T-Mobile exec talks adding more stores, stealing market share with iPhone 7 launch


After dropping some details on T-Mobile’s AWS-3 spectrum deployment plans, T-Mo’s Nils Paellmann is back today to talk more about the Un-carrier’s upcoming plans.

Speaking at an investor conference, Nils Paellmann, T-Mobile’s Vice President of Investor Relations, touched on T-Mo’s plans to expand its retail stores. Paellmann explained that T-Mo doesn’t currently have distribution everywhere that it has LTE service, but that it plans to add another 400 stores this year:

“We’re looking at expanding our distribution footprint by another 30 to 40 million POPs by the middle of next year. That’s not coverage expansion, that’s just expansion of the footprint of the stores. We had at the end of last year about 3600 postpaid stores and we have said that this year we want to expand that by 400 stores, taking that to about 4,000 by the end of this year.”

Paellmann also talked about T-Mobile’s low-band spectrum deployment plans, saying that T-Mo is building out 70 million POPs worth of low-band coverage and that a large part will be completed this year. Paellmann did say that Chicago and its 11 million POPs are expected to be completed in 2017, though, because the the deal that includes Chicago’s spectrum won’t close until the fourth quarter of 2016.

Finally, Paellmann talked a bit about the iPhone 7. “We always look at these iconic devices as a big opportunity to potentially gain market share,” Paellmann said when asked about Apple’s next smartphone. “We’ve seen in previous cycles that when industry churn goes up, we do well because we tend to be a share taker.” He added that he feels that when people get a new device, it’s an opportunity for them to consider changing carriers.

Via: WirelessWeek
Source: Oppenheimer

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  • Debra

    They need to steal service by adding domestic roaming to fill in these huge gaps of no coverage in the Southeast.

    • Bradley Karas

      Southeast? Where?

      • Vincent

        Like where I live in Louisiana…..not south east but definitely south. I wanted to switch to them but no service at my house. And I live in shreveport. Not a tiny city

        • Bradley Karas

          Oh I was in New Orleans and coverage was amazing. Hang tight extended LTE is coming very soon

        • teckel

          You must have an old phone or old information, because I just looked up Shreveport and it has EXCELLENT coverage. Get a phone with the 700mhz band and stop your whining.

        • Phone Guy

          What, he will have to give up his flip phone?

        • Vincent

          Obviously you don’t know what your talking about. True in the city tmo is great but on the edge of town where I live 0 to 1 bars that’s it. And no its not an old phone. A nexus 5x to be exact. Don’t assume you know whats going on at my house. Nobody but att and verizon have service at my house. I know because I have tried them all.

        • Vincent

          And I actually got on the phone with tmo customer service. They admitted at my address signal would be spotty at best and did not recommend getting post paid service.

        • teckel

          It shows on the edge of town as excellent coverage as well. You probably don’t have a new phone that supports the latest bands. Your fault, not T-Mobile’s.

        • Vincent

          ummmm i already stated i have a nexus 5x so its capable and tmo themselves said coverage was spotty at my address. But hey you know their network better than they do. *rolls eyes*

        • teckel

          Riiiigggghhhht…. Go away troll / Verizon fanboy. Who cares what the coverage is in your parent’s basement. Use WiFi for a hotspot! What matters is the coverage outside your parent’s house and T-Mobile’s map has excellent coverage over Shreveport. But, of course you’re not giving your area in Shreveport. But, even on the edges of town they have good coverage.

        • Vincent

          Ummm no they don’t and your an idiot. First I switched from verizon to att since they had a bogo deal on galaxy phones and I phones. Cut my bill in half. 2nd I couldn’t give a rats azz about WiFi calling because it doesn’t work when my cable Internet or power is out which is more often than it should be. My service has to work when there is no power. I live in blanchard just on the edge of Shreveport which I shouldn’t have to say but since your so uniformed I did. Again even tmo said I had very weak coverage at my place. I don’t care if you believe it or not. Your argument is Dumb since you don’t live here and have no idea what my signal is. BTW here’s a hint coverage maps are often wrong for all carriers. And lastly I like tmo and want to switch but there service has to be consistent and work even without power. I won’t switch till it is. You act like I hate tmo or spreading lies. The truth is the network is getting better but it isn’t good enough where I live…….yet. I will switch when it is

        • teckel

          Power and Internet out all the time? I didn’t realize you lived in Shreveport, Iraq. In the developed world, we don’t lose power or the Internet ever. And can easily download at over 50Mbs using T-Mobile in our homes.

        • Vincent

          Ummm I didn’t say all the time I said more than they should be. And I guarantee you your not going to hit 50meg at my house cause it won’t even finish the test

    • Trevnerdio

      Amen. The Florida panhandle, outside of cities, can get super iffy. I’d love to go down the spring creeks with some sort of signal, eventually.

  • snworf

    Now that they’ve led the ‘uncarrier’ charge of doing away with contracts, it’s the new-norm. The new uncarrier-schtick should be hugely subsidized iPhones with 2-year contracts :-)

    • teckel

      Nope, just divided up payments over 24 months like every other phone.

      • donnybee

        I think he was kidding lol just saying that now that having no contracts is very “carrier-like” (since they’re all doing it), switch it up and go back and start a new trend again.

        Sarcasm, I’m sure

        • emcdonald75

          I almost miss the contracts. At least then, you could pay the early termination fee, which was about $375-350, and then own the phone and have it unlocked. Now, you have to pay the full cost of the phone if you decide to leave your carrier early, which feels like more contract on steroids, than not. Lol.

  • Prode

    lol add more stores so more ppl can pay us the $20 Assisted Service Fee (Upgrade Fee). How nice is that.

    • VN

      lol gotta love that OPTIONAL fee

      • Prode

        I do not have jump nor would I ever want to have jump. I get apple care for my Iphones but do not like having to spend $650+ upfront for my phone. Why should I pay $20 in store to buy a phone because I do not want to have my phone shipped to me. If I go to best buy or another store and buy in store vs the website, do I get charged more no. Why should it be that way with T-Mobile because it shouldn’t. This fee will die away over time because of the number of ppl bitching about it, but for now it is a pain in the ass thing to deal with.

        • Phone Guy

          There are three derivatives of Jump. Jump 1, Jump 2, and Jump 3. Explain to me what each of the derivations is before you say you would never have it. Apple Care and jump are nothing similar. Jump is like Apple Care on steroids. (at least the 1st version).

        • Prode

          I keep my phone for 2 years and then sell it. Use the money that I sold it for to pay for part of the new phone. I do not lose my phones and I do not get them stolen. This makes Jump useless. Apple care covers everything Jump covers just not lost or stolen phones. Jump is there for ppl that want to upgrade before it is paid off. If you do not upgrade using Jump you are charged $20. Explain to me how Jump helps the ppl that keep their phone for years and years. Also JOD or your 3rd version of Jump is only good for ppl that change phones a lot or it is also useless then. Also Apple Care is cheaper and you get better support from Apple Techs in an Apple Store. So now if you do everything that I listed, why would you get jump?

  • Adam

    T-Mobile must be moving away from those labor intensive online single translation sales into high profit margin in person EIP ;-)

  • John

    I wish TMO coverage wasn’t so bad in central Chicago

    • Yeah, it’s due to the fact that they don’t have band 12 (700MHz) aka “extended range LTE” spectrum there. They’re in the process of acquiring the spectrum from an AT&T subsidiary that won’t be up and running until 2017 according to the article. Once this LTE band is active coverage will be way better. Click the 700Mhz lte map button at the top of this website to see the band 12 map.

  • emcdonald75

    I have a question, can the PCS 1900 spectrum be used to help fill some gaps in their LTE voice coverage? For example, there are places here in Jackson, MS, where calls drop when using VoLTE, but if T-Mobile removed the 4G HSPA on the PCS spectrum and put LTE on the PCS 1900, then theoretically, the calls from AWS-1 LTE can transition to PCS 1900 LTE reducing the number of drop calls, right? I think that the PCS 1900 LTE has further range than AWS LTE. T-Mobile does not have 700MHz spectrum here. 700MHz A-Block spectrum is all owned and used by C Spire, which is marketed as Maximum Range LTE.

  • Bruce W

    Yes. There is a 20% singal improvement going from 2100 mhz aws to 1900 mhz pcs.

    • Bruce W

      (This was in reponse to the post below)

    • emcdonald75

      So why would T-Mobile keep HSPA/+ on 1900MHz PCS when transitioning this spectrum to LTE will guarantee a 20% improvement in signals for VoLTE and data coverage?

      • Bruce w

        Most areas have moved from aws hspa to pcs hspa to free up spectrum for extra aws Lte bandwith in the cities

        aws provides faster data speeds and is the primary lte band for urban areas.

        For a quick upgrade conversion to lte in rural areas they use 5×5 pcs lte and use the same antenna panels. Imo they should shutdown all hspa but that wont happen for years. Heck gsm will stay on til 2020 atleast

  • dorothy.brown

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