Nexus 6 data connectivity issues now resolved, says Google


Last week, reports began popping up that Nexus 6 owners on T-Mobile (and on some other networks around the world) were having issues staying connected to LTE. The good news is that the bug should now be squashed.

Google employee Orrin Hancock says that the bug with GPS that caused cellular connectivity to drop “should now be resolved.” He doesn’t say exactly what the fix was, just that “we have made a few changes on our end.” If you’ve got a Nexus 6 and you’re still having issues, you should restart your phone and see if that clears things up.

Some affected Nexus 6 owners came up with temporary fixes for this bug, but it looks like the issue kept rearing its head. Having problems with your phone’s data connection can be annoying considering how many different apps and features rely on data, and I’m sure that there were more than a few frustrated Nexus 6 owners this past weekend. The good news is that the issue should finally be cleared up.

What say you, Nexus 6 owners? Is everything back to normal for you?

Via: Android Police
Sources: Reddit, Google Product Forums

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