Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday includes free eCookbook, chance to win Galaxy Note 7


If you took advantage of this week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays offers, today’s the day that you get to see Suicide Squad for free. Today is also the day that we learn what gifts T-Mo has planned for next Tuesday.

T-Mobile today revealed the gifts that it’s got planned for the August 9 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays. Included is a free copy of Claudia’s Cocina, a Mexican cookbook from MasterChef season 6 winner Claudia Sandoval. The cookbook is an eBook that you’ll get through BookShout.

In addition to the free cookbook, the upcoming T-Mobile Tuesday’s gifts will include a $15 Lyft credit, a small Wendy’s Frosty, and a VUDU movie rental, which has been absent the past couple of weeks.

Also worth noting is that T-Mobile’s offer of unlimited Pokémon Go data through August 2017 will be around again next week. Next week is the last time that the Pokémon Go gift will be available, though, so you’d better grab it on August 9 if you still haven’t done so.

Most of this week’s prizes tie into MasterChef. The grand prize winner will get a seven-day MasterChef Experience Cruise for two. From November 6 through November 13, you’ll go on a cruise on Holland America’s ms Nieuw Amsterdam toward Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and St. Maarten in the Caribbean.


The trip includes airfare to Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., six nights’ ship accommodations, on-board MasterChef Experience activities and MasterChef Live Theater events. According to the MasterChef Cruise site, these activities include trivia competitions, cooking demos, chef competitions, and more. Also included is a check for $3,146 to cover port fees, taxes, and other expenses.

Five first prize winners will receive a tour of the MasterChef kitchen that includes a visit to the set and a live taping in Los Angeles, Calif., as well as a meet and greet with a MasterChef judge. Included is airfare for two to L.A., a three-day and two-night stay at a hotel, and a check for $1,628 to use for taxes, meals, and other expenses.

Fifty second prize winners will get a three-piece MasterChef grill and barbecue kit. Included in the kit is a spatula, grill brush, and tongs.

Finally, 50 third prize winners will get a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and a check for $360 to cover any taxes or use expenses.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • lomsha

    Meh, vudu please.

    • Sidekicker89

      A free Vudu rental will be available as well! :D

      • lomsha


  • JustSaying

    The movie ticket didn’t cover the full cost. It was over $13 for a regular showing of suicide squad.

    • George Salcedo

      What you paid 50 cents extra, talk about picky.

      • Ky

        The word you are looking for is “ungrateful” ;)

      • jj201367

        I did it for Warcraft and it was worth it. 50 cents isn’t bad

    • Deadeye37

      Mine was too. I worked out to be ~$1.30 extra per ticket. I ended up not getting it because I wasn’t sure if the babysitter would make it. Good thing, because the babysitter fell through. Looks like a movie night in :/

      • Fullmetal_Omar

        At least you didnt have to pay 8.99 extra since all the theaters around you were only doing IMAX 3D

        • Deadeye37

          Actually, it was showing that for a while on Fandango. Turns out that their system was glitched for the theaters I was looking at. One theater had their regular showings suddenly show up later in the afternoon.

    • Jake Fitzpatrick

      It did cover the entire cost with an extra $1.50 per ticket. Not the 3D version

    • Critic4U

      That’s an expensive theater, the theaters in my area only charge $6.08 Fandango calls it “Tightwad Tuesday”

    • OneManGang

      3D IMAX Early Bird Special. $13 with Fandango Fees

      • OneManGang

        To clarify 3D IMAX with no out of pocket cost.

    • gmo8492

      Depends on what theater you choose and where you live. I wanted to watch suicide squad in 3D, so after the discount and buying 3 tickets I paid $12 out of pocket. Still less of the cost of just one ticket. The original total was over $55, still a bargain. Its really petty to complain about paying a few dollars out of pocket.

    • Android_God

      Oh for phucks sake

  • tranceformer978

    Is it still going to be hot tuesday? I think it’s about time I redeem my free frosty.

  • Deadeye37

    T-mobile, my Vudu collection thanks you again this coming Tuesday!

  • dontsh00tmesanta


  • gmo8492

    Can we get rid of Lyft and switch it out for free food again, maybe like for a small hamburger combo from Wendy’s.

    • arandomperson7

      I’ve been saying they should team up with GrubHub, give you a credit for their service and let you choose where you want to eat.

    • Sundiata Bradshaw

      Hell no! I use the Lyft deal EVERY Tuesday.

    • Don Turner

      I’m with Gmo8492 I never had a need for Lyft but like arandomperson7 suggests, I’d love some GrubHub Credit

  • MisterSuperGod

    Downloaded the app for a shot at the Note 7.
    Maybe partake of the Vudu credit too…

  • Sundiata Bradshaw

    Gonna give Vudu another shot next week. Couldn’t find anything to watch that i didn’t already have on my Plex server

  • lomsha

    Redeemed the suicide squad ticket just for the amc stubs points lol. Can’t attend the movies friday night, dang early Saturday shift.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Yay the return of Vudu. Having it come back every few weeks is good since it lets new releases build up so I actually have something I wanna rent.

  • Don Turner

    S*** give me the 3rd Prize PLEEEEAAASE!

  • Alystx

    My whole thing with this app they show great prizes who is winning them how are they picked cause I know when I get in exactly what I’m winning so how do they pick the big winners.

  • kikikat

    I won the Note 7. Faxed in the affidavit and the w9. Also going to mail it in to make sure there’s no “we didn’t get it” excuse. So we’ll see!