HTC 10 once again disappears from T-Mobile’s web store


Last month, the HTC 10 disappeared from T-Mobile’s web store, but it reappeared days later. Now it’s gone again.

If you point your browser at T-Mobile’s website and filter its phone selection to show just HTC devices, you’ll see that the Desire 530 is the only device shown. Trying to use a direct link to the HTC 10 in T-Mo’s store yields the same result.

It’s unclear if T-Mobile is now done selling the HTC 10. It’s certainly possible, especially since a couple of tweets indicate that it’s been missing since August 4, meaning that it’s been gone for a week now. One @TMobileHelp rep on Twitter said that the HTC 10 “is no longer available,” and when I reached out to T-Mobile several times asking for clarification, I never got a response.

If the HTC 10 is indeed gone from T-Mobile for good, that’s disappointing news for HTC and for anyone that may have wanted one, as T-Mo only began selling the flagship back in mid-May. T-Mobile customers that want an HTC 10 can buy an unlocked model direct from HTC. That version is compatible with T-Mobile, including VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling, and HTC is currently offering a $200 pair of JBL earbuds for free with the purchase of an HTC 10.

Via: Android Police, Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • mroliverkc

    What’s wrong with it?

    • George Salcedo

      Nothing is wrong, it’s a fantastic device but the price is just too high.

      • Acdc1a

        Actually you just said what’s wrong with it. HTC really had a chance to regain market share with this device and they blew it.

  • Jose Hernandez

    This is over priced. They should have put the fingerprint sensor on the back and kept the front facing speakers. It’s just not worth the $700 price compared to the Galaxy Line. It’s a nice phone, too bad for HTC. But I am looking forward to the new Nexus. Hopefully they make a profit out of those.

    • George Salcedo

      The galaxy line sucks and has always been over bloated and laggy. This phone is better then a galaxy but terribly oriced, $399 would be ideal for pricing. T-Mobile confirmed to me they will no longer be selling the device and HTC told me me they “sold out.” The phone won’t be on sale anymore via T-Mobile.

      • Nicholas Smith

        Couldn’t agree more about the Galaxy being laggy. Touchwiz slows it down, I have a S7 Edge and still prefer the HTC 10 much faster device without lag.

      • Acdc1a

        I like my wife’s Note 4 so much that I bought one from Mywit. Even as old as it is it doesn’t lag noticeably. That said, pricing on new Samsung phones is insane.

    • Panzer

      Front facing speaker are worth the cost, such an underrated feature.

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        It’s not just the front facing speakers, Sony had them on the Xperia Z line and they sucked. You need a decent amp attached also. That’s why the HTCs were so good.

        • Panzer

          A good DAC helps any speakers regardless but correctly positional audio is just nice. As everyone who’s had to “cup” their phone to listen well knows.

          I’d take the Xperia’s speakers over Samsung’s any day.

        • Jay Holm

          I use a Bluetooth speaker at work…works great, even changes colors!!!


    In my area,absolutely no marketing in-store whatsoever,no signage,nada.
    Even some store associates weren’t aware of the phone’s existence for the 1st month or so.
    Nice phone,got it myself,but it is overpriced for outright purchase.
    JOD is perfect for such phones:try ’em out for a while & trade-in when the new phone smell fades…………….

    • Jay Holm

      Gosh your making me wish I could do that with my car, lol!!!

  • gmo8492

    Well I don’t really buy phones from T-Mobile like I used to, but I understand that people will no longer be able to finance it or upgrade from jump to this phone. In the end the HTC 10 is just really expensive for what it is. Right now it’s a race to the bottom, unless you’re Samsung or Apple you can’t really charge $700 for a smartphone and expect it to sell well. I look forward for the new Nexus line up and hopefully this will help HTC out, if HTC is still confirmed to be building these new phones.

    • Acdc1a

      Not entirely. I think well priced phones are moving regardless of manufacturer and pricing at $399 isn’t exactly racing to the bottom…it’s more along the lines of what it should cost.

  • Can’t charge flagship money if your phone has compromises. Worse camera, worse battery life, no waterproofing, no wireless charging, no Samsung Pay. This goes for LG and Motorola too. This is why Nexus, OnePlus and now Axon are getting more traction.

    • TheCudder

      “No Samsung Pay” on an HTC device. I’m going to let that sink in….

      • Yes, I know an HTC device can’t have Samsung Pay. I’m not an idiot. I’m just saying that’s a benefit of owning a Samsung flagship.

        • George Salcedo

          Samsung phone for some reason still lag and are full of bloatware in 2016. I won’t ever touch a Samsung again!

      • HTC devices have Google Pay, which works across all Android devices.

  • steadymobb


  • Nicholas Smith

    I never received a straight answer either. I contacted both HTC and T-Mobile

  • Bryan Pizzuti

    This really saddens me to see but HTC just can’t compete at the former flagship level anymore. Frankly I’m not sure anyone can besides Samsung and Apple. But with OnePlus, Alcatel, and ZTE putting out devices at the $400 mark that match flagships in most ways that people care about, HTC needs to find a way to make a profit in THAT market, and abandon the $700+ level, much like Motorola has (LG also should frankly).

    • Acdc1a

      Sure they can…just not at flagship pricing. My Moto G4 that was $125 for Prime Day is sufficient for most users.

      Flagship devices should not exceed $400 at this point.

      • Jay Holm

        Agree! Samsung is crazy with their $700- $900 pricing for their S & Note Series!!!!

    • Verizonthunder

      I love my OnePlus 3 soft gold smartphone on T-MOBILE. The most stable Android smartphone on the market, and $399.

      • Bryan Pizzuti

        How’s the WiFi calling working for ya? ;)

        • Verizonthunder

          I don’t need wifi calling and turn off that feature, as T-Mobiles wifi calling still feels like beta. Love the phone, no heat up when charging while playing Mmorpg.

  • Philip

    I have been guilty myself. I dont give other phone a chance and always buy Samsung. Same thing with car, all I get is Honda. Is this good? Competition is good what bring prices down.

    • Acdc1a

      Yeah but HTC screwed the pooch on pricing this device. Should have been $399 and watched them fly off the shelves.

      • John D.

        Exactly. I would have bought one on day 1.

        The depreciation on phones now is insane, buying at $600+ is stupid when it’s worth $100 in 10 months.

  • pda96

    Unless you’re Apple or Samsung, you can’t charge $700 for a phone. HTC doesn’t have the brand recognition. But specifically, the 10’s asking price is high. For me, the lack of an AMOLED screen and front facing speakers kill the deal. I upgraded (from the M8) to the M9 a few months back when TMO had it for $300. I’ll pick up the 10 when the price comes down to $400 or less.

    FYI, the Moto X Pure Edition’s speakers sound a lot better than the M9’s. I’m waiting to see what HTC does with the new Nexus phones. But I’m not optimistic those will have front facing speakers either.

    • Jay Holm

      Sometimes a business goes backward instead of forward!

  • Guest 310

    HTC 10 is good phone but so is the Nexus, Oneplus, Axon7, Alcatel Idol 4s.

    • Ss

      Tmobile lies period and their service sucks

      • Acdc1a

        And just who pissed in your Wheaties today?

  • emcdonald75

    ZTE Axon 7 is the new HTC 10! Lol. T-Mobile should have carried that device!

  • Jay Holm

    I feel so bad for HTC, nothing they try seems to work.

    • TheCudder

      Pricing this phone at $679 wasn’t “trying” very hard…both the LG G5 & Samsung Galaxy S6 are less expensive. Disaster waiting to happen.

      • Jared

        Last year’s cars are cheaper than this year’s cars too

        • GuestMan

          Well, the LG G5 had great bundles going with it and the GS7 had BOGO offers non-stop on pretty much all carriers. HTC should have either created a more appealing bundle, or priced the phone lower. The old contract system might have worked for them but they’re having a lot of trouble adapting to the new finance system since people can actually see what the price of the phone is.

        • TheCudder

          The HTC 10 is the same device model year….the 10 was just delayed and failed to deliver.

        • Jared

          Galaxy 6 was released last year?

        • TheCudder

          You know I meant the S7…typo. S7 and G5 are less.

      • Jay Holm

        So true!

  • JBrowne1012

    The problem is 1. Too expensive comparatively speaking. 2. No marketing for it. 3. Not top of the line in specs.

  • Bklynman

    Another giant has fallen. One less choice for the buyer. What HTC,needs to do,bring back The Amaze,with 5.5-6″ screen,and bring back HTC7,5″-5.7″screen. Bring out another phone with a real keyboard,just have it for just Tmobile,with 5″-5.4″. Don’t tell me the phone won’t sell ,if that the case,look at all the phones only sold by At&T,and big Red.

  • Ordeith

    Time for an HTC 10 with Windows 10, HTC. :)

    • Guest

      I rather have a lower monthly bill in my basement.

    • HTC has no desire to make a Windows 10 variant of the device and that’s shameful.

  • Calvin Nop

    according to the shop page on my tmobile, its says its on backorder. Estimated to ship
    10/12/2016 – 10/17/2016

    • Kurtis K

      Same here.

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    since HTC 10 is no longer with tmobile will it still get the android n update