Nexus 6 data connectivity issues now resolved, says Google


Last week, reports began popping up that Nexus 6 owners on T-Mobile (and on some other networks around the world) were having issues staying connected to LTE. The good news is that the bug should now be squashed.

Google employee Orrin Hancock says that the bug with GPS that caused cellular connectivity to drop “should now be resolved.” He doesn’t say exactly what the fix was, just that “we have made a few changes on our end.” If you’ve got a Nexus 6 and you’re still having issues, you should restart your phone and see if that clears things up.

Some affected Nexus 6 owners came up with temporary fixes for this bug, but it looks like the issue kept rearing its head. Having problems with your phone’s data connection can be annoying considering how many different apps and features rely on data, and I’m sure that there were more than a few frustrated Nexus 6 owners this past weekend. The good news is that the issue should finally be cleared up.

What say you, Nexus 6 owners? Is everything back to normal for you?

Via: Android Police
Sources: Reddit, Google Product Forums

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  • George

    Umm… Got what appeared to be a regular monthly security update yesterday. Seems to have corrected the data issues. But now I’ve noticed my phone reverts back to 3G when placing calls, and there can be an annoying relay waiting for LTE after ending the call… WTH

    • Travis Tabbal

      That sounds like you’re not connected to VoLTE.

      Overall, data connections seem to be working properly again. It would be nice if they gave us some idea WTF happened, but at least they seem to have at least improved the situation.

  • Not Tmo’ fault

    Lol at the s4gru trolls trying to blame tmo for this

  • Rob H.

    My fix was setting GPS on battery saver mode.

  • steveb944

    About time.

  • athensoh

    I had this problem with Nexus 6 on T-Mobile for about a week, then it went away some time on Sunday, Aug 7 (before I applied the latest security update).

  • Panzer

    So Pokemon Go is my barometer for all of this. Connection is 100% back to normal, speeds are good and signal is strong. But now GPS is dropping in and out (according to Pokemon GO app) might be unrelated but can’t be ignored.

    • SirStephenH

      Same here.


    I was calling T-Mobile up to 4 times a day to get my connection reset. I BOUGHT A NEW $500 PHONE FROM YOU, GOOGLE, BECAUSE OF THIS AND NOW MY OLD $600 PHONE SHOULD BE “fine”?


    • MotoEyes

      You should be able to return your new phone if within 14 days..

      • I cancelled my service with T-Mobile and got Project Fi, so I am not sure what good that would do me now…

        This is a huge screw up and I am sure I am not the only person this impacted financially.

    • Will

      Why didn’t you just turn off GPS and wait for the fix like everybody else? Was Pokémon really that important?

      • Cute, Will.

        I called T-Mobile every day multiple times for 2 weeks and they had no answer for me besides “restart your phone”.

        I am a web developer by trade, and not being able to use my phone to test work and look up links blocked by my corp’s (bank) network was causing the major frustration.

        No one (at T-Mo) said anything about the GPS being the issue. Data never came back until the phone was power cycled.

        Whatever, though — T-Mobile’s signal penetration in my area is garbage, and I am more than happy with my new Project Fi 6p. I just think it is bullshit that they didn’t have answers for 2 weeks.

  • NavyVeteran

    So if this was just a “GPS” issue, why weren’t the myriad of other phones affected by this outage? Some said it was the Google Connectivity Services app. Why just the Nexus 6, and why just the Nexus 6 worldwide then eh? No explanations, no nothing from anyone. It’s “mysteriously” fixed now. I want the Truth and I can handle the truth!

  • Ricky Nunez

    The worst 5 days of my life. im glad is fix…but curious to know why it wasnt working….

  • Rob916

    I have the same issue with a Moto X 2014. GPS is weird and it drops down to HSPA and stays there. Just started happening recently.

  • MotoEyes

    I was told by Tmobile to just add a new APN. There was some kind of issue with the N6, Tmobile and Google. I added a standard Tmobile APN and it fixed it for me. Now I guess the fix is permanent.

  • SirStephenH

    The data connection works just fine now but the GPS location appears to be dropping in and out.

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