T-Mobile planning $200 off Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and Note 5 switcher promo, shows leaked memo


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will make its official debut tomorrow, and when it does, it’ll become the new star of Samsung’s Android lineup. That means that we’ll probably start to see more discounts on the Galaxy Note 5, S7, and S7 edge, and T-Mobile may have a promotion planned for the day after the Note 7’s debut.

An internal T-Mobile memo shows that a Samsung Galaxy sale may launch on August 3. With this promo, consumers that switch to T-Mobile will get $200 off the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 edge, or Galaxy Note 5. The promo will be available “for a limited time.”

To qualify for this deal, you’ll need to port your number in to T-Mobile and activate your new phone on a 10GB or higher data plan. You’ll also need to buy your GS7, GS7 edge, or Note 5 on an EIP. Finally, this internal memo points out that the $200 taken off the price of the GS7, GS7 edge, or Note 5 will come via monthly bill credit.

The Galaxy S7, S7 edge, and Note 5 may not be the newest phones in Samsung’s lineup, but they’re still solid Android devices with high-end specs. This deal could be a good push for folks that’ve been thinking about jumping ship to T-Mobile, as they can get a sizable discount on a well-specced Android to use on their new carrier.

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  • besweeet

    No promo for existing customers? :/

    • patt

      They don’t care about existing customers. And lop at the 10 gig requirement. 30$ on top of 2gb

      • keepitreal25

        most people that use these phones on a daily basis outside of wifi areas use more then 2gb. just because you have it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. they had a buy one get one for existing customers and a promotion right now where you as a an existing customer can get a free phone for more then the value of this discount.

      • Ascertion

        I wasn’t aware new customers could get a better rate than $150/4 line plan, truly unlimited data. I also got a BOGO S7 offer when I joined, which came with 2 free VR and 2 free years of Netflix. I’m grandfathered into an amazing plan and that to me will keep my loyalty.

        • tony

          im a bit jealous. lol that is insane deal

        • patt

          Same here I got the select choice unlimited and even though coverage sucks when I travel within US it would be hard to give up this..

  • maanshu

    Stick with existing phones or buy outright. Thats my suggestion, the new ones are just iteration.

  • JLV90

    No $200 promo for the new phone? :(

    • JJCommonSense

      Nobody is gonna give u a $200 promo for a brand new, just released device

      • JLV90

        T-mobile did last year with JOD on iPhone 6S 64 GB only paying $524 for that instead of 749.

        • JJCommonSense

          Touche… you’re right. But didn’t that require a trade-in? Usually the phones wont be discounted on their own right away unless they’re desperate… (ahem… LG) lol

        • JLV90

          Nope if you ordered the first weekend it was available as a free upgrade no trade in required I got the deal on 3 lines

        • JJCommonSense

          A free upgrade? no Jump?

        • (J²)

          Actually, this promotion was available for a full month after release. I got one on release day and another a few weeks later. $7 credit per month per line for 18 months ($20/Month instead of $27/Month) and if you were to make a trade in depending on which device you trade, you were able to lower your monthly payments down to $5, $10 or $15 a month.

        • JLV90

          yeah free no Jumps, no trade ins

  • DStudio

    Yes, it’s true – T-Mobile’s prices and offers are slowly getting worse and worse – that’s the customer’s reward for making T-Mobile pass Sprint and become the #3 carrier …

    • no2apple

      What, you need buy 1 get 2 free???. LOL..

      • DStudio

        More expensive plans, must be on 10GB plan, bill credits instead of rebate card means you must stay on plan for 24 mos instead of 3 mos., … oh, yes, and what you said too – only $200, which becomes $8.33 per month off of a $30 increase over the base data plan, for 10GB data which can only be used on that single line. I hope you already needed 10GB of data per month per line, cause you’re gonna pay for it anyway!

        Shall I go on? I’m sure you can come up with great examples yourself. And T-Mobile Tuesdays does little to mitigate this, although it does serve as a nice smokescreen …

        T-Mobile used to have some pretty great offers – they’re now competing with Dumb and Dumber for the most pro-carrier conditions in their offers. Perhaps they truly have taken on the role of filling Sprint’s shoes -> looking to become Dumberer??

        I’m not ‘hating,’ I just recognize that they no longer offer many of the great benefits I’d become so happy with over the years.

        • DStudio

          The bottom line is it’s clear they’ve shifted from an emphasis on adding customers/lines to an emphasis on maximizing profits.

          Not that this is bad – profitability is a key objective for businesses – but it’s certainly not as nice for the customer as it once was.

          The sad part is the louder they proclaim their “un-carrierness,” the more carrier-like they become – a hypocritical malady which afflicts so many (politics anyone???).

        • dtam

          Lucky I’m in with 6 lines for $120, 2.5 gigs per line. I mean, initially they were trying to completely not have promotions on phones to having them again. Yes, it’s not at the peak of their awesomeness but overall it’s still very good. Though the free “galaxy” phone promo is laughable.

        • Android_God

          God but customers are such a f****** pain in the ass

    • yankeesusa

      And att and Verizon have better deals for their current customers?

  • If Not Now, Soon

    Simply said, I hope T-Mobile will offer a promo to their Wonderful existing customers. If not now, soon… (smile).

  • Dylan Gorski

    Sucks that existing customers don’t get the same deals new customers get.

    • DrakenFX

      existing customers never get deals as good as new customers get.

      • sincarafan247

        If that were true then I never would have received a free year of Netflix, a VR Gear or a free tablet just for trading up.

    • lomsha

      They’ll tell you you got deals too back when you were a new customer.

    • Axekick

      I was in one of their stores before and voiced a complaint about not being offered the same discount as new customers on I think the Galaxy S3, or S5. She asked my T-Mobile phone number, looked me up in the computer then gave me the same deal they were offering new contracts as well as free unlimited data(up from 5GB/mo) for having been with them over 10 years.

  • Philip

    How much will the new pricing on the Note 5? I got mine for $580 each with the last promo and no new lines.

  • John

    Samsung galaxy s 7 and s7 edge may not be the newest phones uuuhhh they’re are wtf

  • George Salcedo

    Seems like a lazy promotion, rather buy the Axon 7 at $399 outright. HTC, Samsung and LG to a lesser extent need to start lowering prices without gimmicky promos needed.

    • dtam

      I agree, time to lower prices since there is a lot more competition

  • Android_God

    Let me break out my tiny violin for all of the whiny b****** posting below

    • John

      You need a better hobby than making fun of whiny people.

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