T-Mobile subscribers getting free access to hundreds of Wi-Fi hotspots in Singapore


T-Mobile customers have been enjoying some nice international benefits this summer, including unlimited high-speed data in Europe and Brazil. Now another international benefit has been announced.

T-Mobile subscribers can get free access to Singapore’s free public Wi-Fi network, called Wireless@SG, from Aug. 22 through Sept. 21. T-Mo customers will have access to around 290 Wi-Fi hotspots in the designated test areas, including island resort Sentosa and major MRT train stations.

If you’re planning to visit Singapore sometime in the next month, getting access to these hotspots should be fairly easy. You’ll just need to complete a one-time setup process that’ll verify your SIM and you’ll then be automatically connected to the Wireless@SG hotspots.

This benefit for T-Mobile customers is part of a trial being conducted by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. While most of us probably aren’t going to be able to take advantage of this month-long free Wi-Fi benefit, it’s a nice feature for any T-Mo customers that are making the trek to Singapore, giving them a beefed up internet connection in the near-300 locations where these Wi-Fi hotspots are located.

If you’re heading to Singapore in the next month and want to view the setup process for this free Wi-Fi trial, you can view this PDF.

Via: ZDNet
Source: IDA

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  • Willie D

    When really they should be breaking down the doors of the WiFi providers in the USA and offering that as a supplement. Much like they did with their own HotSpot they sold off, much like AT&T does with its WiFi network, much like Comcast does with customers away from home.

    • Jason Caprio

      I know right! It feels like T-Mobile has more benefits outside the USA than inside!

  • EricP

    Is EAP-SIM much more secure than the free WiFi HotSpot? I will be in Singapore next month and would like to take advantage of it.

  • Andre

    It’s a very good offer for all of us who are planning to visit Singapore. However, we must not forget one thing i.e. it’s our responsibility to secure our data not T-Mobile’s. Public WiFi are not safe, our data transmitting through them can be hacked easily. Hence, we should use VPN like Ivacy to stay secure in Singapore.

  • Joshua Pan

    I’ll be in Singapore next week!

  • EricP

    I just got out of Singapore. It is very difficult to find this Wi-Fi hotspot in most places. Most of them at MRT stations or airport could not be connected. I got the error messages all the time. It is much easier to use T-Mobile free roaming at 2G speed. A lot more reliable except slow speed.