T-Mobile Summer Unleashed giving unlimited 4G LTE data in Europe


Summer is officially here, and T-Mobile is celebrating with a new promotion.

Summer Unleashed will give T-Mobile customers unlimited 4G LTE in all of Europe, save for the tiny principality of Andorra, for some reason. This bottomless bucket of European LTE data will be available from July 1 through August 31, and it’s available to all postpaid Simple Choice customers. And with Simple Global, T-Mo subscribers get unlimited texting and calling at a rate of 20 cents per minute.

This is a nice promo for anyone that’ll be traveling to Europe in the next couple of months, giving them access to full-on, high-speed LTE data all over Europe. Just remember that tethering is not included and T-Mobile can restrict or terminate service if it feels like your misusing the unlimited LTE data, so don’t go to Europe and download ginormous files the entire time that you’re there.

Also announced today is that T-Mobile is giving a little gift to non-T-Mo subscribers. From June 24 through June 26, anyone flying on a domestic flight with Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi an automatically get one hour of free Wi-Fi on their smartphone, courtesy of T-Mobile.

Rounding out today’s travel-centric announcements is the addition of Belize to Simple Global. Starting July 1, T-Mobile customers can get unlimited 128Kbps data, texting, and 20 cents per minute calling while traveling in Belize.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • patt

    I hope this becomes permanent sooner or later!

    • Adam Snider

      Me, too. I am going to England a couple weeks after this promo ends. Hopefully it’s immediately extended!

      • NapoPeb

        Just get a 3 sim for £20. Comes with 12GB LTE data.

        • Adam Snider

          Sounds like 20 quid well spent…SOLD!

        • Bradley Karas

          If you have an unlocked phone it’s easy

        • timmyjoe42

          this makes me want a device with dual SIM cards. I could never take out my T-Mobile one because I want to get texts to my real number when travelling. I guess I could set up the google voice thing and forward my real number…but…

        • Deibid

          I just bought the new oneplus 3 phone. Snap dragon 820 processor and 6gb ram.. And dual sim! Camera is great too. All for 399 tax free and free shipping. I’ll see how the data speeds are in Europe for me when I go in September. If not, I’ll by a three UK sim which roams in lots of countries.

        • timmyjoe42

          I just got back from a month in Scandinavia. Data speeds were fine for me, except for when I was out in the woods with only 2G coverage. I was surprised by how often my carrier changed. It seemed like everytime I looked down at my phone, it was a different carrier. This seemed to diminish battery life a bit. I like the OnePlus 3, but I really want it to have a microSD slot. I’m still using my HTC One A9, which is pretty nice, even with the slower processor.

  • Bobby Stritch

    Great news! Looking forward to trying it in the Netherlands, Belgium and Norway next month.

    • AM Gone

      I can tell you from first hand experience that TMobile data works well in the following international countries: Norway, Spain, Portugal, England, Italy, Japan. Not so good in Greece. Yes, I do a lot of international travel.

    • Adam

      Sounds like you have the same Summer schedule as me.

  • Chris

    Now everyone can browse the web instead of enjoying vacation….. “But I need it for work” rolling eyes

    • patt

      What about maps etc.. ?

    • tranceformer978

      To each his own. I enjoy my vacation by reading travel blogs and playing stupid games on my phone while on the beach.

    • Omar Boyer

      Thats dumb
      When i was in spain FIRST time there i had to use my phone for driving directions, find gas stations, or restaurants no i wasnt working . But without the phone i wouldnt be able to find all the things i did . No i wasnt gonna go buy a map this is not the 90s anymore. Btw speed was ok on my tmobile galaxy s7 while roaming on movistar spain and vodafone .

      • tony

        that would have cost you an extra $450 if you had verizon or at &t for international roaming

        • Omar Boyer

          Yeap only thing it was kinda slow even on lte but it worked. Im going to mexico next month there its gonna be good cuz they allow LTE at FULL speed.

        • Fat gurl

          Yep speeds in Mexico are awesome you roam on TELCEL which is like the Verizon of Mexico coverage literally everywhere even in the middle of nowhere and its 3G And lte in the big cities . On TELCEL Lte in GDL and michoacan I was getting 30-50 Mbps down and 5 to 10 on hspa + with my T-Mobile iPhone 6. Awesome if u ask me. Believe it or not Mexico is not behind at all on cellphone technology on the 8 hour drive from Mexico City to Morelia michoacan I had TELCEL lte/3G even in the middle of nowhere not once I saw 2G edge.

        • Omar Boyer

          Yes i know i been there lots of times mexico is not behind at all in cellphone technology ,problem is not everyone can afford TELCEL my family members over there cant so they have iusacell or movistar which is cheaper and dont have good coverage and signal . Telcel is like you said the verizon of Mexico best signal best lte coverage and the most hspa+ coverage . Also they have really and i mean really good voice quality on all its network it sounds HD when you make a call ,something movistar and iusacell dont have ,Telcel call quality is loud clear and no static just as good as tmobile HD voice here in the states. And best coverage signal EVERYWHERE you go ,im glad tmobile has a roaming agreement with them .

  • Sidekicker89

    I couple months ago I flew to Abu Dhabi and Sri Lanka and simple global was amazing! I was able to upload videos to facebook and use Google Maps navigation. Thanks to T-Mobile I never got lost overseas!

    • tony

      that would have cost you $450 extra from verizon and at7t international useage

      • riverhorse

        Ma Bell stinks.

  • Tmo_Fan

    I hope this is part Uncarrier 12! Full LTE in Europe, not just only this summer but the whole time.

    • Fabian Cortez

      At least DT carrier countries would be nice.

      • VN

        Why? Do you go to Europe a lot?

  • pseudoswede

    I value this kind of promotion much more than free junk food and Lyft rides. (The Vudu credit is pretty awesome, though.) Disclaimer: I spend the whole month of July in Europe, too.

  • Guest310

    This bad plan and T-Mobile could have don’t better. I don’t plan go to Europe and would prefer to have unlimited data on my $50 dollar plan.

    Also didn’t Europe have problem with ISIS running wild out there?

    • CC

      wow genius – soon you will be getting a call from the state department to ask you to be a diplomat

      • riverhorse

        Post of the year!!!

      • patt

        He really does sound like only half of his brain functions lol

    • Adam

      The most frequent Europe vacationers I know are unemployed trust fund babies. When I tell these people I use T-Mobile, they think I am a cheap working stiff. If T-Mobile wants these customers, T-Mobile needs something appealing to them, which I think international LTE accomplishes.

      I know a lot of people scared of an ISIS attack on vacation. On the other hand, if you believe in statistics, the most dangerous part of vacation, by a large margin, is the drive to the airport.

      • nearvanaman

        A lot of European people like me travel to Europe at least once a year. I used the unlimited 2G data in Ireland and Poland last year and it was really good. Was able to do WhatsApp voice calls without issue.

        • patt

          Poland my home country which carriers did you roam on in Poland? when I go there I don’t use tmobile roaming but use second device just for texts and maybe some wifi calling,but my primary device is always on Play Poland (P4) sim. I pay few bucks for entire month and have few gigs unlimited texts and some minutes. What’s cool is Play can actually roam on all national carriers in Poland :)

        • nearvanaman

          I didn’t really pay attention to which carrier i was roaming on when I was there. I was up in the north east, in the Masuria region and the signal was fine the whole time. I imagine I was on T-Mobile PL most of the time. Being able to call people on WhatsApp voice was great – no call charges!

      • Clifton K. Morris

        Wealthy people don’t stay wealthy by spending all their money. What wealthy people do is learn how to complain.

        Before Donald Trump announced that he was running for president, he contacted Legere on Twitter to tell him how terrible T-Mobile’s service is in his condos and hotel.

        Hopefully Trump will raise the issue again about what a cell service provider is supposed to be doing and reset expectations for the company’s management.

  • Dracono

    No Thanks, but I’m happy with my appropriately priced Select Choice plan. The money saved I can just buy local Sim with airtime/data for wherever I happen to be overseas.

    Unlocked phones FTW.

  • Arnold Shoon

    Perfect timing for my summer trip to Spain!

  • Ben

    The 4G frequency in Euro is very different than in US, unless you swap the sim to a euro spec phone, your phone won’t have 4G network with T-mobile USA brand phone.

    • On the iPhone 5s/5c or later, along with the Galaxy S5 or later, the LG G4 or later, and HTC M9 or later, LTE will work in Europe. Any of the more recent flagships.

    • @ftribaldos

      Not true.. Different phones have different bands and country support. This is not a T-Mobile branded phone issue at all. You need to check per specific device.

    • patt

      iPhones are usually most universal so LTE will work just fine. Even iPhone 5 will give you LTE.

    • Most mid to high range phones support either, if not both, of the LTE bands 3 or 7, which work all over Europe.

      • fallenangel

        if you get a google phone im pretty sure it has global support

  • Matt

    Does anyone know how well roaming in Canada works?

    • Pierre

      Quoi ?

    • Lol I wish T-Mobile had the coverage in the US that they have roaming in Canada. They can roam on the Canadian equivalents of AT&T and Verizon, on LTE, so it’s awesome.

    • It’s funny when you realize that even beleaguered last place carrier Sprint has more customers than the ENTIRE population of Canada.

    • Acdc1a

      They use Bell and it’s hit or miss. Sure better than the 2g that they give us when traveling to the Bahamas.

      • millenialkid

        So it’s similar to coverage in my house.

      • Matt

        Thank you.

    • scruff317

      LTE in the cities, 3G on the road.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Toronto so many skyscrapers. Usually 3G

  • Florian Bezhani

    I just got back from France as I was there for Euro 2016. The free data that Tmo is offering now it is way better than E 2G as I was able to use Viber whatsapp. Of course, 4G LTE unlimited for free it is amazing gift.

    Thx a lot my T-Mobile.

  • Guest

    The Sony Xperia X Series are available now at best Buy and Amazon. Maybe someone knows if those are T-Mobile ready or not.

  • Richard Roma

    A better deal would be to expand included calling to other developed countries.

  • bradastan

    I thought simple choice customers already had unlimited data in Europe? What’s different about this offer?

    • Adam


    • SirStephenH

      It’s normally throttled to 128Kbps but this is “high speed”. Who knows what that will equate to but I’d assume it would be at least 1Mbps+.

      • SirStephenH

        OK, apparently we get full speed.

        “Customers get the highest available data speeds wherever they travel across the continent.”


      • bradastan

        Ah so the included speed is 2g, which is nearly useless. Well the free 4g will be nice for my daughter who landed in Athens two days ago and will be there for 2 months studying abroad. I’m having her do a speed test today and will have her try it again after July and see what the difference is.

  • J Game

    Will this still include U.K. now that they aren’t a part of Europe anymore?

    • millenialkid

      It’ll likely work better near the country’s borders.

      • Guest


    • Adam

      T-Mobile will still give you unlimited LTE, but the UK government will charge you a tariff if you browse a US website as part their made in the UK incentive.

    • NapoPeb

      Since when was the United Kingdom no longer part of Europe? Did they drift outside of Europe’s continent and we on the island all missed this?


  • millenialkid

    If this new “Freebie” works as well as T-Mobile Tuesdays App or on-network coverage, I won’t set my expectations very high.

    • patt

      What does app have to do with roaming?

  • conservative_motorcyclist

    woo! this is FANTASTIC news and coincides perfectly with my trip to Europe!

  • SirStephenH

    “Also announced today is that T-Mobile is giving a little gift to non-T-Mo subscribers. From June 24 through June 26, anyone flying on a domestic flight with Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi an automatically get one hour of free Wi-Fi on their smartphone, courtesy of T-Mobile.”

    This paragraph kind of confused me for a minute. Just to clarify…

    This applies to all cells on all carriers, not just T-Mobile users. T-Mobile users always get a free hour of Gogo Wi-Fi and will continue to receive a free hour after this promotion ends. This promotion just expands the free Wi-Fi program to everyone during the weekend.

    • SirStephenH

      Just think of it like a free Xbox Live Gold weekend.

  • Brian

    Awesome! I’m spending two weeks in Odessa Ukraine. That will be perfect!

  • Bart

    It is not working here in Lithuania just EDGE on all 4 iPhones and 2 iPads, called t-mobile and the said the would try to fix the problem after the 4th, any one else having success?

  • Urbicande

    Same here. I am now in London and I get throttled at 120kbps as before on 3 out of the 4 operators. I contacted them and they said the promo is for speeds “up to” 4G LTE and that those speeds aren’t guaranteed, then the whole promo premise is a joke. I’m going to Switzerland and Spain afterwards and hope it will work as promised in the promo.

    • Seth84

      Hi, in Spain make sure you switch to Orange. The other networks are all on restricted speeds. My iphone defaults to Movistar and I had to manually switch it to Orange.