Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 7 event for August 2, explains why it’s skipping Note 6


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially less than one month from making its big debut.

Samsung has announced a Galaxy Unpacked event for August 2, and it’s confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7 will be the star of the show. Samsung has even gone ahead and said that, yes, the phone’s name will be “Galaxy Note 7.” As for why it’s skipping the Galaxy Note 6, Samsung explains:

“First and foremost though, you might be curious as to why it’s called Galaxy Note7 instead of Galaxy Note6. There are a couple reasons why. First, the Galaxy Note7 will complement our Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, and unify our product portfolio. Second, the Galaxy Note7 will minimize confusion about the latest mobile technology from Samsung, and provide full alignment with Galaxy S smartphone.”

The Galaxy Note 7 event will take place at 11:00 am ET in New York City on August 2. There will be a live stream so that we can all watch the Note 7’s debut live, and there will also be launch events in Rio De Janeiro and London.

While Samsung hasn’t released any images of the Galaxy Note 7 or provided us with any of its specs, a recent leak did claim to give us a clear look at Samsung’s next big thing. While the design of the Note 7 may not be dramatically different than the Note 5, the new Note is rumored to offer some features that the Note 5 lacks. For example, it’s been said that the Note 7 will have a dual curved edge screen, an iris scanner, and a microSD slot.

Are you thinking about buying the Galaxy Note 7 when it launches?

Source: Samsung

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  • Note Fan

    No, I am still rocking my Note 3…And will wait to see the pricing.

    • pengko

      the price is going to be 900+

      • Ryan

        They say that about every new samsung phone coming out. Last year the note5 was rumored to be over 1k. Its never that much.

  • 21stNow

    So far, I haven’t liked the dual curved edge screens on the Galaxy S7 Edge. They seem to respond to accidental touches too much for me.

    I disagree with the decision to skip the Note 6 in the naming convention.

    This is sad because I used to love Samsung’s products. Now, not so much.

    • no2apple

      So you dont like samsung anymore because they named in note 7 ?? Really dude?? Weird people in this world.. LOL

      • 21stNow

        I’m not a dude. I’ve posted my other gripes with Samsung numerous times and didn’t feel the need to repeat them. I only posted the new gripes that were relevant to this article.

  • Guy11

    Don’t forget it come with a lock bootloader too!

    • Philip

      So its the start of lock bootloader since S7. Sad. Maybe only do HTC.

  • Philip

    I have the Note 5 now and got it few months ago. It doesnt looks like its worth an upgrade right except for the iris scanner. The rest we seen before.

  • I have an idea..they want to compete with the iPhone 7! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Head to head. And guess who will win?

  • Jose Lugo

    I got my Note 4 and it’s still going strong. Got my wife the s7 Edge and my major thing now a days is camera, if the Note 7 has the same cam as the S7 then my Note 4 can still hold a candle to it plus, the 900 price tag might be too much even for the latest phone. T-Mo always has great deals on its site. So, might even see if what species come year end.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Could you tell me what problem you are having with the camera? As far as I have heard and know, the S7 has one if not the best camera out there right now. Thanks

    • warpwiz

      I also have a Note 4 & will keep it as long as it is serviceable or until Samsung brings back the replaceable battery AND an SD card. I recently bought it (refurb) to replace my Note 2, which I still have for “in case.”

  • Jake Fitzpatrick

    I have the Note 5 and very excited for this announcement. As a person with a disability, an iris scanner sounds promising. (I have done some research since my last post, where I asked community members to to describe the benefits.) Anyway, I do not know if I will upgrade right away. The “edge display” sounds like a disaster when it comes to accidental tapping and other issues. Especially when dexterity is already limited and the phone is already so wide. Personally, I hope there is a version without the edge display but I have not decided if this will be a deal breaker for me.

  • mreveryphone

    Sold my Note 5 for $550 months ago and just sold my S6 Edge+ last weekend for $500… My cash is ready for the Note 7!

  • Ryan

    I still have the Note2 and its going strong. Will most likely be upgraded to the note7!

  • llwmichelle

    I plan on getting one. I have the Note 4 and I have a rule now when upgrading, I skip every other version. So didn’t upgrade to the Note 5. Just awaiting the next version to get. I keep all my phones, too. I actually get a lot of use out of them even without having cell service connected.

  • I have Note 5 and i am very exciting to Note 7 because it has dual curved edge screen, an iris scanner.

  • noc007

    I’m in it for the SD Card. I have a suspicion that they will be releasing their UFS cards along side it. The pictures of the UFS cards look like a modified SD Card slot would accept them, but then perhaps not. I skipped out on MicroSD card deals yesterday in case the Note7 was going to be UFS only and not MicroSD.

    I am not looking forward to the curved display. It just seems like a gimmick to me with no real function outside of “oh new shiny” for a couple of weeks. To me, it just means a case will have to have less protection or bulk up. I like pure bumper cases and don’t see how that would work out without going with a full back.

  • AM Gone

    My Note Edge is dying a respectful death. Has been a great phone and love the edge screen and functions associated with it. Note 7 day one purchase for me.

  • Larry E

    I’ll keep my Note3 rather than lose the removable battery. It’s 3 years old and I can still sell it for a decent amount. Not many people would buy a 3 year old phone without a removable battery, so good luck selling these in the future when you want to upgrade?

    • Stigasawuswrecks

      Are you that far away from a charging port for long periods of time? Galaxy phones have excellent battery life nowadays so it shouldn’t be a problem. If it is then get a portable charging port and get 3-5 times the amount of battery life.

      • Larry E

        Not really, but my comment didn’t say much about battery life. It’s more about what happens when your battery gets old and no longer holds a charge. This happens to all batteries over time. So, do you just throw phones away once the battery starts dying or malfunctioning? Seems like a waste for a $700-$800 device.

        • 1ceTr0n

          You trade it in/sell it and buy a new one

        • Dean

          Exactly, I’ve had to replace the battery in my Note 4 twice already due to defective ones. No way i’d get a phone with no decent way to replace it.

  • I am looking to go back, had & still have a Note 3, didn’t upgrade to the Note 5 because of the no sd card & no removable battery, got an LG V10. Which is a good phone, but i do miss the stylus & sleekness of Samsung sometimes.

    Im kind of put off by only having a curved screen variant though, that’s going to add an extra $100 to the price. I’m assuming its going to be around $850, $150 more than I’m willing to pay. I’ve made a decision to not spend more than $700 on a phone, and that’s pushing it. I guess, I’ll wait for their deals, or until the price goes down.

  • notyourbusiness

    Stupid reasoning, considering everyone knows the Note line came out after the Galaxy S line. Yes, makes so much sense to go from 5 to 7 and skip the number 6…

    • Frettfreak

      “everyone” that reads these sites, but the average consumer has no clue. from a unified branding perspective it actually makes a LOT of sense.

  • Marcelo_L

    I don’t think the leaked photos are of the Note7. I think they’re from a S7 Edge+.

  • JayBEE

    I am considering the Note 7 as my Note 3 is getting long in the tooth. I surely couldn’t waste my time with the Note 5 as it lacked SD card support, so the Note 7 bringing that back is a good thing. I hope that they also bring back the Infrared transmitter (blaster), but won’t hold my breath for it.

  • rnbmusic

    I’m eyeing this as an upgrade to my iphone 6 plus….im looking forward to the battery, screen, and cameras…and of course the multitasking and s pen.

  • Jamie S

    I wonder if I could use my dog’s eye for the iris lock.

  • PhoneUser

    Note Edge 4 was the best Samsung ever brought out;
    Useful edge display,not like the downgraded one on the Galaxy edge.
    SD card and exchangeable battery.
    Note 5 was a serious downgrade, not worth the name or the price.
    There is no phone presently that have enough battery life, not matter what they claim, and to remove the battery is the best way to reboot the phone, which is still needed.
    All for: Larger display, useful edge display, CD card or better, minimum 32 GB internal, 6 GB ROM, water safe, aluminum or polymer back, glass is useless.

  • PhoneUser

    What about a useful watch, the best is still the Gear S, who needs a round watch to read text, give us an updated Gear S that can display readable information, make calls (with sim card) and disable the health functions.
    Use wireless fast charging and give it a useful, battery life, give it a knob like the i watch to navigate. The show offs can use their round watches and why not make round phones for them.

  • Samsung sucks ass

    Samsung is skipping the note 6 because they just wanna keep up with eye phone. Its just a mind game. Consumer: “Ohhhhhhhhh look its the note 6 vs iphone 7 ummmmmm i think ill get the iphone 7 because it 1 ahead of the note series” see samsung dont want people thinking like that. The world is sick………