Nexus 6 data connectivity issues affecting some T-Mobile customers


Are you a Nexus 6 owner that’s been having issues connecting to T-Mobile’s LTE network lately? If so, you’re not alone.

Several Nexus 6 owners are reporting that their phones keep losing their data connection to T-Mobile’s network (and some other networks around the globe). There are reports of issues on Reddit, Google Product Forums, T-Mobile’s support forums, and more. Unfortunately, it’s not clear exactly what’s causing the problem.

There doesn’t appear to be a solution to this problem quite yet. Google has acknowledged the issue, and T-Mobile’s official Twitter support team says that T-Mo is working with Google and Motorola on it.

Losing a data connection on your phone can be a pain, especially when it’s unclear exactly what’s causing the problem. Some users report that they’ve found temporary fixes, but for now, it looks like Nexus 6 owners having data connection woes will have to try to stick to Wi-Fi until a permanent fix is released.

Do you have a Nexus 6 that’s experiencing data connectivity issues?

Via: Android Police
Sources: Reddit, Google, T-Mobile, Down Detector

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  • Brian Runyon

    Still having issues with my Nexus 6. All I keep hearing from T-Mobile is that they are “Working on it”. I did get a suggestion from someone who told me to turn off my Location in settings. And that(knock on wood) seems to be working for now. This is the only time I have experienced an issue with this phone.

    • NavyVeteran

      Hi Brian.. That is the only way to keep LTE working now. It’s a problem with an app accessing GPS.. Google and Motorola and others should have a fix by Monday. It’s a problem worldwide, not just T-Mobile users.

      • Brian Runyon

        I read more about it. So just going to be patient and hopefully Monday thing will get back to normal.

  • steveb944

    OH MY GOSH! I thought it was only me! I just bought a 6P because I thought my 6 had kicked the bucket! I just did an RMA today for the 6.

    I also can’t send texts so have to restart.

  • Dan Roth

    Definitely noticed some issues. We have Google Fi, so we’re often able to get on Sprint, but still get hiccups sometimes.

  • jawash22

    Yes, I just had my sim card replaced but had to go to settings to get tmo set as preferred network.

  • DeFlanko

    Same issue happened to me today durring lunch time PST…. I rebooted my phone and it joined back on the network.

    • NavyVeteran

      Turn OFF GPS/Location services to have LTE..

  • Christopher M

    It’s a GPS/location based issue. Any app that tries to access GPS will cause it to lose LTE and the only way to get it back is a full reboot

    • Panzer

      Make sense, It wasn’t until Pokemon GO that I really noticed the issue. but it’s been driving me crazy and only seems to affect certain areas of my neighborhood.

  • Travis Tabbal

    Yes, and it’s really annoying. Disabling GPS seems to help. I also found freezing “Google Connectivity Services” helps a lot, even with GPS enabled and active with Google Maps, Pokémon Go, etc..

    I froze it with titanium backup. No idea if other apps do it the same way. In my case, rebooting only worked 20% of the time or so. I haven’t dropped data since freezing that app about 8 hours now.

  • Lindsey Pietrocola

    I’ve been experiencing the same thing with the GPS, switched the sim card, appeared better for a bit, and then back to no data service. Shutting phone off and on with a bit of a rest period helps, but certainly isn’t ther solution… Glad to see an article about this… And how both Google and TMo acknowledged the issue…. I was getting frustrated when I didn’t find anything

  • I love how Google will rush to to help 3 tmobile users that are partially impacted by a slight issue – Mobile Radio Active battery killer bug has literally been ignored for almost 2 years.

    • belieto colello

      It’s a lot of users my self included.. Damn butt hurt much

    • gmo8492

      Google has a lot of customers with project fi that use the Nexus 6 as a primary device on the network. Since project fi is partnered with T-Mobile, their customers may be affected as well.

    • NavyVeteran

      Idiot much? This issue is affecting people Worldwide you moron. This is killing LTE for phones in Hong Kong, Denmark, Korea, Italy, America, etc.. And Google is working on a fix for this. If you have a problem with Google, maybe switch to that Crapple company and enjoy your locked down phone you can’t do much with. This isn’t just a T-Mobile issue. It’s an issue with GPS trying to use an app then it kills LTE.. And for your other issue it’s not that big of a deal. I am sure Google will kowtow to you and your complaints tho.. Maybe grow a pair and get a phone that doesn’t work like you want it to.

      • Well, no problem with my Nexus6 Shamu on Nougat, other than the Mobile Radio Active bug. Perhaps you should 1. get out of the stone age and 2. get over yourself.

  • Panzer

    Damn I thought it was just my phone, which is why I ordered the Note 7.Oh well

  • belieto colello

    Add me to the list.. At least I know I’m not alone.. It’s so annoying though I love my phone but no connection sucks.. I’m forced to upgrade

  • Dusty Bottoms

    Having same problem. Rebooting my phone fixes it for a while. I’ve had this phone for almost 2 years and never had problems until just recently.

    • Veronica Wallis

      Me too…about 2 years.

    • NavyVeteran

      Turn off GPS/Location services and LTE should stay on!

  • KenP

    I’ve got the intermittent lost cellular data issue too. First noticed Aug 2, 2016. Thank God for this article. I can’t imagine the thousands of hours that users / techs have troubleshooted with rebooting, replacing sim card, factory resetting, RMAs for phone returns… Frustrating.

  • Uxorious

    For what it’s worth, I’m in Italy on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and it keeps dropping off data too!

  • Ron

    I have this problem, too. Saw a lot of people having success by turning off location services. I kept mine on but set to GPS only and it seemed to still give an LTE signal without shutting off.

  • Durandal_1707

    I’ve only noticed this since installing the recent security update the other day. I have a suspicion that that might have something to do with it.

    • Veronica Wallis

      I had the problem Before I did the OTA Google update. So then I did the update last nite. No change. Fix this Nexus 6 problem T-Mobile!

      • NavyVeteran

        Google and T-Mob & Motorola is working on a fix, Monday is earliest as possible.

    • SirStephenH

      Many users, including myself, report the problem on older security patches.

  • helloblue

    I did the fix of turning off location and rebooting. seems to be working.

  • Tanner

    Tmo rep here. I had two customers come in with this issue today. Cleared the cache and rebooted. Started working just fine.

    • Miles

      That only works for a little while until the next time it happens (seems to be random).

    • Panzer

      I hardly noticed this issues until I started playing Pokemon GO. Areas where I’ve always had amazing signal just drops to nothing and back to full randomly and drives me insane. Reboots, clearing and retyping the APN, factory resetting the phone, refreshing the phone to the tower. All of it only made a temporary fix at best.

    • Ron

      It doesn’t stick. We did the same on my phone and it worked for a while, but stopped working soon after.

    • Peter Campbell

      I’m having the issue and this is definitely a temporary, short-lived fix.

      • NavyVeteran

        Turn off GPS/Location Services and LTE works fine

    • NavyVeteran

      For a few minutes, as soon as an app tries to access GPS, LTE stops working. Best suggestion is to turn off GPS services and LTE stats activated.

  • Miles

    Ahha! That explains why my N6 has been having an increasingly difficult time the last couple of months or so on T-Mobile and forcing me to reboot pretty often lately, especially about the last couple of weeks.

  • Chris Drudge

    Is this only with the Nexus 6? My Nexus 5X has recently started dropping LTE down to 3G or GPRS in areas where I’ve reliably had LTE in the past.

  • Ron L

    I see tmo replying to users here to ping them on the side with some tips to help now. How about posting them for all to see.

  • Kyle Thompson

    ditto for me for 3 days now. i figured phone was busted as it seemed to come completely out of left field (a couple weeks since I installed last security update). was about to buy a replacement when I caved to online chat with TMO and found out it was a significant issue with N6s. unbelievable.
    they ‘refreshed’ my connection and it didn’t stick more than a minute or two. however, this morning it seems to be holding (so far) for a couple of hours and counting…doubtful it will continue, but that’s the longest i’ve seen in 3 days.

  • Brandon

    This has been happening to me, also GPS keeps dropping out, I thought BlissROM was causing it since it tends to not like my phone.

  • Nate

    Yes, been affecting me since late Tuesday. For me, it is related to apps and the GPS.

    With Location on, when apps try to acquire a GPS location, the phone drops connection to the network entirely then connects back up but only for voice.

    I have been leaving the Location option disabled and thus far, data stays connected. Pokemon Go and other apps that require a GPS signal will be out of luck till its fixed.

    For me at least.

  • robtheman42

    This seems related to a recent update on the Google Connectivity Services app. This fixed the problem for me:

    Settings -> Apps -> tap three dots in upper right, Show System, scroll down to Google Connectivity Services, tap three dots in upper right, Uninstall Updates.

    Then reboot your phone.

    • NavyVeteran

      That doesn’t solve issues. When an app tries to use GPS or Location it kills LTE..

      • robtheman42

        It worked for me. I was having problems on Tuesday and Wednesday. After following this process, I haven’t had any problems. My phone is fully functional. Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but it’s worth a shot. :)

      • yankeesusa

        I did it and it works fine. Actually the only app that seems to break it is pokemon go. Figures.

  • AJ2

    Having problems with a Nexus 5. May make me finally get an iPhone. Just seems simpler although costlier

    • steveb944

      If you’re on a Nexus 5 you’re now due for an upgrade. Grab the new 5 inch Nexus that comes out in 1-2 months.

    • yankeesusa

      You’re comparing a phone that’s several years old to a new iPhone? Lol. Just get an iPhone. You might need to have someone control everything you do.

  • NavyVeteran

    It’s not just T-Mobile folks. Seems like a lot of people worldwide are affected. But if its Google Connectivity services, why aren’t other affected?

  • NavyVeteran

    Here’s how to solve the issue until a fix is implemented by Google.. Turn off GPS/Location services and LTE stays connected.

  • Christopher M

    Google pushed a connectivity services update and broke N6s. Here’s the real workaround:

    Settings -> Apps -> tap three dots in upper right, Show System, scroll down to Google Connectivity Services, tap three dots in upper right, Uninstall Updates.

    Then do a full power down reboot of the N6.

    • Critic4U

      That will make it to where your notifications won’t post won’t it ? I’ve tried that before and it messed up when google auto retrieves emails and text messages. I had to factory reset the device to fix it

      • Christopher M

        I’ve uninstalled the updates and rebooted. Everything seems back to working order for me. Emails, texts, etc.

  • SirStephenH

    I have the problem. Started around August 2nd with an insert SIM warning, restarted a couple of times and it worked fine for a while but then the cellular connection started randomly cutting out. Today it would connect to T-Mobile but I had no voice, text, and data. I researched the problem today and found a suggestion to reset the APN settings to default, then restart. I tried it and it’s worked for me so far. It’s supposedly a temporary fix though.

    • Wezi427

      Did you download the August security update?

      • Zach Guithues

        I’m personally on Pure Nexus, with the July security patch. I’ve been having the LTE drop while staying connected for phone calls. I’ve gotten a SIM warning once. I was starting to worry that my device was damaged. i’m glad this is a software issue.

        • Wezi427

          Me too. I’m going to wait to download it. Until they release a patch.

  • Des

    Anyone having issues with their note 4? Lost all signal, phone is searching for network.

  • Nexus 6 on T-mobile… Yeah… My data broke.

  • noelito

    Yes, I’ve been having this problem, but thought it was because I’m on a developer preview. My fix for when it happens is to just to turn Airplane Mode on and then off.


    Issues fixed

  • Chad Kellerman

    I’ve been having the issues all week. But this afternoon (Sunday 8/7/16) the issues seemed to have cleared up… I didn’t do a thing…

    • NavyVeteran

      Seems like mine is working now as well.. I am guessing it WAS a T-Mobile issue after all. I haven’t had any app updates in a few days.. Just read your comment 30 minutes ago, turned on my location services and it’s working for now..

    • KenP

      Just turned back on location services and am holding a LTE connection once again. Could the bug be fixed? Anyone got any official news?

  • Why all the sudden? Why just nexus 6 and why not before?

    • NavyVeteran

      I suspect that T-mobile was doing LTE upgrades but don’t have the balls to tell us customers.

  • RVM

    Mine rebooted yesterday about 2pm and then everything seems better. Fingers crossed.

  • Abraham Vang

    What seems to have worked for me was flashing the N beta bootloader and radio only. I’ve been on 3 days so far without any data connectivity drops and having to reboot. You will also get the “Google” with the new font styling upon booting up, which I do I like.

  • DH_Honey

    I’ve decided to stop thinking about this till Google/TMobile come up with a confirmed fix.
    I drive for Uber, so going without the GPS+LTE combo is NOT AN OPTION.

    Temp Fix: get another phone, put my sim into it, turn on its WiFi Hotspot
    connect Nexus6 to WiFi Hotspot
    enjoy GPS and WiFi mediated Cellular LTE and Generous Nexus 6 Screen
    Drive and Profit!!

  • Jang Younghwan

    Yes, when Wi-Fi is disconnected, then it cannot connect to mobile network. I needed to restart my phone to use mobile network again.
    My solution was setting Location service as battery saving, which means to turn physical GPS off. That worked for me. Now my phone can connect to mobile network from WiFi with no problem.
    I believe that this problem is probably because of Google Location Service…

  • ptoadstool

    My wife and I wanted to document a day trip to the University of MN Landscape Arboretum yesterday with some photos, but my Nexus 6 barely functioned as it kept trying to get data. That made taking pictures a real chore as the phone was using resources to keep trying to connect, resulting in intolerable lag.