Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update rumored to start hitting carrier devices August 16


Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL owners have been enjoying steady software updates since the Fierce XL hit T-Mobile earlier this year, and now we may know when their next update will arrive.

The Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is expected to be released to carrier-branded phones like T-Mobile’s Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL on August 16. This is one week later than unlocked W10M phones are expected to get the update, a delay that’s likely a result of the carriers getting extra time to test the update’s features on their networks.

The update is said to include several usability improvements, like a camera shortcut that replaces the back button the lock screen on phones with no physical camera key. The lock screen will also gain media controls. Other features include an updated Skype app and a Settings app that makes it easier to locate individual settings.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced a launch date for the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update. The PC version of the update began rolling out on August 2, and at that time, Microsoft said that the W10M update would be arriving “in the coming weeks.” So we do know that W10M’s update is near, and if today’s report is true, Fierce XL owners may only have a little more than a week left to wait.

Source: Windows Central

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  • Tale 85

    Great news it T-Mobile continues rolling these updates out for the Fierce XL. The new features and improvements in the Anniversary Update are great.

    Now if T-Mobile could roll this out for the Microsoft Lumia 640….Something about Customer Support?

    • Steven

      I just updated my Lumia 640 to windows 10 on T-mo via the Windows insider app. It works great!!!
      However, you must be prepared to contact T-Mo support to update the APN and MMS APN settings. If you dont LTE data and MMS wont work, other than that, pretty simple and straight forward. it takes a couple hours to download.

      Use the support chat option on t-mo

      • Tale 85

        Does that also fix the Wi-Fi Calling issue. I’ve read that would require a firmware update. My 640 has run Insider Builds since June 2015, never a problem with LTE or MMS. Wi-Fi Calling can’t load properly after the first reboot.

        • Steven

          It seems to work for me, it doesnt show Wi-Fi on the phone tile like it used to, but the LTE by the service shows the wifi bars indicating using wifi, and the wifi setting is available to “allow wifi calling preferred”. I have place calls at my house on wifi, but cannot verify it only used the wifi for the call, but so far it seems to not be an issue. Does anyone else have experience?

        • Tale 85

          Unless the Icon shows with the Wi-Fi icon it’s not working. Next time you get an update it will return until you reboot your phone. We really need to have T-Mobile to step up and support the phone. Like Verizon and AT&T have done.

        • Steven

          yeah, hour on the phone, with t-mobile to figure it out, no wifi calling. I need it badly for my travel. they are sending it to engineering to create a fix for me, if that doesnt work… i need a new phone.. Come on T-Mo!!! get you $hit to together

        • Tale 85

          It’s a matter of what order things boot in Windows 10. If T-Mobile would just finish the firmware update needed to get the 640 ready to update to W10M. They’ve know about it for almost a year now.

        • Steven

          Pretty freakin pathetic

        • Kenneth Nicklowicz

          Agreed! this almost costed me to loose my job as boss thought I was ignoring him, when in fact I was in bad reception area and thought it would have at least threw a notification or something. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE to sell us expensive phone and not support it. Look what they did with windows, got all users and companys on it. Release it and fix it later (windows updates) then give us 10 (more time on making it spy on us *fact*) and then when they can fix their issues, force us to pay for the next release years later. Think they gave us 10 for free.. think again the next time your talking about something you wouldn’t want no one to hear and know this is being archived on their servers …… SAD but true MS FIX THIS ISH

    • Hamster

      Once a phone has been updated to WM10, Microsoft handles the update rollouts themselves, which is why the Fierce updates have been steady.

      • Tale 85

        There’s about a week delay for T-Mobile to give their blessing. Not any extensive testing, but a week to rubber stamp ot.

    • Yes, this. Maybe we need to start a tweet storm with Mr. Legere and other T-Mobile execs and have them update the Lumia 640 to Windows 10 AU.

  • Steve Griffin

    I’m just buying my time. This FierceXL has been nothing but a headache since I’ve had it. I had to replace the phone twice and this one is still glitchy at times. The camera is the worst I’ve had ever in my smart phone history since 2008.
    Debating on getting the Lumia 950 or wait for this new brand called the Neo. It’s supposed to be a WP release in November. Will see.

    • Alex Zapata

      Inconsistency seems to be a trend in budget phones. My Fierce XL seems to be fine for now, but it’s not exactly a stellar device. The camera on my 925 is FAR superior. It’s hard for me to tell how many problems are the device itself and how many are software, but I really wish TMO had a high end option for those of us on W10M, however few we may be.

      • Tale 85

        There’s a fairly old rumor of the yet to be released Idol 4 Pro, again from Alcatel, will be coming to TMO. So there might be something soon.

        Edit: Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10

        • Steve Griffin

          Yeah, I heard about that one, but I’m wondering. When is it gonna come out? How much longer Do I have to wait?

        • Tale 85

          I’m hoping that they’re waiting for the Anniversary Update to be released. So it could be any time now…. If they haven’t dropped the idea.

        • Tale 85

          I just got a response from Alcatel Support. No definite release date. Yet.. T-Mobile hast to test it and approve it. Kinda confirms it’s on it’s way. Hopefully “Soon”

        • Steve Griffin

          That response sounds like i it’s gonna be awhile. I might look into the 950 or maybe that new HP coming out at the end of the month.

        • Tale 85

          Just the fact that it’s still coming is great. It’s been so long since anyone has mentioned it, I was beginning to wonder if had been canned.

      • Tale 85

        T-Mobile still has a little say in the updates. They usually come about a week after the Microsoft release.

    • The camera is useless at night. In the daytime, it’s ok. I had to throw out 100% of my videos recording moderate rain after dark last week. Today, I got a nice video of it raining with the sun shining.

      Overall, the video is better than the camera on the Fierce XL. The night time is its downfall, and that is why I’m still using the Lumia 925 for nighttime images.

  • I’m an Insider and I already got the AU on my Fierce XL.

  • S. Ali

    Not sure why anyone is still using W10.

    • Ordeith

      Not sure why anyone wouldn’t.

    • JOHN P

      I’ll take a shot….maybe cause not everyone likes the same thing .

      That seems like a fairly legit reason.

    • Steve Griffin

      Well Ali, the OS is a much more friendlier and easier to use. Now the fact that the apps are not plentiful is somewhat of an issue just not enough to switch. Plus there’s plenty of apps for me.

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