good start at apologizing to the Tmobile customers. But im confused….i have an unlimited plan… they cant add 4GB to an unlimited plan, I guess it will be added to my mobile wifi hotspot instead.

      I have 2 on demand tablet plans that have the 200 mb for life … will they add 4GB to that????

      I have a 6GB mobile internet/tablet data plan that cost $25
      and a 2GB mobile internet/tablet data plan that cost $10….. so by the end of this year im figuring i will get upgraded to a:

      10GB mobile internet/tablet plan that will remain $25
      and a 6GB mobile internet tablet plan that will remain $10. and this line would qualify for the video bingeOn too… i hit the jackpot (ching ching)…lol

      that is justice PAID IN FULL !!!!!!! sorry tmobile :(

      i do care about the poor school kids. But why do they need tablets and phones? If they are poor, T-mobile should give these poor school kids Dominoes Pizzas on Tmobile Tuesdays!!!!!!!

      oh…umm (the elephant in the room) that reminds me… all of this money that is being paid to the fcc will indirectly affect the forthcoming tmobile tuesdays. Im sure instead of getting VUDU CREDITS and Ice cream and Subway Sandwiches…. we will start getting a 12 oz can of Sam’s Club soda and a Walmart jelly filled donut (at least the donut comes with jelly).


      • BlueTide

        It’s some nice redistribution.. You didn’t need that money anyway!

        T-Mobile sucks… dumped ’em long ago… lying scum…

        • Nobody Special

          Yes, you are correct I don’t need the money.,.. but I would like to be a modern day Robin hood and give the riches to the rightful owners.

        • Drewski

          Wrong you seriously do need the money. I too could use some of that money also.

        • BlueTide

          LOL… The Robin Hood is the government.. they stole it from you and gave it to some illegal alien…. you rock man!

        • Nobody Special

          yes, you are right – The government is Robin Hood…. lol

        • Nobody Special

          i have been looking to migrate to Verizon… But my phone plan is exceptional right now. But in 2018 T-mobile will be increasing the price of my Simple Choice Promo Unlimited Plan, so im looking for a new cellular home before that day comes.

        • Drewski

          You must have gotten the promo that will only last you for a certain amount of time then? They are not increasing anyones grandfathered promo plan.

        • Drewski

          Wrong we still needed that money anyways Bro. Poor people deserve goodies too. Money, Tablets, Free internet, Free smartphones phones with advanced featuring. No need to be self centered and less caring towards poor people.

        • Nobody Special

          im actually not being less caring to poor people. The point I was attempting to make that there is already a Federal Funded Program that provides free cell phones and free cell phones to poor people. It is called Life Line. Based on your income, or if you are on medicaid, etc., you are qualified. So it doesnt make any sense to give phones and phone service to people that already have access to a free phone and phone service.

          I believe in helping the poor… but dont tell me poor people need a PS4.

        • Nobody Special

          Its a waste of money on poor people … this money could be used to feed the poor and not give them a phone to watch netflix, and youtube, and to talk nonsense on Twitter & Facebook. Its a stupid settlement, thats all.

          There was the whole Volkswagon coverup…. if the Government fined the Volkswagon company $300 Million Dollars and then used that money to give low income families automobiles that would be a slap in the face to the people that spent thousands of dollars purchasing a faulty Volkswagen. If you mislead a customer, the customer should get the settlement and not 80,000 people that are not even Tmobile customers.

          FYI: Many customers that Tmobile has are low income students too.

        • Mike

          Look bazillion dollar companies need to provide services to the communities where they make all of their money. You assume far too much that all poor kids just watch Netflix. How about study? Do homework? Try to get ahead by using the internet to actually learn something. I’m poor because I’m cardicvascular disabled and waiting for a transplant. Obviously not able.to work and survive on a small SS check I have a masters.degree and far from lazy or stupid – just disabled with limited money. As a result my kids are poor too. You’re blaming the victim and begrudging poor people access to telecommunication and internet access. Shame on you. Maybe if you got down off your high horse you’d actually learn that we poor people have the same desired and hopes for our kids that you have for yours.

        • Nobody Special

          Mike, I did not intend to offend anyone with my comments. I apologize if my comments sounded foolish and insensitive. but im fine with providing poor students with tablets but dont use a settlement thats meant for a one group of individuals and give it to another.

          lets say the FCC uncovered that for about 15 years your home internet provider used shady practices to trick customers in purchasing unlimited data plans but provided them with data plans that had a 10GB limit. The FCC imposed fines of $90 Million dollars on the Internet Service Provider. The FCC deducted $10 Million of the money for their fines and they give the 40 Million customers (including you) $10 off your December invoice and the $80 Million that is left over will be sent to Haiti to help them rebuild after the Hurricane demolished their country. I have nothing against the Hatians, they do deserve help and resources to help their people, but im sure you would be at your lawyers office looking to get some of that $80 Million Dollars instead of allowing the company to send it to a poor country.

        • Nobody Special

          T-Mobile should give free phones and tablets to poor people seperately from this settlement. Thats like if someone gets scammed into buying a Volkswagon with crappy emission testing, but in the settlement instead of the money going to the customers the money is used to give homeless people free vehicles to drive. How fair is that?

        • Andrew Singleton

          you’ve defeated your argument by misunderstanding the necessity of the internet in 2016

        • BlueTide

          It’s really nice your going to take the money TMobile stole from you and give it to “poor” people… You are the better man… I just hope you can afford to pay for 2 phones.. one for you and one for your buddies….

      • Nobody Special

        I found the information concerning this 4GB increase…. UPDATE: its only for 1 month … lol… for the month of December qualified customers will get 4GB of data added to their tablet or mobile internet data plan. That is definetly a merry christmas from the grinch if i haver saw one. So basically the FCC earned $7.5 million, the poor school kids get free tabets and phone services for the next 4 years while the paying customers that got tricked by deceptive marketing practices get only 4GB data added to their tablet plan only for the month of December…lol… and this 4GB goes only to the customers who have unlimited data pans: specificaly a Simple Choice MINT Plan. The mint plans are the tablet and mobile internet hotspots plans. Alot of unlimitted customers dont have tablet and mobile internet hotspot plans… so basically the T-mobile customer got tricked yet again….lol

        a). The $7.5 million should go to the customers,

        b).The 4GB of data for the month of December should go to the FCC and the 20% accessory discount should go to the FCC too.

        c). poor school kids dont need tabets so they can watch xxx movies, give them books and food. It’s the same as giving 80,000 homeless people phones… Umm, under Ronald Regan program initiative, poor people already have access to the Life Line Free Phone Program.

        a stupid tmobile customer wrote this message (Me).

        • Darrell

          “The $7.5 million should go to the customers”

          With an estimated 67.4M customers, the math makes me ask: just what WOULD you do with that $8.98 that they gave you? ;-)

        • Nobody Special

          the settlement was for $48 million but the FCC collected $7.5 million in fines and the rest they must use for the 4GB worthless data for one month, 20% discounts on accessories and the rest get wasted on giving tablets to poor students to log onto Facebook and watch Netflix. They will probably be eligible for Tmobile tuesdays also getting VUDU credits and ice cream.

          but back to your question about what i would do with the settlement money….. after the FCC took their $7.5 million cut of the pie, that leaves $40.5 million left…

          so roughly $40 million distributed to 67 million customers…. we would be getting a little over $500,000 each…. not sure how i would spend it, but i would think of something.

          then i would get a new phone line with Verizon lol

  • F uc u

    Wow I think what t Mobile was trying to say is hello my friend my loyal customers assume the position bent over backwards my customer service personnel they gonna Drive this big stick at you rear-end to blow your brains out sincerely your t Mobile provider’s

    • Andrew Singleton


  • Juan Carlos Tejada

    this order is a slap in the wrist to tmo, but is a great victory ALL scammed customers who complain, this is just one of many, what about the force software updates, the unauthorized accounts manipulatioms, the temporary service suspensions due maintenance? a lot of crap. hope others agency’s take a bite of the cake.

    • Choice…

      If you are that dissatisfied for all reasons given, you have a choice to go to any other carrier anytime and any day. Your Choice!

      • Juan Carlos Tejada

        ok, thanks, NEXT….!, by the way, Im not longer with t-mobile.

        • Drewski

          Why are you here then? T-Mobile will always be the best of the best. T-Mobile-MetroPCS Nation Family has always been very transparent about everything there’s Brother. Keep on being miserable okay? Good.

        • Juan Carlos Tejada


        • Walt

          Dont even try arguing with drewski. He’s always right

        • thepanttherlady

          Great. Thanks for the extra work I’ll have for the next 24 hours, Walt. *mad face*

        • Juan Carlos Tejada

          I dont blame him, Legere, did alot more damage.

        • whatdoyouthink

          He’s trolling your momma

        • Nopchere

          What a joke.

  • Juan Carlos Tejada

    and much more claims to be open, lol, sweet.

  • Mike

    TMO got caught doing something it should not have done and now have to pony up some money goods and services. Customers got screwed as is always the case with these settlements. To get my chunk of the settlement I have to purchase accessories (give TMO MORE MONEY) in order to get a discounted price and get a one time small allocation of data that may or not be carried forward through data stash. TMO in turn gets to write off this fine against it bizilliom dollar Enterprise…what a deal! Truth is the penalty is insignificant and does not create a “pain point” to stop TMO (or other carrier for that matter) from doing another stupid move…

    • Gaius Julivs Caesar

      Last month spent 115GB only on my cellphone, data plan prioritization my a$$ xD

  • T Redd

    Im on the same plan to. I hope that doesn’t happen.

    • Nobody Special

      if they raise the rates on the misfit unlimited customers im planning on going to Verizon.

  • busted

    Got caught with your fingers in the cookie jar again, John? TMO is just as crooked as AT&T and Verizon!

  • Nopchere

    T mo sucks.