T-Mobile Black Friday deals reportedly leak out


With Halloween today and Thanksgiving next month, we’re officially starting to get deep into the holiday season. Rather than putting on a costume or finding a good turkey recipe, though, some folks are gearing up for the big shopping holiday that is Black Friday. The good news for them is that T-Mobile’s Black Friday deals may have recently leaked.

A Reddit user recently shared what they say are T-Mobile’s current plans for Black Friday deals. There are plan, device, and accessory deals included here, such as a fourth line free on T-Mobile One plans and a Buy One, Get One deal on Samsung flagships.

Here’s the list of Black Friday deals that T-Mobile is allegedly planning to offer:

  • Fourth Line On Us: T-Mobile One four line deal
  • iPad On Us: Free iPad mini 4 with bill credits, $250 off iPad Pro 9.7 32GB or iPad Air 2 also available
  • Thanksgiving Phone On Us: Free Samsung Galaxy J7, LG K10, LG K7, Samsung Galaxy On5, or LG G5 via bill credits
  • Samsung flagship BOGO: Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 or Galaxy Note 5 and get a second one half off via bill credits
  • Port-in credit 200: Get $200 bill credit when you activate four lines and port in phone numbers for each
  • Port-in credit 50: Get $50 bill credit when you activate one line and port in a number
  • UE Boom 2: $99 (Normally $199.99)
  • UE Mega Boom: $199 (Normally $299.99)
  • iPhone accessory bundle: Buy three iPhone accessories, get 30 percent off
  • iPhone For All: 16GB iPhone SE for $99 after bill credits

T-Mobile has regularly offered Black Friday deals in the past, and so it’s no surprise to hear that they’re cooking up BF deals for this year, too. While these leaked deals aren’t yet official, there looks to be a little something for everyone, with rate plan deals, Android and iOS hardware offers, and some discounted accessories, too.

Black Friday is happening November 25 this year, so stay tuned for more on T-Mo’s BF deals over the coming weeks.

Thanks, Ashhab!

Source: Reddit

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  • JLV90

    Free iPad mini sounds good as long as I don’t have to upgrade to a One plan

    • Ya. Seriously. Last few good offers by T-Mobile always threw in that “T-Mobile ONE” requirement stipulation, killing the deal every time for me and everyone else who is happy with their Simple Choice or other grandfathered plans.

      • Sayahh

        ^ This. I don’t mind staying with T-Mo and buying a new phone and get monthly credits in lieu of one-time, lump sum discount, but the new plans just aren’t appealing to me.

      • Nobody Special

        T-Mobile ONE = The BORG

        Assimilation is the process by which the Borg integrate beings, cultures, and technology into their collective. “You will be assimilated” is one of the few on-screen phrases employed by the BORG.


    • msohail

      I agree .. T-Mobile one plans are good for new customers .. I am on a plan which is better and cheaper.

  • CasperTFG

    I’m not understanding the bill credit thing. Most of the deals listed above involve “bill credits”. What?

    • kpb321

      Basically it means you purchase the device with their Equipment Installment Plan but then they add a credit onto your bill for the monthly amount of the EIP so your bill doesn’t actually go up. That means you have to keep the phone/tablet active on your plan for the 2 years of the EIP or pay off the remaining balance if you cancel the line early. Not horrible if you plan to stay around but does mean you can’t cancel at any time without paying off the phone.

      • Francisco Peña

        yup… before they used to do gift/visa cards in the amount of the device and send that to you, thinking most people wouldn’t pay it off. But we did and got freebies, essentially. I got two LG G Pad X 8.0 from father’s day, got the gift cards and paid them off. Now they are christmas presents. Just had to maintain the lines until the device was paid off.

        • kpb321

          Yeah I picked up one of those too. Certainly wouldn’t have if it was bill credits (no intention to keep the data plan active for the tablet). Might go for one of the phones for my wife to replace her Z1S but not going to go for another tablet if it is bill credits.

          My order for my G Pad X 8.0 seems to have been a little problematic as my EIP for it still hasn’t shown up but I’ve got the Visa Gift card already. As it currently stands I’m making ~$200 for ordering the tablet if the EIP never actually shows up.

  • msohail

    As long as i don’t have to change my plans i will be getting the iPad Mini 4.. T-Mobile One plans maybe good but i am currently one a better plan.

    • SirMakoto

      that’s just wishful thinking. why would they give you a free ipad when you don’t change to the ONE plan? i hope i’m not correct, as i’d want an ipad mini too.

  • tranceformer978

    Damn, I was hoping for free pizzas on Black Friday.

  • Aleks

    I don’t see anything here that would make me want to change my current plan to the new T-Mobile One plan. I am currently enjoying the 2 for $100 unlimited everything. No way I give this up for any devices like this. Plus, I am sure regular stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, even Amazon will have better deals than this that won’t require to change anything. Just buy the devices outright for less. Cyber Monday is your best bet. To each their own.

    • Nobody Special

      I enjoy the 2 lines for $100 unlimited everything too…. and the $10 Unlimited International Family Plan is the cherry on the cake. I will try to take my plan to heaven with me… Im sure there is coverage up there.

  • Francisco Peña

    I might do the Galaxy S7 bogo. have 2 G4s that while I’d like to keep as they go off the plan in a few extra months, I’d rather have new phones for the price of what i’m paying the G4s. just will hate the smaller screen.

    • Sayahh

      Too bad it’s not BOGOF, assuming this is even an accurate leak. BOGOHO is decent if you don’t have to sign up for the ONE plan and you can keep your existing plan.

  • mrcoolcat

    Free LG G5? Hopefully not with “one plan” sign up.

    • Ty Christensen

      If they don’t make you go on the “One plan” that’ll be my next phone, my Nexus 4 is not doing so good lately and the Google Pixel is too expensive and no payments through TMo, G5 would be a nice upgrade.

    • Gary T.

      I’d take the free LG G5 offer as it would be a decent deal even if the phone was a flop.

      • mrcoolcat

        Some of the reviews (especially the earlier one of the two on android police by David Ruddock) were not good at all! Camera, display, design, battery life, screen on time all getting low marks. If its really free and with less hassle I may consider.

  • 1) Repost 3 day old unsubstantiated rumor from Reddit
    2) ????
    3) PROFIT

    Journalism is truly dead…

    • kev2684

      This is a blog not CNET

  • mingkee

    No V20?
    No thanks

    • sir swish

      its a brand new phone so why would you expect something?

  • Cupcake

    So is that why I can’t find a Note 5 right now…they are saving them for Black Friday?? Sorry but T-Mo doesn’t really have any exciting phones right now…just my opinion.

    • SirStephenH

      You likely can’t find any because many people are trading down because of the spontaneous combusting Note 7s.

    • yankeesusa

      Lol, they have the same phones as every one else.

  • SirStephenH

    I was hoping for a V20 deal…

    • PiCASSiMO

      You have two… min $200 rebate and free headphones.

      • tranceformer978

        That $200 trade in credit promotion ended.

  • Rob

    Hmm… Wonder what the data cost would be for the iPad Mini… I’ve got an iPad Air first gen that has no cellular, I could use an upgrade.

    • bill

      T-mobile one plans for the tabs are $25 a month

  • vplaza

    If the leak is valid, it seems that Samsung doesn’t plan to discount the current top dog of their lineup, the S7 Edge, even in the wake of the Note 7 debacle. I guess people are still buying those in enough quantity that it doesn’t make sense for them to do any promos for it. Maybe I should have taken them up on the $50 off a few weeks ago.

  • Sergio

    So I still dont understand this bill credits thing. So the SE isnt $99 cuz I still have to pay it off? or…

    • Sherry D

      What this means, is that T-Mobile will finance the full amount of the phone for 24 months, but there will be a monthly credit on your bill to cover the cost of the phone except the $99. Example, the phone cost $399.99 so you will see a charge of $16.67 (depending on credit and if there is a down payment is required, varies) on each bill, then you will see a credit of $12.50 on each bill. So you will actually only see a difference of $4.17 on your bill.

  • Gdot Selftruth

    If I want the iPhone se deal would I have to switch to the new one plan? If NOT then I’d take that deal. Although I also hope they offer a deal on the 64 gig version.

  • cwglindn

    Most of this WAS FALSE in this news was false. I called many times to T-Mobile and they even told me Tmonews was usually right and to wait for the offer. Turns out this was one of the first (and major to me) times Tmonews got it wrong. No thanks to Ashhab (I’ll correct if CyberMonday finds these offers.