T-Mobile offering free calling and texting to Italy following earthquake


Following the earthquake in Italy that has killed at least 73 people, T-Mobile have announced that they’re making it free for customers to contact loved ones in Italy.

From Aug. 24 through Aug. 28, T-Mobile Simple Choice prepaid and postpaid customers can call and text Italy for free. If you do contact Italy, you’ll see a regular charge on your bill, followed by a credit to cancel it out. Roaming fees for any T-Mo customers in Italy will be waived, as well.

This offer also applies to MetroPCS, GoSmart Mobile, and Walmart Family Mobile customers.

The earthquake in Italy has had a major impact on multiple towns and produced tremors that were felt in several more. It’s good to see that T-Mobile are making it free for customers to contact loved ones that may be located in Italy, and for any T-Mo customers that may currently be in Italy to check in with their friends and family in the U.S.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • jj201367

    Awesome T-Mobile for your support

  • kevev

    Why are you not reporting on the customer backlash caused by T-Mobile One plans possibly infringing on Net Neutrality??? Don’t be afraid of the big pink. They don’t pay your salary. right?…


    • kev

      Tmonews gets it’s fair share of comments lol that reddit means nothing probably filled with ur trolling comments haha #goodbyehun

      • kevev

        True. Anyways the tragety in Italy is more important right now. Hoping and praying for them.

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