LG Stylo 2 Plus lands at MetroPCS with $149 price tag


MetroPCS announced back in June that the LG Stylo 2 Plus would be coming to its network, but it didn’t say when that launch would happen. Now we know, because the Stylo 2 Plus has quietly appeared on MetroPCS’s website.

The LG Stylo 2 Plus is available from MetroPCS for $149 after a $70 mail-in rebate. For that price, you’re getting an Android 6.0 smartphone with a 5.7-inch 1280×720 display, 13-megapixel rear and 5-megapixel front cameras, and a fingerprint reader on its backside. Packed inside the Stylo 2 Plus’s shell is 16GB of storage (9GB available to the user), a microSD card slot, 2GB of RAM, an octa-core processor, and a 2900mAh battery.

Of course, one of the most notable features of the LG Stylo 2 Plus is its stylus. The pen lives in a slot at the top of the Stylo 2 Plus’s body, and LG has built special software features into the device to help you take advantage of that stylus. For example, Calligraphy Pen Mode will transform your writing into script, and Screen-Off Memo will let you jot down notes on the phone’s screen when the display is turned off.

While the LG Stylo 2 Plus may not be a barn burner when it comes to specs, it does offer notable features like a huge display, built-in stylus, fingerprint reader, and microSD slot, all for an affordable price. Huge phones like the Stylo 2 Plus aren’t everybody’s thing, but if you dig ‘em, you’ve now got another option at MetroPCS.

Via: PhoneScoop
Sources: LG, MetroPCS

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