T-Mobile offering free tablet with purchase of select Samsung smartphones


T-Mobile today announced a one day only BOGO deal on Samsung smartphones, but if you’d rather treat yourself to a free tablet, T-Mo’s got you covered there, too.

T-Mobile is now offering a free Galaxy Tab E (shown above) or Galaxy Tab A with the purchase of select Samsung smartphones. Eligible smartphones include the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+.

To take advantage of this deal, you’ll need to buy your devices on EIP and you’ll need to get at least a 2GB Mobile Internet plan on the tablet. You’ll also need to purchase both devices on the same day and on the same account. If you meet those qualifications, you’ll receive monthly bill credits to cover the cost of your tablet.

Also worth noting is that T-Mobile tells me that this deal can’t be combined with the buy one, get one free Samsung deal that T-Mobile will be running on August 6.

The free Samsung tablet deal will be available for a limited time.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Panzer

    So those of us who already pre-ordered the note 7 are supposed to cancel and reorder? Why give up a basically free tablet.

    Edit: Looks like it’s another one of the bill credits rather than Prepaid visa gift cards.

    • Either way, Free is Free. Whether it be thru bill credits or a card. Now you tell me what you are going to do?

      • Panzer

        But it’s not free, it’s free-ish. It’s two years of having a data plan on a tablet at $20/month for 24 months. That’ an extra $140/year on my bill for a tablet that I could buy outright for that price and just tether from my phone if I really need internet on it.

        Not saying it’s a bad deal if you need a tablet but with a gift card you can cancel after 2 months and $40 vs $280 is a great deal.

      • Guest

        It’s not free from a 24 month service contract/agreement.

        • VN

          What 24 month service contract/agreement?

  • JOHN P

    They’ll try anything and everything to move those overpriced phones LOL

    • TaylorW86

      lol no, TMO wants customers to add as many lines to their account as possible because it increases the average customer revenue value, and makes it harder for them to switch carriers. It has nothing to do with the cost of phones. Cellular companies get their phones at wholesale prices, and they keep their phone inventory as tight as possible, that’s why phones go on backorder so often.

      • JOHN P

        Just splitting hairs

        The overall hidden gist of my sarcasm was that nothing is ever free in Corporate America and that includes The “UnCarrier” as well as Carrier Pigeons, the Ex NFL WR Mark Carrier or any other Carrier anyone cares to mention

        • TaylorW86

          Yeah, there are often a lot of caveats to the term “free”. Your post just implied that TMO created this promotion to get rid of a surplus of expensive Samsung phones that they are struggling to sell.


          I think these Samsung phones are overpriced and Samsung knows this. So they drop these bogo offers when they know their devices should be sold for $400 especially with the devices that don’t differ from the previous generation

  • Can this be combined with the Samsung gear fit 2 offer?

    • Corey Jalette

      It should, the fit 2 offer is through samsung. This deal is through tmobile themself. You’re good.

  • Nathaniel Ily Jacob-Joshua Hud

    I definitely combined this deal with the Bogo galaxy deal today. Got the tablet and an s 7 edge.

    • guest

      you might want to go back and check.. cause i’m not sure if you can combine the two.

      • RIF!
        T-Mobile is now offering a free Galaxy Tab E (shown above) or Galaxy Tab A with the purchase of select Samsung smartphones. Eligible smartphones include the Galaxy Note 7, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+.

      • MadJoe

        You can combine them because you need to open a new line for the BOGO device, and another data line for the tablet, so you can get both with the purchase of a single Samsung device on EIP (you just have to agree to 2 new lines of service for the other 2 devices).

    • Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

      It cannot be combined. I work for Tmo and got 2 emails with clarifications saying it cannot be combined. But you can always blame the RSA while calling Customer Care when you get charge for it and they might give you the credit

  • pbolton70

    Yea bummer you cant use a jump on demand and get the free tablet. Has to be an EIP for the phone. :(

    • MadJoe

      I went in on the 6th and the rep I spoke to said JoD is being phased out. People that have it will be allowed to keep it, but the reps are discouraged from signing any new people up for it, and the ability to sign up for it will be gone completely soon.

      • pbolton70

        Yes you are right as far as the stores go. My store told me the same thing said eventually they will be phasing it out of the stores and if you want JOD you will have to call and order new JOD. However they also told me if you have JOD now you will keep it and will be able to add new lines in store with JOD.

  • George Salcedo

    Meanwhile the HTC 10 is completely absent from the online website, I hope this means they are working on a price drop. With all these price drops and sales lately I’m almost willing to ditch HTC for Samsung but I know the I’ll suffer the consequences of touchwiz.

  • Joe

    They realize too many people took advantage of the BOGO deal for the Galaxy S7 when it was first introduced by canceling the extra line after using the debit card to pay off the phone. Now they are giving bill credits so you have to keep the line the full 24 months. Tmobile is learning from their mistakes. They thought people would see a debit card that had $650-$750 on it and spend it on other things instead of paying off the phone to cancel the line.

    • Acdc1a

      You’ve got it figured out. I still don’t care for all this 2 year nonsense. Let consumers feel the pain of flagships and the prices will drop.

  • Andrew

    Yep, so I’m hard headed… I ordered my Note 7 on the 4th, one day shy… TMO told me I had to cancel the pre-order, and then re-order… Wasn’t a problem for me since the phone isn’t even out yet… But NOW I have to wait 3 days for the order to fully cancel in the system to order again… I hope the offer is still available on Wednesday! Iv been a customer for 10+ years so hopefully they will still work it out if end prematurely…

    • Panzer

      The deal is still showing on the T-mobile website, so hopefully.

      • Andrew

        It all worked out…