Next T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts include discounted gasoline


Just one day after the travel-focused T-Mobile Tuesday, details on the next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays have been revealed.

T-Mobile today shared info on the free gifts and prizes that’ll be offered for the Aug. 30 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays. The new gift that everyone will get is a $0.25 per gallon discount on gasoline at Shell, which will be good for up to 20 gallons of gas. Other gifts will include a free small Wendy’s Frosty, a free VUDU movie rental, and a free Lyft credit worth $15.

Like the unique gift, all of next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays prizes involve Shell gasoline. One grand price winner will get a check for $50,000 to buy a car (or “use in winner’s sole discretion”) as well as a $2,080 Shell gift card to be used for one year’s worth of Shell gasoline.

Twenty-five first prize winners will receive a $160 Shell gift card to buy one month’s worth of gas. Finally, 200 second prize winners will get a $40 Shell gift card to be put toward one tank of Shell fuel.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Willie D

    Gas discounts… to people who don’t drive or own cars, and live in a city where one doesn’t need a car or gas…. I mean, really? Why not a free Bay Area Bike Share rental code or something?

    • Deadeye37

      There is that Lyft credit if you want. Most people could use that gas discount. The Bike Share rental code would be great if the Bay Area Bike Share was a nationwide service available to those living in both urban and suburban settings. I think a good chunk of T-mo’s customers live in the suburbs where the bike share thing is hardly existent.

    • Dean

      Because then i couldn’t use it because i don’t live near the bay area or ride a bike. The .25c off gas will benefit a vast amount more people than the much smaller percentage that don’t drive cars.

      • lomsha


    • Fabian Cortez

      Gas discounts… to people who don’t drive or own cars, and live in a city where one doesn’t need a car or gas…. I mean, really? Why not a free Bay Area Bike Share rental code or something?

      No Lyft in your area? The Lyft credit took care of those “people who don’t drive or own cars, and live in a city where one doesn’t need a car or gas,” for the most part.

      • Willie D

        Yeah I have Lyft in my area, in fact, it is across the street from my house, for now, until they relocate to Memphis Tennessee, and that little credit they gave us, expired within 12 hours after being redeemed for use, but not actually used for anything yet.. And what does T-Mobile say when I call them out on it…”Better luck next week” No, they could make it right but they chose not to.

    • PC_Tool

      Who’s to say that won’t be next?

      Lots of people will be able to use this. Maybe you’ll be luckier next time, eh?

    • Diane Moyer


    • AcemanX AcemanX

      on the same boat what bout us that do use cars on the way to our 9 to 5, how the fk would a free bay area bike share rental code in Colorado do for me? Can’t please everybody

      • Willie D

        I was using the specific “Bay Area Bike Share” as an example. Since most of these are regional, TMobile can tune the TMTuesday gifts to the region the subscriber is based, in my case this might work for me, where as that $0.25 off Shell might work for you. And its not about pleasing everyone, its about actually giving something that is useful. Sorry but $0.25 off per gallon of gas is nothing to be excited about, honestly, for every 4 gallons of gas purchased in SF at $3.20 per gallon for a total of $12.80 you will pay $11.80 and you want me to get excited about that? REALLY? No. Thats not a gift. Not by a long shot.

        • Michael Brown

          I’m buying gas anyway…
          If you can’t use it, so what?
          I’ve never gotten a frosty, I don’t care they give them out. Because I understand that some people will use them.
          It’s like you don’t understand that people will take cheaper gas…

    • Josh Desmond

      I want a 5 dollar coupon at my local diner.

      • matt

        Take the five dollars you would have used on gas and use at your diner then take tmo’s 5 bucks and buy gas.

    • Fullmetal_Omar

      its about pleasing the majority not the minority…

  • Deadeye37

    We’ll see if that gas discount makes Shell cheaper than Costco gas. Then again, I can just run into a Shell station and fill up instead of waiting 5-10 minutes to fill up at Costco.

  • mikeZo6

    Big Deal Tmo Tuesday is starting to be a JOKE

    • tony

      uh does verizon or at&t give anything to you for your subscription service at all?

      • Fabian

        Are they supposed to?

        • matt

          Thats just it they don’t have to but tmo gives it to you without having to.

        • Fabian

          T-Mobile does it for a reason, to keep it’s costumers happy and entertained, I think. If 25 cents per gallon of gas makes you happy, good for you and good for them, I don’t care really, I’d prefer better service and better phone selections.

      • FryChickenIsha

        AT&T Thanks, I believe is the name of AT&T’s reward program for its postpaid wireless subscribers.

  • MIke

    Pretty obscure gas brand in the burbs of PHiladelphia. PRetty worthless stuff lately.

  • hanfeedback

    Ill use this.

  • Brandon Cruz

    I love all the people on here complaining about the free stuff… (sarcasm)

    • matt

      I know right. Damn. Bet they love looking a gift horse in the mouth.

    • Elmer

      Tip my hat, my good sir.

    • Willie D

      Because you’re excited for $0.25 off per gallon at Shell? Really? And you must think that giving that away is so damn amazing – especially in regions where mass transit reigns supreme is somehow not worthy of a critique?

      • Brandon Cruz

        Better than nothing. Just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean no one else can. They’re not required to give anything, so the fact they’re offering something is better than nothing.

        Can’t use it? Wait until they give something you can.

        • Willie D

          Id rather them not give me anything actually.

        • Brandon Cruz

          To each their own. As they say, “can’t please everyone”.

      • Acdc1a

        Those of us who drive big vehicles are happy for the $5 savings.

  • kgraham182

    i’m going to leave this here, “Let’s talk about what you get. We’re giving you free gifts from the best, coolest brands. Food, movie tickets, gift cards, subscriptions, ride-sharing and more. Now, by the way, not a “coupon”, not a “half-off”, not “hey if you go buy one, we’ll give you another one,” not an extra topping…”

  • Mike Palomba

    I don’t use shell but if I did this would be great

  • ☁Zack LaMarsh☁☁

    What about those that are not near a shell gas stations or have lyft service near them.
    A discount on mobil gas would work fine

    • FILA

      Your SOL

      • FILB

        Your a troll LOL

    • SirStephenH

      You could rent/buy a movie and pick up a frosty.

  • ben dover

    160 for a month of gas???? My truck uses that in a week.

    • BreakThaLawFTP

      Im trying to tell ya..

    • matt

      That would mean that you get $160 off your gas bill for that week. And you see a problem with this in what way.

    • dan428

      Well that sucks.. I use like 50 a month at most

  • TeslaModelX

    $50,000 towards a Tesla or even a Chevy Volt hehe ;)

  • Fabian

    OMG, free stuff! Next they’ll give us unlimited data with tethering.

    • matt

      They are fixing to

      • FILA

        After you pay additional $25 a month! lol

        • Michael Brown

          I get it, you want free tethering and unlimited data, you just don’t want to pay for it.
          Not surprised you are complaining about free stuff.
          How ’bout this, delete the app. It’s useless to you. Problem solved.

    • Jsun

      At a blazing 2g speed!

      • Fabian

        And be grateful and thankful for what you get.

      • Jay Keaty

        the unlimited will be at 4g.

  • Rich

    Cosco here for me in SoCal is still cheaper than She’ll even after discount

    • Rich


      • Michael Brown

        Including the membership?

  • Aquan Belk

    You can’t please everybody be thankful for what they’re giving

    • Willie D

      Why be thankful for something someone gives if it is something that cant be used. Thats like saying “Be thankful for cable tv even though you dont have it”

      • Aquan Belk

        Just because you can’t use it doesn’t mean be negative about it like I previously said it’s free so why complain the only thing free that everybody on this planet can use is the air we breathe

        • Fullmetal_Omar

          Some people are just ungreatful and never learn how to appreciate what is done for them

    • Happy

      You can not satisfy All the people all the time. You can satisfy Some people all the time & All the people some time. :)

  • Josh Desmond

    Cool. Do I need an app or something to claim these?

  • TheRealKingSen

    Tried to use the lyft credit today multiple times and the driver was always over 20 minutes away. Caught a Uber instead which picked me up in a matter of minutes

    • Willie D

      Thats funny, cause T-Mobile or Lyft took away my credit before I could use it the sons of bitches.

      • Mahamud

        I agree with you, they did last time i used lyft that i do have credit, i don’t use lfyt anymore. .looks like t-mobile is offering free $ 15 dollars worth of credit over to millions of its customers. .that’s like alot of money, yet it turns out not all those credit are real , it’s a risky to accept, either way lfyt doesn’t show credits on it’s customers account

        • guest

          That happened to me yesterday, all I did was submit a claim form to lyft and I got reimbursed within minutes.
          Hope that helps.

        • Kevin Phillips

          It works just that it has to be used the next day. Not days or weeks later. You people who are complaining need to one simple thing….. LEARN HOW TO READ FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!

  • Aleks

    Well the gas discount certainly helps. Don’t complain, T-Mobile is doing a good deed offering these freebies when they don’t need to. Get your gasoline and slurpy then smile for T-Mobile.

  • eanfoso

    Hmm so by reading this, for those of us who need diesel, are SOL? Or is the writer assuming that there’s no diesel owners with t mobile? I wonder which one is.

    • samsung freud

      Diesel owner right here!

    • Walt

      Use it for your lawnmower

      • eanfoso

        So since my lawnmower takes only a gallon I’m looking at a 20 cent savings, fantastic, I’ll be sure to fully utilize these 20 cents, unless you know, you just happen to also live in an apartment.

    • Homero Garza

      I use diesel, stupid author better mean gas generically

  • eanfoso

    ah sorry 5 cents more, a whole quarter, if you don’t live in an apartment, but seriously I wonder if it is a writer error or if T-mobile purposely discriminated against diesel users. I have a vw jetta diesel, that’s why I’m a little salty.

  • Kevin

    If you want free food simply just go to your local shelter or soup kitchen. No need to be here whining.

  • pengko

    this is horrible. a quarter savings per gallon is nothing at shell because their prices are sky high. My local arco station always way cheaper and costco gas is even way cheaper.

    • Homero Garza

      I have to use shell for diesel

  • theresakmizrahi5554

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  • Jay Keaty

    We get a frosty when they are available, rent a movie on vudu, and now fill up on gas (when we can get a discount large enough to beat the lowest price in town, compare using Gasbuddy). This Tmobile Tuesdays is pretty cool