HTC 10 on sale in HTC’s store, $150 price cut will last until October 8


T-Mobile may have stopped selling the HTC 10, but if you’re still interested in HTC’s current HTC flagship, you can now get a discount on it from HTC itself.

HTC is cutting $150 off the price of the HTC 10 from October 1 through October 8. The HTC 10’s normal price is $699, so this sale knocks the price down to $549.

When buying the HTC 10 from HTC, you can select T-Mobile as your carrier or you can select the unlocked option. HTC has confirmed that the unlocked model supports T-Mobile’s band 12 LTE, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling features.

The HTC 10’s spec list includes a 5.2-inch 2560×1440 display, 12-megapixel rear camera with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization, Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a microSD slot, a fingerprint reader, and a 3,000mAh battery. So while it may not be the newest Android smartphone on the block, it’s still got a pretty respectable feature set.

To check out HTC’s deal, hit the link below.

Source: HTC

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  • Ty Christensen

    $550, not bad for those specs which are solid. Tue is Google’s event so we’ll see what the Pixel and Pixel XL have to offer, I’ve always liked HTC but I’ve liked Nexus’ better. If the rumors are true that the Pixels are “Google’s iPhone” and the Nexus’ are dead then I might jump ship to HTC again or get a Nexus 6P.

    • Jose

      Yeah 6p is really good. I like the front facing speakers.

    • Rick_Diesel

      if the Pixel phones are really gonna be $600+, that could turn a ton of people away from them unless they’re coming with Samsung-like specs and some form of differentiator

  • George Salcedo

    Finally some real price cuts, been stuck with a warranty exchange galaxy s6 and I’m not liking it at all.

  • Philip

    Really got spoiled by OLED screen. The bottom button on the screen is a turn off.

    • Rob

      The SLCD on the 10 is actually pretty fantastic and the fingerprint reader/home button isn’t on the screen, it’s under it and it’s the most accurate one I’ve ever used. The unlocked version gets crazy fast updates too and has full support for VoLTE and WiFi calling, something most unlocked phones can’t boast about.

      • Oscar Bolans

        Absolutely couldnt agree more. This is a great, great device.

      • Andrew Singleton

        agreed – also, the button is not a button, its a slight depression in the hardware but it doesn’t move at all. extremely solid feeling. i wont say apple copied it because im sure the design was final pre-10 but its an obvious improvement.

  • lomsha

    They should make that the permanent price.

    • Simom Jeffries


  • Acdc1a

    $50 more than what should have been the launch price. HTC had its chance to come back…and they blew it. Seems the Pixel pricing will be more of the same.

  • gmo8492

    This thing needs to have a price tag below $400 in order to be competitive. Companies like OnePlus and ZTE are killing it in terms of specs, build quality and price. HTC needs to get their head out of the sand and stop thinking its still 2010.

    • Andrew Singleton

      Huawei Honor 8 is stunning

    • marque2

      Oneplus is the master at making cheap but very unstable phones. Yeah, if you are a tech nerd and can fiddle all day and look all over the Internet for fixes, great phone. For the regular person, or Grandma, not so much. Also I don’t think they properly support band 12 with the VoLTE.

  • TheCudder

    Sadly, still too high. I just ordered the OnePlus 3…can’t keep waiting for HTC to hit the below $500 price point.

    • noh1bvisas

      no wifi calling on the 1+3 is a deal-killer for me.

      • TheCudder

        True. I wasn’t excited about that, but I use an LTE CellSpot at home anyway. My experience with WiFi calling has been horrible, walk 10 feet away from the router and the call drops.

        • Zach Chadwick

          That’s a problem with your router.

        • TheCudder

          So you’re saying my routers firewall blocks Wifi calling traffic after 10 feet? LOL Signal strength is great. It says WiFi calling is working anywhere, but I get a call and walk 10 feet away the call drops. It has gone further than that before, but rarely.

        • Rob

          That’s a router problem. If distance is the factor that kills your call, it’s your router at fault. That’s common sense logic.

        • Jimmy James

          For myself, the LTE CellSpot that does not require Wi-Fi, and acts like a true repeater, saved T-Mobile from losing me as a customer. Not that they care anyway.

  • harh

    I have an older HTC and I like it but this new is just too expensive.

    • Andrew Singleton has a trade-up program. you might be able to shave 100-200 off the price.

  • genretv

    HTC discounted the M9 last year to $400 (or was it 350?) for about a week during the holidays right around black Friday.

  • Rick_Diesel

    this is the price it shoudl’ve started at…at least LG is starting to figure out pricing their phones

    • George Salcedo

      Yeah but it’s too bad their hardware production issues are terrible.

    • Andrew Singleton

      the G5 started at $630, at least at TMO. they only reduced it because of low demand. for you and me, this is an intelligent discussion – but for 90% of upgraders, price is not an object in the decision.

      • Rick_Diesel

        totally agree. A lot of people, especially at T-Mo, buy phones on what other people tell them and think they are getting “deals”

  • Oscar Bolans

    The HTC is an amazing device without compromises. Battery life, sound quality, super fast, accurate fingerprint sensor and great build quality make it a great phone. I’m glad the price is finally coming down.

  • Mike Simon

    Why did T-Mobile stop selling it?

    • Andrew Singleton

      i wonder that every single day.

    • marque2

      Basically, it wasn’t selling well.

  • Rob Sauceda

    This phone is really good people, I went from note 7 to this, and have an iPhone 7, this phone is a great alternative to Samsung phones

  • Rob Sauceda

    The only thing is that the accessory line sucks big time for this phone

  • christina_west

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  • Jason Crumbley

    It’s a pretty good phone. Sucks that HTC’s marketing is horrible.